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Posts published in September 2014

最高检第5批指导性案例 0 (0)

SPP Guiding Cases: Set 5

Thoughts on Ilham Tohti and Terror 0 (0)

What does it mean when between trial and sentencing in a controversial, politically and ethnically-charged criminal case, the nation’s highest court, highest prosecutors’ office and highest police authority jointly release an opinion that essentially says the case is being handled incorrectly?

办理暴力恐怖和宗教极端刑事案件的意见 0 (0)

Opinion on handling cases of terror and religious extremism

Clean-Net 2014 Update 9-2014 – The Microverse 0 (0)

The State Internet Information Office, which was recently authorized to take a more active role in administering internet content and also made waves in releasing new rules for instant messaging services , has continued the Clean Neat 2014 campaign against online pornography and unlawful materials.