In addition to the China Law Translate’s translation features, we have added an annotation tool called FACTLINK to:

  • help interlink our translations ,
  • let you learn more about specific topics
  • allow more focused discussion and
  • link to outside sites.

You must be logged in to China Law Translate see annotations, and adding comments will require a separate login to FACTLING (but no software need be installed).

1. If there is a “speech bubble” icon to the right of the text, someone has already left a public comment and you can read it in a side panel by clicking the icon as shown in the picture below:


2. To add comments, click the icons that appear next to paragraphs when you select them with your cursor:



3. Alternatively, you can select portion of text and an icon will appear allowing you to comment on those specific phrases:


You will need to create an account with Factlink to leave comments. This is separate from you account with China Law Translate, but requires only an email address, and there is no need to install new software.

Finally, but Importantly:

1. Comments made while “translate mode” is on, will only be visible to others using translate mode. This means, those comments should probably about the accuracy and quality of the translation.

2. Comments left on the English Version will be visible only to others looking at the English Version and should probably be English language comments or links on the substance.

3. Comments left on the Chinese Version will be visible only to others looking at the Chinese Version.

4. Change between these views using the options on the right hand sidebar.


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