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Thoughts on Ilham Tohti and Terror 0 (0)

2014/09/25 Jeremy Daum 0

What does it mean when between trial and sentencing in a controversial, politically and ethnically-charged criminal case, the nation’s highest court, highest prosecutors’ office and highest police authority jointly release an opinion that essentially says the case is being handled incorrectly?


Clean-Net 2014 Update 9-2014 – The Microverse 0 (0)

2014/09/20 Jeremy Daum 0

The State Internet Information Office, which was recently authorized to take a more active role in administering internet content and also made waves in releasing new rules for instant messaging services , has continued the Clean Neat 2014 campaign against online pornography and unlawful materials.


Anti-Espionage Law (Draft) 8-31-2014 0 (0)

This proposed revision of the state security law, open for comments until 9/15/2014, changes the law’s name and focus. Recent headlines have made clear that China views an increasingly broad range of foreign activity as ‘espionage’ making this draft law all the more daunting. Harsh penalties and vague definitions are the norm.