You might want to read some of our Social Credit Explainers before diving in to this list。

  1. China Through a Glass Darkly
  2. Giving Credit
  3. Giving Credit 2: Carrots and Sticks
  4. Giving Credit 3: Inputs and Outputs
  5. ‘Map’ of the Social Credit Plan 2014-2020

Below is our incomplete, but ever growing list of documents related to China’s social credit system. [Special thanks to Jacob Clark for helping gather these documents]

  1. Core Structural Documents
  2. Local System Documents
  3. Documents on Joint Incentives and Disciplinary Actions
  4. Documents Aimed at Specific Fields
  5. Credit Reporting and Credit Appraisal
  6. Local Public Credit Information Management Measures
  7. Passing Mention of Credit System
  8. Punishment Blacklists Viewable Online

Core Structural Documents of the Social Credit System

Name Issuing UnitsDate
Notification on Strengthening the Establishment of the Social Credit System NRDC2014/10/21
State Council Notice concerning Issuance of the Planning Outline for the Establishment of a Social Credit System (2014-2020)NRDC2014/12/16
Major Tasks of Establishing the Social Credit System for Three Years (2014-2016)NRDC2014/12/16
Planning Outline for the Establishment of a Social Credit System (2014-2020)State Council2014/6/27
Opinion on Advancing the Systematic Establishment of CreditworthinessCentral Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization2014/8/1
Endorsing the Development and Reform Commission and other Departments' Overall Plan for the Establishment of a Uniform System of Credit Numbers For Legal Persons and Other OrganizationsState Council 2015/11/13
Notice on the Approval and Release of the Reform and Development Committee and other Departments' Overall Plan for the Establishment of a System of Uniform Social Credit Numbers for Legal Persons and Other OrganizationsState Council2015/6/1
General Plan for Further Improving Real-name Registration Systems in Related FieldsCommittee for Deepening Reform2016/10/11
Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Establishment of Government CreditworthinessCommittee for Deepening Reform2016/11/1
Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Establishment of Personal Creditworthiness SystemCommittee for Deepening Reform2016/11/1
Guiding Opinion on Comprehensively Strengthening the Establishment of Creditworthiness in the E-commerce FieldCommittee for Deepening Reform2016/11/1
State Council Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Establishment of Creditworthiness in Government AffairsState Council2016/12/30
Matters Related to the Overall Plan for Putting in Place a Unified Social Credit Number SystemGeneral Administration of Quality Supervision2016/1/8
Notice on Issuance of the Key Points for the Construction of the Social Credit System in 2015NRDC, Bank of China2015/11/13
Approval on Consent to Adjust the Responsibilities and Membership of the Inter-Departmental Council on Establishing a Social Credit SystemState Council2012/7/17
Accelerating the "5 Certificates in 1, and 1 License-1 Number" Reforms to the Registration SystemsState Council2016/7/7
The General Office of the State Council's Several Opinions on Using Big Data to Strengthen Market Entity Services and MonitoringGeneral Office of the State Council2015/11/13
国务院关于“先照后证”改革后 加强事中事后监管的意见State Council2015/11/03
Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Actively Advancing the "Internet +" MovementState Council2015/07/04
Guiding Opinion on Accelerating the Advance of the "Several Certificates in One" reformGeneral Office of the State Council2017/5/5
Reform and Development Committee
Ministry of Public Security
Ministry of Civil Affairs
State Administration for Industry and Commerce

Local Systems

Name Release Date
Shanghai Municipal Social Credit Regulations 2017/6/23
Zhejiang Provincial Regulations on the Management of Public Credit Information2017年10月11日
Hubei Provincial Social Credit Information Management Regulations 2017/3/30
Hebei Provincial Social Credit Information Regulations2017年9月28日

Systems for Joint Incentives and Disciplinary Actions

Name Issuing UnitsDepartmentsDate of Issue
The State Council Guiding Opinions on Establishing and Improving Systems of Joint Incentives for Trustworthiness and Joint Disciplinary Action for Untrustworthiness and Accelerating the Establishment of the Social Credit SystemState Council12016/6/30
Opinions on Accelerating and Advancing the Construction of Credit Supervision, Warning and Punishment Mechanisms for Judgement DefaultersGeneral Offices of Party Central Committee and State Council22016/09
M.O.U on implementing joint incentives and punishments for parties in major tax violation casesSAT212014/12/30
Memorandum of Cooperation on coordinated oversight and joint disciplinary action against unreliable enterprises.State Administration for Industry and Commerce382015/9/14
Memorandum of Understanding on the Implementation of Joint Disciplinary Actions for Entities Responsible for Unlawful and Untrustworthy Listed Companies CSRC222015/12/24
M.O.U. on Joint Incentives and Discipline for Judgment DefaultersSPC442016/1/20
关于对安全生产领域失信生产经营单位及其有关人员开展联合惩戒的合作备忘录State Administration of Work Safety182016/5/9
Memorandum of Understanding on Carrying out of Joint Discipline Actions of the Seriously Untrustworthy in Food and Drug Production and BusinessFood and Drug Administration252016/9/13
关于对严重质量违法失信行为当事人实施联合惩戒的合作备忘录General Administration of Quality Supervision262016年10月20日
关于对财政性资金管理使用领域相关失信责任主体实施联合惩戒的合作备忘录Ministry of Finance292016年12月17日
关于对电子商务及分享经济领域炒信行为相关失信主体实施联合惩戒的行动计划The National Development and Reform Commission92017年01月16日
Notification on Joint Disciplinary Action Against Judgment Defaulters in Bidding and Tendering ActivitiesThe National Development and Reform Commission99/28/2016
Notice on the Implementation of Joint Disciplinary Actions in the Construction and Establishment of Illegal or Improper Coal MinesThe National Development and Reform Commission127/15/2015
Memorandum of Understanding on Implementation of Joint Incentive Measures for taxpayers with A-level creditSAT292016/7/8
Action Plan on the Implementation of Joint Creditworthiness Incentives for Outstanding Youth Volunteers to Accelerate the Construction of a Youth Credit SystemThe Central Communist Youth League512016/9/19
Memorandum on cooperation for the implementation of Joint Incentives for Enterprises with High-grade Customs CertificationCustoms General Administration402016/10/19
Measures for Carrying Out Joint Disciplinary Action in the Safe Production FieldState Administration of safety supervision12017/5/9
关于加强和规范守信联合激励和失信联合惩戒对象名单管理工作的指导意见The National Development and Reform Commission
People's Bank of China
22017/11/03 来源:国家发改委|专栏:政策法规分享到
Supreme People's Court's Several Provisions on the Restricting High-Spending and Related Spending by Persons Subject to EnforcementSPC12015/7/22

Documents Aimed at Specified Fields

Name DateIssuing UnitsField
Guiding Opinion on Comprehensively Strengthening the Establishment of Creditworthiness in the E-commerce Field1/16/2017国家发展改革委 人民银行 中央网信办 公安部 交通运输部 商务部 工商总局 质检总局 食品药品监管总局E-commerce
Guiding Opinion on Strengthening the establishment of credit in the transport and travel field.1/13/2017国家发展改革委 交 通 运 输 部 公安部 中 国 民 航 局 中国铁路总公司Transportation
Implementation Opinions of the Energy Bureau on the Establishment of a Credit System in the Energy Field12/21/2016Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Board Energy
关于《能源行业信用体系建设实施意见(2016-2020年)》工作安排12/21/2016Comprehensive Department of the National Energy Board Energy
农业部关于加快推进农产品质量安全信用体系建设的指导意见12/8/2016Ministry of AgricultureAgricultural Product Safety
关于对电子商务及分享经济领域炒信行为相关失信主体实施联合惩戒的行动计划11/11/2016国家发改委 人民银行 中央网信办 公安部 商务部 工商总局 质检总局 中国消费者协会E-commerce and shared economy
Credit Management Measures for Quarantine Enterprises2014/1/1Office of the General Administration of Quality SupervisionQuarantine
Measures for Credit Level Assessment of Enterprise Labor Safeguards Compliance with Law and Creditworthiness 8/3/2016Ministry of Human Resources and Social SecurityLabor
关于对安全生产领域失信生产经营单位及其有关人员开展联合惩戒的合作备忘录8/2/2016国家发展改革委、人民银行、安全监管总局等18部门Production Safety
Pilot Work Plan for the Establishment of Social Credit in the Courier Industry6/13/2016General Office of the National Postal BureauLogistics
Measures on the Prevention and Handling of Academic Misconduct6/16/2016Ministry of EducationEducation
国家科技计划(专项、基金等)严重失信行为记录暂行规定3/25/2016Ministry of Science and TechnologyScience and technology
2016年交通运输行业信用体系建设重点工作方案2/24/2016General Office of the Ministry of TransportTransport
国家税务总局关于完善纳税信用管理有关事项的公告2/16/2016State Administration of TaxationTaxation
关于加强企业环境信用体系建设的指导意见12/15/2015Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental ProtectionEnvironmental
关于印发交通运输企业安全生产诚信体系建设实施方案7/23/2015Ministry of Transport Safety Committee交通运输企业安全生产
交通运输部关于加强交通运输行业信用体系建设的若干意见5/12/2015Ministry of TransportationTransportation
关于做好2015年度公路建设市场信用体系建设有关工作2/15/2015General Office of the Ministry of TransportTransportation
Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Establishment of a Creditworthiness System for Enterprise Work Safety11/26/2014Work Safety Committee of the State CouncilProduction Safety
关于推进行业协会商会诚信自律建设工作的意见11/13/2014民政部 中央编办 发展改革委 工业和信息化部 商务部 人民银行 工商总局 全国工商联行业协会
中华人民共和国海关企业信用管理暂行办法10/8/2014Customs General Administration海关
商务部关于加快推进商务诚信建设工作的实施意见9/17/2014Ministry of Commerce商务
纳税信用管理办法(试行)7/4/2014State Administration of Taxation税务
总局办公厅关于印发对税务等领域信用A级食品药品生产经营者实施联合激励措施的通知2017年02月14日State Food and Drug Administration食品、药品
青年信用体系建设规划(2016-2020年)2016/12/08共 青 团 中 央 国 家 发 展 改 革 委 中 国 人 民 银 行
青年 国家发展改革委员会招标投标
关于开展2015年度企业债券主承销商信用评价工作关于开展2015年度企业债券主承销商信用评价工作2016/10/14 国家发展改革委办公厅企业债券主承销商
关于在政府采购活动中查询及使用信用记录有关问题2016/09/30 Ministry of Finance政府采购;信用记录
关于全面推进中小企业和农村信用体系建设的意见2016/03/18 Bank of China中小企业和农村
企业环境信用评价办法(试行)12/18/2013环境保护部 发展改革委 人民银行 银监会Environmental
水路运输市场信用信息管理办法(试行)2017-9-6General Office of the Ministry of Transport水路运输
公路水路行业安全生产信用管理办法(试行)2017-12-7General Office of the Ministry of TransportTransport
关于印发 《售电公司准入与退出管理办法》和《有序放开配电网业务管理办法》

2016/10/08The National Development and Reform Commission

国 家 能 源 局


Name Release Date
浙江省杭州市公共信用信息管理办法 2016年8月28日

Credit Reporting and Credit Appraisal

Name Release DateIssuing Units
Interim Measures for the Administration of the Credit Rating Industry (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)2016/10/12Bank of China

Reform and Development Committee

Credit Reporting Establishment Information Security Standards2015/07/08

Bank of China
Management Regulation of Financial Credit Information Basic Data 2015/07/08Bank of China

Passing Mention of Credit System

Name DateIssuing UnitsPartial relevant content
Several opinions of the General Office of the State Council on using big data to strengthen the services and supervision for market entities2015/07/01General Office of the State Council(2) 2.2. Improve the Credit Support system [and multiple content items]
国务院关于加快构建大众创业万众创新支撑平台的指导意见2015/10/01State CouncilSee:

(16) Innovate methods for industry supervision.

(19) Accelerate the construction of a credit system.

(20) Deepen application of credit information.
国务院印发 关于实行市场准入负面清单制度的意见 2015/10/19State Council(20) Establish and improve the social credit systems and incentive disciplinary mechanisms corresponding to the negative list system for market access.
要健全社会信用体系,完善企业信用信息公示系统,将市场主体信用记录纳入“信用中国”网站和全国统一的信用信息共享交换平台,作为各类市场主体从事生产、投资、流通、消费等经济活动的重要依据。 推动建立市场主体准入前信用承诺制,要求其向社会作出公开承诺,若违法失信经营将自愿接受惩戒和限制。 信用承诺纳入市场主体信用记录。 健全守信激励和失信惩戒机制,根据市场主体信用状况实行分类、动态管理,对守信主体予以支持和激励,对失信主体在投融资、土地供应、招投标、财政性资金安排等方面依法依规予以限制。 将严重违反市场竞争原则、扰乱市场经济秩序和侵犯消费者、劳动者、其他经营者合法权益的市场主体列入“黑名单”,对严重违法失信者依法实行市场禁入。
国务院办公厅印发 关于加强互联网领域侵权假冒行为治理的意见 2015/11/09General Office of the State CouncilSee: (14) Advance the establishment of the credit system in the field of e-commerce.
Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Development of the Courier Industry2015/11/27State Council(十)【。。。】发挥行业自律和社会监督作用,利用企业信用信息公示系统和行业监管信息系统,建立违法失信主体“黑名单”及联合惩戒制度,营造诚实守信的市场环境。
工商总局发布 流通领域商品质量监督管理办法 2016/03/22State Administration for Industry and CommerceArticle 24: 工商行政管理部门依据监督检查职权或者通过投诉、举报、其他机关移送、上级机关交办等途径发现、查处商品质量违法行为,并通过企业信用信息公示系统向社会公示行政处罚信息。
国务院办公厅关于促进二手车便利交易的若干意见2016/03/25General Office of the State CouncilIV, Strengthening the establishment of a credit system for used-car market entities.依法采集二手车交易市场、经销企业、拍卖企业、鉴定评估机构、维修服务企业以及其他市场主体的信用信息,建立二手车市场主体信用记录,纳入全国信用信息共享平台,并按照有关规定及时在企业信用信息公示系统以及“信用中国”网站予以公开,方便社会查询和应用。
Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Sustained and Healthy Development of Venture Capital Investment2016/09/20State Council“三是坚持信用为本。以诚信为兴业之本、发展之基,加强创业投资行业信用体系建设,建立和完善守信联合激励和失信联合惩戒制度,促进创业投资企业和创业投资管理企业诚信守法,忠实履行对投资者的诚信义务,创建“信用创投”发展环境”

Opinions of the State Council on actively and steadily reducing enterprise leverage ratios2016/10/10State Council26.加强市场主体信用约束。建立相关企业和机构及其法定代表人、高级管理人员的信用记录,并纳入全国信用信息共享平台。构建参与各方失信行为联合惩戒机制,依据相关法律法规严格追究恶意逃废债和国有资产流失等违法违规单位及相关人员责任。
Notice of the general office of the State Council on Issuing the implementation plan for the special rectification work on Internet financial risks2016/10/13General Office of the State Council六(二) 【...】加快推进互联网金融领域信用体系建设,强化对征信机构的监管,使征信为互联网金融活动提供更好的支持。
Implementation Plan for the Special Project on Rectifying Risk of Non-bank Payment Systems 2016/10/14中国人民银行中央宣传部中央维稳办国家发展改革委工业和信息化部公安部财政部住房城乡建设部工商总局国务院法制办国家网信办国家信访局最高人民法院最高人民检察院“落实责任,信用约束。对整治过程中发现的备付金管理薄弱、存在挪用备付金行为的支付机构依法从严、从重处理,严肃追究无证机构以及为无证机构违法违规活动提供通道或接口的相关支付机构、商业银行的责任。充分发挥信用约束作用,通过政府部门、行业协会等进行信息公开、公示,让无证机构一处违法、处处受限。”
SAIC's opinions on strengthening the protection of consumers' rights and interests in the Internet fields2016/10/21State Administration for Industry and Commerce五、 【...】推动消费侵权案件公示工作,依法通过国家企业信用信息公示系统公示行政处罚信息,对于网络经营企业因提供商品或者服务不符合保障人身、财产安全要求,造成人身伤害等严重侵害消费者权益的违法行为,两年内受到三次以上行政处罚的,要严格按照严重违法失信企业名单进行管理。推动部门间信用信息互联共享,实施失信联合惩戒,让违法企业及有关人员“一处违法、处处受限”。【...】
国务院办公厅关于建设大众创业万众创新示范基地的实施意见2016/10/24General Office of the State Council三(二)The infringement of intellectual property rights will be incorporated into the credit record and collected into the national credit information sharing platform to build a joint disciplinary punishment mechanism.
关于开展加快内贸流通创新推动供给侧结构性改革扩大消费专项行动的意见2016/11/16Ministry of Commerce

Reform and Development Committee

Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Ministry of Public Security

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Transportation

People's Bank of China

Customs General Administration


State Administration for Industry and Commerce

General Administration of Quality Supervision

Statistics Bureau
3. Advance the establishment of credit.培育征信市场,推动征信业发展,促进政府信用信息和市场信用信息的交换共享。建设完善全国信用信息共享平台,开展流通领域行政许可和行政处罚信息“双公示”。建立诚信企业“红名单”和失信企业“黑名单”,加快实施联合惩戒和联合激励,打造“守信得益、失信受制”的良好信用环境。深入开展“诚信兴商宣传月”活动,发挥典型示范作用。
Regulations on the Protection of Minors Online (Draft for Deliberation)

1/7/2017UnclearArticle 25: State network information departments, together with relevant State Council departments, are to establish online protection of minors archives and blacklists systems.

General Office of the State Council(15)【...】在统一社会信用代码基础上适当扩充,制定全国统一的排污许可证编码。通过排污许可证管理信息平台统一收集、存储、管理排污许可证信息,实现各级联网、数据集成、信息共享。形成的实际排放数据作为环境保护部门排污收费、环境统计、污染源排放清单等各项固定污染源环境管理的数据来源。


Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Improving the System for Collective Forestry Rights2016/11/25General Office of the State Council(十一)【。。。】建立健全对工商资本流转林权的监管制度,对流转条件、用途、经营计划和违规处罚等作出规定,加强事中事后监管,并纳入信用记录。
Notice on the rapid cooperative protection efforts for intellectual property rights2016/11/26State Intellectual Property Office(1)4.切实加大对失信行为惩戒力度。建立产业集聚区知识产权失信“黑名单”,将存在重复侵权、假冒专利、拒不执行行政决定、连续提交非正常申请及违法违规从事专利代理者列入“黑名单”,在一定时间内禁止其通过快速审查通道申请专利。

《关于加强市场监管和公共服务保障煤炭中长期合同履行的意见》2016/12/01State Development and Reform Commission, State Council, SASACIX. Strengthening the establishment of entity credit, carrying out joint incentives for the trustworthy and joint disciplinary actions for the untrustworthy.【...】 对有效履 行合同的守信企业,在有关优惠政策上给予倾斜;对不履行合同 的企业,纳入失信企业预警名单,情节严重的纳入失信企业黑名 单,在企业相关项目核准审批、运力调整、价格监管和信用约束 等方面,包括对企业法定代表人(负责人)实施守信联合激励和 失信联合惩戒。
国务院安委会关于加快推进安全生产社会化服务体系建设的指导意见2017/01/10Work Safety Committee of the State Council九(三) 严格信用管理。将安全生产社会化服务机构信用纳入安全生产诚信体系,将信用情况作为资质认定、日常监管、政策扶持、融资授信等工作的重要依据,纳入企业信用信息公示系统和个人安全生产职业记录。严格实施安全生产不良信用记录制度,对发现未履行服务合同项目、只收费不服务等失信行为的技术服务机构、保险机构、培训机构、社会组织、注册安全工程师事务所等,列入“黑名单”管理,强化守信激励、失信惩戒。
国务院关于印发“十三五”国家知识产权保护和运用规划的通知2017/01/13State Council五(2)4.加强知识产权服务业监管。完善知识产权服务业统计制度,建立服务机构名录库。成立知识产权服务标准化技术组织,推动完善服务标准体系建设,开展标准化试点示范。完善专利代理管理制度,加强事中事后监管。健全知识产权服务诚信信息管理、信用评价和失信惩戒等管理制度,及时披露相关执业信息。
国务院办公厅关于进一步激发社会领域投资活力的意见2017-3-7State Council34. 将医疗、养老、教育、文化、体育等机构及从业人员信用记录纳入全国信用信息共享平台,其中涉及企业的相关记录同步纳入国家企业信用信息公示系统,对严重违规失信者依法采取限期行业禁入等惩戒措施,建立健全跨地区跨行业信用奖惩联动机制。
Internet Domain Name Management Measures 2017-8-25Ministry of Industry and Information Technology第十一条 申请设立域名注册管理机构的,应当具备以下条件:
(2) be lawfully established legal persons , with the said legal person and their main investors, and main operational and management personnel, having good credit records;
Internet Group Information Service Management Provisions2017-9-7State Internet Information Office第七条,第二段;
Internet group information service providers shall establish a user credit level management system, providing services corresponding to credit levels.
Internet User Public Account Information Services Management Provisions2017-9-7State Internet Information Office第六条,第二段:
Internet user public account information service providers shall establish Internet user public account information service user credit rating systems, providing services corresponding to credit levels.
印刷业管理条例rev. 2017-State CouncilArticle 13: 出版行政部门应当按照国家社会信用信息平台建设的总体要求,与公安部门、工商行政管理部门或者其他有关部门实现对印刷企业信息的互联共享。

Punishment Blacklists

  1. Blacklist Restricting Issuance of Company Bonds
  2. Blacklist Restricting Participation in Project Bidding
  3. Blacklist Restricting Engagement in Food/Drug Industry
  4. Blacklist Restricting Transactions to Purchase Real Estate or State-Owned Property Rights
  5. Blacklist Restricting Establishment of Insurance Companies
  6. Blacklist Restricting Declaration of Key Forestry Establishment Projects
  7. Blacklist Restricting the Use of State-Owned Forests
  8. Restrictions on Approval for State-owned Grasslands
  9. Restrictions on the Establishment of Financing Guarantee Companies
  10. Restricted access to Government Land Provision
  11. Restricting Issue of Corporate Bonds
  12. Restricting Stock Issuance
  13. Restrictions on Becoming a Customs-verified Enterprise
  14. Restricting Acquisition of Listed Companies
  15. Restricting Declaration of Key Grassland Protection and Construction Projects
  16. Restrictions on Participating in Infrastructure and Public Utility Special Businesses
  17. Prohibiting the Receipt of Transferred Public Road Tolls


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