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Recognition: Media Coverage and Links

Named a 2017 “supchina” Source
Recipient of a 2014 Danwei Model Worker Award

In August, 2016, we gave up trying to track the many citations to our translations and regular content that regularly appear in major media. The partial list below is left for those with interest.

  1. Questions Follow Closing of Beijing Art Show on Violence Against Women, Didi Kirsten Tatlow, NYTimes Sinocism; December 2, 2015.
  2. Freedom House, Freedom on the Net: China 2015
  3. China Tightens Its Control Of The Internet With Draft Cybersecurity Law, Jon Russel, Techcrunch,; July 10, 2015
  4. China’s new Internet law introduces stricter censorship, surveillance powers, Glyn Moody, ArsTechnica UK; July 13 2015
  5. Russia’ “right to be forgotten” and China’s “right to be protected”: new privacy and-security-legislation; Jolt Digest, Brittany Doyle; July 20, 2015;

  6. Proposed Chinese legislation could hamper international collaboration; Beryl Lieff Benderly,; July 27, 2015;

  7. China Uses ‘Picking Quarrels’ Charge to Cast a Wider Net Online; Edward Wong, New York Times; July 28, 2015;

  8. What You Need to Know About China’s Draft Cybersecurity Law; Austin Ramzy, New York Times Sinosphere, July 9, 2015;

  9. Security Law Suggests a Broadening of China’s ‘Core Interests’, Edward Wong, New York Times; July 2, 2015;

  10. China Asserts More Control over Foreign and Domestic NGOs , Stanley Lubman, Wall Street Journal; June 16, 2015;
  11. How China’s Top Court Is Encouraging More Lawsuits Against Polluters, Barbara Finamore, Huffington Post,January 27,2015;

  12. China Drafts Its First Domestic Violence Law, but Rights Advocates Say It Falls Short, Didi Kirsten Tatlow, New York Times, Sinosphere, December 1, 2014;

  13. Unwearied Effort However Beefsteak, Victor Mair, December 17, 2014;

  14. China’s Domestic Violence Breakthrough, Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat,November 27, 2014

  15. Congressional-Executive Commission on China 2014 Annual Report; October 9, 2014; (11 Citations);

  16. Guns, Cops, and Public Opinion, China Digital Times, August 5, 2014;

  17. Power Shift: Hopeful Signs in China’s Legal Reform Plan“, Stanley Lubman, Wall Street Journal, China RealTime, July 10, 2014;

  18. Translation: Measures on the Management of News Media“,Josh Rudolph; July 10, 2014;

  19. “Harsh Sentence Feared for Detained Rights Lawyer“, Austin Ramzy, New York Times, Sinosphere; June 13, 2014;

  20. ‘Picking Quarrels’ Casts Shadow Over Chinese Law”, Stanley Lubman, Wall Street Journal, China RealTime; June 3, 2014;

  21. ‘Picking Quarrels and Provoking Troubles’—the Crime Sweeping China”, Dexter Roberts, Bloomberg BuisinessWeek; May 12, 2014;

  22. South China Morning Post News Round Up April 17, 2014

  23. China’s Cyberporn Crackdown Not Really About Porn“, Josh Rudolph, China Digital Times; April 16, 2014;

  24. China’s Latest Porn Purge Underway“, Tyler Roney, The Diplomat; April 18, 2014;

  25. An Encouraging Sign for (Limited) Legal Reform“, Stanley Lubman, Wall Street Journal, China RealTime; February 25, 2014;

  26. Congressional-Executive Committee on China Annual Report for 2013;

  27. China Will Struggle to Walk the Talk on Legal Reform“, Stanley Lubman, Wall Street Journal, China RealTime; December 3, 2013;

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