Judicial Reform Pilots 0 (0)

The pilots are to be part of the new round of judicial reform first announced in the White Paper on Judicial Reform (2012) and the more directly implement of the ‘decision’ of the Third Plenum (2013). The proposed areas of reform seem to focus on ensuring judicial independence by freeing both procurators and judges (both judicial actors) from normal bureaucratic review systems, shielding them form local protectionism and raising their professional caliber by inviting in non-career judges and extending the age of retirement to make room for more experienced judges.

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Two weeks of police shootings sparks debate 5 (1)

2014/06/03 Jeremy Daum 0

“One must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off.” Anton Chekhov,

Several incidents of Chinese police discharging their weapons in the last two weeks, raise questions about police training, regulations.


Henan court rules for non-local trial of administrative cases 0 (0)

The Henan courts have implemented a revolutionary procedural breakthrough in citizen’s lawsuits against government organs– you can sue them in a court that isn’t controlled by that government defendant. Three types of cases should be tried non-locally, and parties can always apply for non-local trial whenever they think it will difficult for them to find justice at home.