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【法规标题】互联网信息搜索服务管理规定 【颁布单位】国家互联网信息办公室 【发文字号】 【颁布时间】…

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The Kids are Alright

07/06/2015 1

One of the documents recently translated on CLT [thanks largely to user Allen Clayton-Greene] concerned new restrictions for online reporting of incidents of bullying, school violence, and juvenile crime. The document was released by the State Internet […]


Clean-Net 2014 Update 9-2014 – The Microverse

09/20/2014 0

The State Internet Information Office, which was recently authorized to take a more active role in administering internet content and also made waves in releasing new rules for instant messaging services , has continued the Clean Neat 2014 campaign against online pornography and unlawful materials. […]

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