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2017-01-16 15:47:42开放民间资本进入基础电信领域竞争性业务,深入推进移动通信转售业务发展,形成基础设施共建共享、业务服务相互竞争的市场格局。Enable popular capital to enter into competitive parts of the basic telecommunications area, deeply develop the mobile telecommunications reselling business, and create market structures with jointly built and shared infrastructure, and mutual competition between business services.2
2017-01-16 15:34:42三、强化移动互联网驱动引领作用III. Strengthening the driving and leading role of the mobile Internet2
2017-01-16 15:34:29加强网络普法,强化网民法治观念,提升全民网络素养。 Strengthen the dissemination of network law, strengthen rule of law concepts among netizens, and raise the network literacy of the entire population.2
2017-01-16 15:34:23完善移动互联网管理多部门执法协调机制,加快执法信息技术系统建设,提高对网络违法犯罪识别、取证、联动查处打击等能力。 Perfect multi-department law enforcement coordination mechanisms for mobile Internet management, accelerate the construction of law enforcement information technology systems, and raise capabilities to recognize, gather evidence, and jointly investigate and attack online law-breaking and crime.2
2017-01-16 15:34:13建立健全网络数据管理、个人信息保护等重点管理制度。 Establish and complete online data management, personal information protection, and other such important management regulations.2
2017-01-16 15:34:06完善司法解释和政策解读,推动现有法律法规延伸适用于移动互联网管理。 Perfect judicial interpretations and policy explanations, promote the extension of existing laws and regulations to include mobile Internet management.2
2017-01-16 15:34:00全面贯彻实施网络安全法,加快推进电子商务法等基础性立法,制定修订互联网信息服务管理办法、关键信息基础设施安全保护条例、未成年人网络保护条例等行政法规。 Comprehensively implement the cybersecurity law, accelerate the e-commerce law and other such basic legislation, formulate and revise the Internet information service management regulations, security protection regulations for critical information infrastructure, regulations for the protection of minors online and other such administrative regulations. 2
2017-01-16 15:33:53加快网络立法进程,完善依法监管措施,化解网络风险。 Accelerate network legislation, perfect lawful supervision and management measures, and dissolve online risks.2
2017-01-16 15:33:4724.强化法治保障。24. Strengthening rule of law guarantees.2
2017-01-16 15:33:35采取特殊政策,建立适应网信特点的人事制度和薪酬制度。Adopt special policies to establish human resource structures and salary structures suited to the characteristics of cybersecurity and informatization.2
2017-01-16 15:33:25着力打造高端智库群,为移动互联网发展管理工作提供智力支持。 Focus on forging high-end think tank groups, provide intellectual support for mobile Internet development and management work.2
2017-01-16 15:33:19坚持先行先试,创新人才引进、评价、流动、激励机制,将各方面优秀人才凝聚到网信事业中来。 Persist in practicing and testing in advance, innovate talent introduction, evaluation, circulation and incentive mechanisms, and concentrate excellent talents from all sides in the cybersecurity and informatization undertaking.2
2017-01-16 15:33:13加强网信战线人才培养体系建设,不断提升业务能力和综合素质,注重培养、选拔、任用熟悉移动互联网发展管理工作的领导干部。 Strengthen the construction of talent fostering systems at the cybersecurity and information front, incessantly increase work capacity and comprehensive quality, focus on fostering, selecting and appointing leading cadres who understand mobile Internet development and management work.2
2017-01-16 15:33:0423.推进人才队伍建设。23. Building talent teams.2
2017-01-16 15:32:52健全行业信用评价体系和服务评议制度,完善行业管理、企业自律、社会监督联动机制。Complete industry credit appraisal systems and service assessment systems, perfect joint mechanisms for industry management, enterprises self-discipline, and social supervision.2