Hi, all. Over the last 4 years, China Law Translate has succeeded in becoming an important resource, but has never achieved our vision of becoming a community. I am grateful to the dedicated group that has continued to support us, but it is time to change models. I am now implementing a nominal fee system by asking users to pay 34 cents a day for full access to our site.

The subscription system (is designed to advance our long term goals of increasing access to Chinese legal materials through collaborative translation and resource sharing.

  1. The site will remain entirely free to casual users, by providing free access to a fixed number of articles each 30 days. [currently 3]
  2. For those who have previously joined the CLT community by translating or giving in the past, THANK YOU! I am doing my best to make sure you get instant subscription access, but please write if you have a problem, and I will make sure you are included.
  3. If you are interested in becoming an active translator/ editor instead of paying for a subscription- that’s even better! Shoot a message via the contact form and we will make that happen. (Minimum commitment of 5 segments translated each week.)
  4. If you are an organization or individual that wants to share completed translations [w/ full credit given] on our site– that’s fantastic. Shoot a message via the contact form and we will make that happen and grant you full access to our site.
  5. If you are School or Organization that would like to arrange for an institutional subscription, allowing all students, members, or employees unlimited access, shoot a message via the contact form.
  6. Any other questions or assistance? Need to contribute in a different way? Really can’t afford access? Shoot a message via the contact form.

Subscription Options


Unlimited Posts

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited TablePress Tables

$10.00 every 30 days (recurring)

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