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  • HK DOJ translation glossary: Hong Kong’s bilingual legal system’s main standardization guide. Remember, while many of these terms are transferable to mainland legal system, not all are.
  • NYU Crimpro glossary: A glossary of Criminal Procedure Terms compiled and disseminated by the staff of the NYU US-Asia Law Institute.
  • MNCOURTS glossary of Common Terms- English to Chinese list of several hundred words that come up commonly in trial translation work; simplified and traditional characters.
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第三方评估机构third-party assessment organization
增加一条add one article
国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构的办事机构administrative body of the national leading institution for counter-terrorism efforts
行政案件administrative cases
工商行政管理部门administrative department of industry and commerce
新闻出版广电行政部门administrative departments for press, publication, radio and television
行政拘留administrative detention
行政诉讼法Administrative Litigation Law
行政法规administrative regulations
期货交易管理条例Administrative Regulations on Futures Trading
广告发布者advertisement publishers
广告审查机关advertisement review organs
广告经营者Advertising agents
社会各界all aspects of society
各级政府all levels of government
各级人民政府All levels of people's government
可以并处一万元以上三万元以下罚款and a concurrent fine of between 10,000 and 30,000 may be given
并处或者单处罚金and/or a fine
反间谍工作anti-espionage efforts
Counter-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of ChinaAnti-Terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China
出庭作证appear in court to testify
批准逮捕approve arrest
武装力量armed forces
Article 1: Article 1:
章程articles of association
自治区autonomous region
三年以上七年以下有期徒刑between three and seven years imprisonment
理事会board of directors
监事会board of supervisors
营业执照business license
立案部门case filing department
中央军委Central Military Commission
《社会团体法人登记证书》Certificate of Registration as a Social Group Legal Person
慈善活动charitable activities
Charitable Organizationscharitable organizations
慈善项目charitable programs
慈善项目Charitable Projects
慈善宗旨charitable purpose
慈善目的charitable purposes
Charity LawCharity Law
检察长chief procurator
未成年人救助保护机构children's aid and protection institutions
中国残联China Disabled Persons' Federation
中方合作单位Chinese partner unit
中国人民解放军Chinese People's Liberation Army
巡回法庭circuit court divisions
巡回法庭Circuit Divisions
情节严重的circumstances are serious
非法取证情形circumstances of illegal evidence gathering
领导干部干预司法活动、插手具体案件处理的情况circumstances of leading cadres interfering with judicial activities or tampering with the handling of specific cases
公民个人信息citizens' personal information
公民、法人或者其他组织citizens, legal persons or other organizations
公民、法人和其他组织citizens, legal persons, and other organizations
人民政府民政部门civil administration department of the people's government
民政部门civil affairs departments
民事诉讼法Civil Procedure Law
关工委Committee for the Next Generation
法官权益保障委员会Committee for the Protection of Judges' Rights and Interests
共青团Communist Youth League
环境保护主管部门competent department of environmental protection
强制医疗compulsory treatment
强制医疗所compulsory treatment facility
附条件不起诉conditional non-prosecution
进行调查conduct an investigation
Confiscation of propertyconfiscation of property
自觉接受Conscientiously accept
消费者权益保护法Consumer Rights Protection Law
办案协作函件cooperative case-handling letter
可补正排除correctible exclusion
伪造货币counterfeiting currency
反恐怖主义工作counter-terrorism efforts
法庭辩论courtroom debate
《中共中央关于全面推进依法治国若干重大问题的决定》CPC Central Committee Decision on Several Major Issues Regarding Comprehensively Advancing Governance in Accordance with Law
General Office of the CPC Central CommitteeCPC Central Committee General Office
信用服务机构credit service establishments
社会治安防控体系crime prevention and control system
职务犯罪crimes abusing public office
危害药品安全犯罪crimes endangering food safety
刑事申诉criminal appeals
刑事执行检察部门criminal enforcement procuratoratorial departments
the Criminal LawCriminal Law
《中华人民共和国刑法》Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China
Criminal Procedure LawCriminal Procedure Law
"Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China"Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China
犯罪嫌疑人、被告人criminal suspect or defendant
刑事审判criminal trial
关键信息基础设施critical information infrastructure
跨行政区划cross-administrative region
国家网信办Cyberspace Administration of China
邓小平理论Deng Xiaoping theory
以邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观为指导Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development as its guide
以邓小平理论、“三个代表”重要思想、科学发展观为指导Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of Three Represents and the Scientific Outlook on Development as its guide
外经贸部门department of foreign trade and economics
Ministry of human resources and social securityDepartment of Human Resources and Social Security
看守所detention center
诊断评估diagnostic assessment
直辖市directly governed municipalities
直接负责的主管人员和其他直接责任人员directly responsible managers and other directly responsible personnel
直接责任人员directly responsible personnel
董事、监事和高级管理人员director, supervisor, or senior management
董事、监事及高级管理人员directors, supervisors or senior management
残保金Disability Fund
残疾人联合Disable Persons Federrations
纪检监察机关disciplinary inspection organs
纪检监察部门discipline inspection and supervision departments
纪律检查机关discipline inspection organs
裁量性排除discretionary exclusion
多元化纠纷解决机制diversified dispute resolutions mechanisms.
书证documentary evidence
家庭暴力domestic violence
经济和社会发展规划economic and social development plan
反家庭暴力工作efforts to counter domestic violence
反恐怖主义、反极端主义工作efforts to counter terrorism and extremism
《中华人民共和国突发事件应对法》Emergency Response Law of the People's Republic of China
应急处理机制emergency response mechanisms
应急预案emergency response plan
Employment of disabled personsemployment of persons with disabilities
残疾人保障金Employment Security Fund for the Disabled
残疾人就业保障金Employment Security Fund for the Disabled
严重失信企业enterprises with serious credit breaches
出入境检验检疫机构entry and exit inspection and quarantine organization
环境信息environmental information
环境保护部门environmental protection department
环境保护法Environmental Protection Law
环境民事公益诉讼案件environmental public interest civil lawsuit
环境民事公益诉讼environmental public interest civil litigation
环境保护envrionmental protection
个人信息主体personal data subject
间谍行为espionage conduct
建立健全establish and complete
建立健全establish and improve
但法律另有规定的除外。except as otherwise provided by law
但法律有特别规定的除外except as otherwise provided by law.
Exclusion of Illegal Evidenceexclusion of illegal evidence
排除规则exclusionary rule
速裁程序expedited procedures
明示同意explicit consent
外部人员external personnel
电影发行film distribution
金融机构financial instititutions
消防安全fire safety
First-Instance Trialfirst-instance trial
食品添加剂food additives
食品药品监督管理部门food and drug administration departments
食源性疾病food borne illness
食品安全food safety
食品相关产品food-related products
境外非政府组织foreign NGOs
四中全会fourth plenary session
基本解决执行难fundamentally resolving difficulties in enforcement
General Office of the State CouncilGeneral Office of the State Council
民法通则General Rules of Civil Law
习近平总书记General Secretary Xi Jinping
《政府采购法》Government Procurement Law
监护人资格guardianship qualifications
卫生防疫health and disease prevention
卫生计生委Health and Family Planning Commission
户籍household registration
猎获物hunting spoils
违法广告行为illegal advertising conduct
非法经营illegal business operations
非法采供血illegal collection or sale of blood
非法证据illegal evidence
非法行医illegal practice of medicine
默许同意implied consent
重要信息系统important information systems
依法in accordance with law
有下列情形之一in any of the following circumstances
有下列情形之一的in any of the following circumstances
在诉讼过程中in the course of lawsuits
行业协会商会industry associations and chambers of commerce
信息网络服务提供者information network service providers
信息网络information networks
送教上门in-home classes
特殊教育in-home education
送教上门in-home education
内蒙古Inner Mongolia
Intellectual Propertyintellectual property rights
Intelligence informationintelligence information
干预司法活动、插手具体案件处理interfering with judicial activities or tampering with the handling of specific cases
司法机关内部人员internal personnel of judicial organs
互联网信息服务提供者internet information service providers
互联网直播服务提供者internet live-streaming service providers
互联网新闻信息服务单位Internet news information service
互联网信息搜索服务提供者Internet search service providers
互联网服务提供者internet service providers
侦查机关investigating organ
Investigation Phaseinvestigation phase
联合惩戒joint disciplinary action
失信被执行人judgment defaulters
失信被执行人名单Judgment Defaulters List
司法公正judicial fairness
Judicial Interpretationjudicial interpretation
司法工作人员judicial personnel
重点目标key targets
未成年人保护法Law on Protection of Minors
消费者权益保护法Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests
残疾人保障法Law on the Protection of Disabled Persons
合法权益lawful rights and interests
依法成立的组织Lawfully established organizations
律师执业证书Lawyers' practice certificates
领导干部leading cadres
领导机构leading institution
法律依据legal basis
法人legal person
法定代理人legal representative
法定代表人legal representative
人大常委会法制工作委员会Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
Legislative Affairs Office of the State CouncilLegislative Affairs Office of the State Council
安居乐业live and work in peace and hapiness
重大、疑难、复杂案件major, difficult or complicated cases
强制性排除mandatory exclusion
海事法院maritime court
市场信用信息Market Credit Information
大众传播媒介mass media
《互联网信息服务管理办法》Measures on the Administration of Internet Information Services
医疗机构medical establishments
《精神卫生法》Mental Health Law
Ministry of Civil AffairsMinistry of Civil Affairs
Ministry of Environmental ProtectionMinistry of Environmental Protection
Ministry of FinanceMinistry of Finance
外交部Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyMinistry of Industry and Information
工信部Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Ministry of JusticeMinistry of Justice
Ministry of Land and Natural ResourcesMinistry of Land and Natural Resources
国家安全部Ministry of State Security
水利部Ministry of Water Resources
监测预警系统monitoring and early warning system
市信用信息平台municipal credit information platform
市社会信用管理部门municipal social credit adminstration department
国家反恐怖主义情报中心national counter-terrorism intelligence information center
Reform and Development CommitteeNational Development and Reform Commission
国家发展和改革委员会National development and Reform Commission
能源局National Energy Administration
食品安全国家标准national food safety standards
国家反恐怖主义工作领导机构national leading institution for counter-terrorism efforts
The National People's CongressNational People's Congress
国家安全national security
国计民生national welfare and the people's livelihood
自然人natural persons
网络运营者network operators
网络出版服务network publication services
网络安全network security
网络安全审查委员会Network Security Review Committee
网络安全审查办公室Network Security Review Office
网络服务提供者network service providers
Retrialnew trial
新闻媒体news media
规范性文normative documents
核材料nuclear materials
《网络文化经营许可证》Online Cultural Operations Permit
网络游戏运营online gaming operations
网络表演经营单位online performance operations units
网络广播电视内容服务单位online radio and television content services units
网络广播电视集成播控服务单位online radio and television integrated broadcast control services unit
网络广播电视服务online radio and television services
网络广播电视服务Online television broadcast service
狱务公开openness in prison affairs
营运管理单位Operations and management units
第二款paragraph 2
党组Party groups
People's Bank of ChinaPeople's Bank of China
人民法院people's court
人民政府people's governments
人民调解委员会people's mediation committee
人民警察people's police
人民检察院people's procuratorate
中华人民共和国人民检察院组织法People's Procuratorate Organizational Law of the People's Republic of China
中华人民共和国People's Republic of China
《中华人民共和国刑法修正案(九)(草案)》People's Republic of China Criminal Law Amendment (9) (Draft)
个人信息控制者personal data controller
个人信息的处理personal data processing
个人信息personal information
人身安全保护令personal safety protection order
Personal Safety Protection Rulingspersonal safety protection ruling
社区矫正人员persons in community corrections
被强制医疗人persons subject to compulsory treatment
被强制医疗人员persons subject to compulsory treatment
直接负责的主管人员persons who are directly in charge
残疾人persons with disabilities
物证、书证physical and documentary evidence
身心特点physical and psychological characteristics
人民警察证police identification
政协political consultative conferences
前款preceding paragraph
庭前会议pretrial conference
主要负责人principle responsible person
监狱管理局prison administration bureau
程序性违法procedural violations
刑事申诉检察部门procuratorate department for criminal appeals
生产、销售production or sale
Professional Supervisory Unitsprofessional supervisory unit
违禁物品、管制物品prohibited or controlled items
抗诉protest appeal
省社会信用信息中心Provincial Social Credit Information Center
省社会信用信息服务平台Provincial Social Credit Information Services Platform
省、自治区、直辖市provincial, autonomous region, or directly governed municipality
企业信息公示暂行条例Provision Regulations on Release of Information by Enterprises
心理疏导psychological counseling
公共信用信息Public Credit Information
公开募捐资格public fundraising credentials
公开募捐平台服务public fundraising platform services
事业单位public institutions
公益诉讼public interest litigation
Public Participation public participation
公共安全public safety
公安局public security bureau
公共安全视频图像信息系统Public Security Video Imaging Information System
中央宣传部Publicity Department of the CCCPC
财产刑punishment against property
依法追究刑事责任pursue criminal responsibility in accordance with law
阅卷reading the case file
登记证书registration certificate
登记管理机关registration management organs
老年人建筑设计规范》Regulation on Construction Design for the Elderly
Regulation on Education of Persons with DisabilitiesRegulation on the Education of the Disabled
Regulations on the Employment of Persons with DisabilitiesRegulation on the Emplyment of Persons with Disabilities
《方便残疾人使用的城市道路和建筑物设计规范》Regulation on Urban Roads and Building Designs Facilitating use by Persons with Disabilities
相关部门relevant department
有关部门relevant departments
有关规定relevant provisions
有关单位和人员relevant units and individuals
宗教活动场所religious activity sites
宗教事务部门religious affairs department
宗教教职人员religious professionals
发回重审remand for new trial
代表机构representative offices
居民身份证resident identity card
尊重和保障人权respect and protect human rights
复查刑事申诉案件reviewing cases of criminal appeals
风险评估risk assessment
风险监测risk monitoring
查封、扣押、冻结seal, seize or freeze
查封、扣押、冻结财产sealing, seizing or freezing property
草案二次审议稿Second Reading Draft
Second-instance Trialsecond-instance trial
Section 2:Section 2:
Section 3:Section 3:
证券法Securities Law
Commutationsentence reduction
量刑建议sentencing reccomendation
严重后果serious consequences
取缔shut down
同步录音录像simultaneous audio or visual recording
为谋取不正当利益so as to obtain improper benefit
社会调查报告social background report
社会信用信息Social Credit Information
社会公平正义social fairness and justice
社会和谐social harmony
社会组织social organizations
社会服务机构social service organizations
社会福利机构social welfare organization
《社会福利机构设置批准证书》social welfare organization establishment approval document
特殊教育special education
常委会组成人员Standing Committee members
Standing Committee of the National People's CongressStanding Committee of the National People's Congress
State Administration for Industry and CommerceState Administration of Industry and Commerce
--State Administration of Press, Publication, Film, Radio and Television.State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television
新闻出版广电总局State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
SATState Administration of Taxation
State CouncilState Council
State Internet Information OfficeState Internet Information Office
国家网信办State Internet Information Office
国家网信部门State network information departments
国家秘密、商业秘密和个人隐私state secrets, commercial secrets and personal privacy
国家安全机关state security organs
严格司法strict administration of justice
设区的市districted cities
会道门superstitious sects and secret societies
Supplementary ProvisionsSupplementary Provisions
Supreme People's CourtSupreme People's Court
The Supreme People's ProcuratorateSupreme People's Procuratorate
国家网信办tate Internet Information Office
技术侦察措施technical investigative measures
电信网络诈骗telecom or online fraud
电信网络诈骗telecommunication network fraud
电信业务经营者telecommunications operators
临时活动temporary activities
临时照料人temporary caretakers
临时安置Temporary Placements
《互联网文化管理暂行规定》Temporary Provisions on the Administration of Internet Culture
领土完整territorial integrity
恐怖活动terrorist activities
恐怖活动人员terrorist activity personnel
恐怖主义内容terrorist content
恐怖事件terrorist incident
恐怖活动、极端主义活动terrorist or extremist activities
党的十八届The 18th Party Central Committee
治安管理the administration of public security
国务院卫生行政部门The administrative department of health under the State Council
人民群众the masses
被执行人the person subject to enforcement
刑事裁判涉财产部分the property portion of criminal judgments
国家广播电影电视总局The State Administration of Radio Film and Television
第三人third parties
第三方评估机构Third Party Assessment Organizations
侵权责任法Tort Liability Law
单位和个人Units and individuals
重点目标的营运、管理单位units operating or managing key targets
残疾人集中就业单位units with a high-concentration of disabled employees
冤假错案unjust, false and wrongfully decided cases
三年以下有期徒刑up to three years imprisonment
城市管理执法Urban Management and Law Enforcement
有效联系方式valid contact information.
村(居)民委员会village (resident) committees
监护侵害行为violations by guardians
志愿服务组织volunteer service organizations
福利性单位welfare type work units
残疾人福利性企业welfare-type enterprises for persons with disabilities
构成犯罪的,依法追究刑事责任where a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility is pursued in accordance with law
情节特别严重的where circumstances are especially serious
情节较重的where the circumstances are more serious
野生动物及其制品wildlife and the products thereof
国家重点保护野生动物及其制品wildlife under national key protection, and the products theoreof,
证人证言witness testimony
妇联Women's Federation
妇儿工委Working Committees on Children and Women
新疆生产建设兵团Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
中国铁路总公司China Railways Corporation
Central Political and Law CommissionCentral Polical-legal Committee
中央文明办Civilization Office of the CPCC
中央组织部Organization Department of the CPCC
中央编办State Commission Office for Public Sector Reform
Ministry of TransportationMinistry of Transport
Ministry of housing and urban-rural constructionMinistry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development
保监会Insurance Regulatory Commission
全国工商联All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
公务员局State Administration of Civil Service
The Central Communist Youth LeagueCommunist Youth League Central Committee
Ministry of AgricultureMinistry of Agriculture
Ministry of CommerceMinistry of Commerce
State CouncilState Council
国务院三峡工程建设委员会Three Gorges Project Construction Commission of the State Council
国务院三线建设调整改造规划办公室San Xian Construction Adjustment Reorganization Planning Office of the State Council
国务院企业管理委员会Enterprise Regulatory Commission of the State Council
国务院住房制度改革领导小组Housing System Reform Leading Group of the State Council
国务院体制改革办公室System Reform Office of the State Council
国务院侨务办公室Oversea Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council
国务院信息化工作领导小组Information Work Leading Group of the State Council
国务院关税税则委员会Customs tariff Commission of the State Council
国务院军队转业干部安置工作小组State Council Leading Group on Placement of Demobilized Army Cadres
国务院农村发展研究中心Rural Development Research Center of the State Council
国务院出版事业管理局Publication Cause Administration Bureau of the Council
General Office of the State CouncilGeneral Office of the State Council
国务院参事室Counsellor Office of the State Council
国务院发展研究中心The State Development Research Center
国务院口岸领导小组State Council Leading Group on Ports
国务院台湾事务办公室Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council
国务院外事办Foreign Affairs Bureau of the State Council
国务院学位委员会Academic Degree Commission of the State Council
Work Safety Committee of the State CouncilState Council Commission on Safety in Manufacturing
国务院工资制度改革小组Salary Reform Group of the State Council
国务院扶贫开发办Poverty Assistance Office of the State Council
国务院新闻办公室News Office of the State Council
国务院机关事务管理局Bureau of Institutional Affairs of the State Council
国务院水土保持委员会Water Soil Conservation Commission of the State Council
国务院法制办Legal Affairs Office of the State Council
国务院法制局Bureau of the Legislative Affairs under the State Council
国务院清产核资领导小组Liquidation and Assets Check Group of the State Council
国务院清产核资领导小组办公室Liquidation Assets Check Leading Group Office of the State Council
国务院港澳办Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State
国务院特区办公室Special Zone Office of the State Council
国务院环境保护领导小组State Council Leading Group on Environmental Protection
国务院生产办公室Manufacture Office of the State Council
国务院电子振兴领导小组办公室Electronic Rejuvenation Leading Group Office of the State Council
国务院知识产权办公会议办公室Intellectual Property Working Meeting Office of the State Council
国务院科技干部局Science and Technology Cadre Bureau of the State Council
国务院科技教育领导小组办公室Science and Technology Education Leading Group Office of the State Council
国务院稀土领导小组Rare-Earth Leading Group of the State Council
国务院税收财务物价大检查办公室)Taxation Accounting Commodity Price Examination Office of the State Council
国务院纠正行业不正之风办公室Correcting Industrial Illegitimate Practice Office of the State Council
国务院经法规研究中心Research Centre for Economic Legislation Under the State Council
国务院经济法规研究中心Economic Law Research Center of the State Council
国务院经济贸易办公室Economic and Trade Office of the State Council
国务院统一着装管理委员会Uniform Regulatory Commission of the State Council
国务院计划生育领导小组State Council Family Planning Leading Group
国务院证券委员会Securities Commission of the State Council
国务院贫困地区经济开发领导小组 Impoverished Area Economic Development Leading Group of the State CouncilState Council Leading Group on Economic Development in Impoverished Areas
Ministry of Land and Natural ResourcesMinistry of Land and Natural Resources
国家中医药管理局State Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau
国家人事局State Personnel Bureau
国家人防委员会State People's Air Defense Commission
国家体育总局State Administration of Sports
国家体育运动委员会State Physical Culture and Sports Commission
国家公诉人State Prosecutor
国家农业委员会State Agriculture Commission
国家农业综合开发办公室State Agriculture Comprehensive Development Office
国家冶金工业局State Metallurgical Industry Bureau
国家制度state system
国家劳动总局State Labor Bureau
国家南极考察委员会National South Pole Investigation Commission
国家发展计划委员会State Development & Planning Commission
国家商标局State Trademark Bureau
国家商检局State Commodity Inspection Bureau
国家器具state apparatus
国家国内贸易局State Administration for Domestic Trade
国家国有资产管理局State State-owned Assets Administration Bureau
国家国防动员委员会National Defense Mobilization Commission
国家土地State owned land
国家土地管理局China Land Administration Bureau
国家基本建设委员会State Infrastructure Commission
国家外国专家局State Foreign Expert Bureau
国家外汇管理局State Foreign Exchange Administration Bureau
国家宗教事务局State Bureau of Religious Affairs
国家密码管理委员会办公室State Secret code Regulatory Commission Office
国家工商行政管理局State Administration for Industry and Commerce
国家广播电影电视总局The State Broadcasting Film and Television Administration
国家建筑材料工业局State Construction Materials Industry Administration
国家开发银行State Development Bank
国家开发银行办公厅General Office of State Development Bank
国家房管局State Housing Management Bureau
国家所有权state ownership
国家教育委员会State Education Commission
国家文物局State Cultural Relic Bureau
国家新闻出版署National News Publication Bureau (National Copyright Bureau)
国家旅游局State Bureau of Tourism
国家无线电管理委员会State Radio Regulatory Commission
国家有色金属工业局State Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Bureau
国家机关人民防空办公室State Organ People Air Defense Office
国家机械工业局State Administration of Machinery Industry
国家林业局State Bureau of Forestry
国家核安全局State Nuclear Safety Bureau
国家民族事务委员会State National Affairs Commission
国家水产总局State Aquatic Product General Bureau
国家海洋局State Oceanic Administration
国家烟草专卖局State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau
国家煤炭工业局State Coal Industry Administration
国家物价局State Price Control Bureau
国家物资局State Commodities Bureau
国家环境保护总局State Environmental Protection Administration
国家电力公司State Electric Power Corporation
State Intellectual Property OfficeState Intellectual Property Bureau
国家石油和化学工业局State Petroleum and Chemical Industry
国家破产储量管理局State Minerals Reserves Administration Bureau
国家禁毒委员会National Banned Drugs Commission
国家科委自然科学奖励委员会State Science Commission
国家科学发明评选委员会State Science Commission Invent Selection Commission
国家科学技术委员会State Scientific and Technological Commission
国家税务局National Taxation Head Office
State Administration of TaxationState Administration on Taxation
国家粮食储备局State Grain Reserves Bureau
国家纺织工业局State Administration on Textile Industry
国家纺织工业局State Textile Industry Bureau
国家经济体制改革委员会State Commission for Restructuring Economy
国家经济委员会State Economy Commission
国家经济贸易委员会State Economy & Trade Commission
国家结构state structure
国家统计局State Statistics Bureau
国家能源委员会State Energy Resources Commission
国家能源投资公司State Energy Resources Investment Corporation
国家自然科学基金委员会State Natural Science Funds Commission
国家药品监督管理局State Drug Administration
国家行政区域划分demarcation of national administrative zones
国家行政学院Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences
国家计划委员会State Planning Commission
国家计划生育委员会State Family Planning Commission
国家计量局State Metrological Bureau
国家语言文字工作委员会State Language Affairs Commission
国家质量技术监督局State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision
国家轻工业局State Light Industry Administration
国家轻工业局State Light Industry Bureau
国家进出口管理委员会State Import & Export Regulatory Commission
国家进出口银行State Import & Export Bank
国家邮政局State Post Office Bureau
国家防汛总指挥郭办公室State Flood Prevention General Command Office
国家黄金管理局State Gold Administration Bureau
国库券treasury bills
国民政府National Government
国资委State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
外汇局Foreign Exchange Bureau
安全监管总局Bureau of Safety Supervision
Ministry of EducationMinistry of Education
Ministry of CultureMinistry of Culture
旅游局Bureau of Tourism
机部机械设备成套总局General Office of Complete Set of Machinery of the First Machinery Industry Ministry of the State Construction Commission
民航局Civil Aviation Administration
法制办Office of Legislative Affairs
Customs General AdministrationGeneral Customs Administration
被执行人persons subject to enforcement
CSRCSecurities Regulatory Commission
General Administration of Quality SupervisionState Quality Inspection Administration
银监会China Banking Regulatory Commission
食品药品监管总局The Food and Drug Administration

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