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China Law Translate is an Interactive, Cooperative Project

  • 用户可以更改网站上的任何文字,初始语言的原文除外。您甚至无需注册。
  • 本网站上的职位绝大多数都处于一种语言。用户在线翻译它们。
  • 少量的翻译来自公共领域的来源或这被其他翻译人员捐赠,但是上转后都会被用户渐渐的修改了。
  • 想编辑或翻译吗? Either flip the translation switch on the right, the big picture above, or HERE to get started!

Origin Story:

China Law Translate was developed as a pet side-project by Jeremy Daum of the Yale China Law Center when he discovered that a great number of organizations were translating the same materials without effective collaboration.

The basic goals were to:

  • Facilitate communication between Chinese and foreign legal professionals by offering high quality free translations of legal documents to and from Chinese.
  • Create a centralized platform for collaborative translation and for sharing existing translations to avoid duplicative efforts.
  • Create a forum for discussing and standardizing translation of common terms.

How to Help:

At its heart China Law Translate is a community project, and suggestions and contributions in any form are always welcome.

The easiest ways to help are:

  • 在线翻译
  • Annotate articles and laws
  • 意见 on translations and blog posts
  • Upload completed translations of Laws, Legal Documents, or Articles that you are willing to share
  • Donate to helping fund our hosting and technological improvements
  • Say Thanks, because you’d be amazed at how much more often we hear criticisms and complaints.

We ask that you follow the good campers’ rule of leaving the site better than when you found it. Each time you visit add a translation, fix a typo, or give a donation to help us move forward.

If you think something in a translation needs changing, why not change it here on the site or leave a comment explaining why you disagree with a translation? If you use our translation as a starting point and give nothing back, you successfully defeat our effort to collaborate, and hurt our feelings.


The translations on this site are a community service, created by a community. Use them, modify them or publish them, but link to or mention the site when you do. That way our community can grow and provide even more great translations.

作者: contributing to a translation, you agree to let others use your work without attribution (although the translation history will reflect your contribution).

By uploading a complete translation, you agree to let others use and modify it for free, but on request an institution logo and attribution will be placed on the page of the translation, as well as a PDF version of the original so that later onsite-modifications are not wrongly attributed to you.

If you think your copyright has been violated by material on the site, please let us know and we will remove the offending material immediately pending review.


The site is cobbled together out of simple toolsThe only real value added is the enthusiasm of our user community, their language skills and legal knowledge.

The site primarily operates on a WordPress template aided by two key plugins:

  • Factlink: An amazing tool that allows users to make annotations on any portions of a post, to comment on translation or provide commentary on the substance of legal documents and blog posts. Learn how to use it here



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