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Posts published in January 2017

上海市社会信用条例(草案) 0 (0)

Shanghai Municipal Social Credit Regulations (Draft)

Cult Classifications 0 (0)

Chinese criminal law contains the offense of ‘organizing or exploiting cults to undermine the enforcement of law’, but understanding what groups and w[……] Read more

关于办理组织、利用邪教组织破坏法律实施等刑事案件的解释 0 (0)

Interpretation on Criminal Cases such as those of Organizing or Exploiting Cults to Undermine The Implementation of Law

Engl. Comparison of Pre/Post Draft Revision Administrative Punishment Law 0 (0)

A comparative English-language chart showing the proposed changes in draft revisions to the Public Security Administrative Punishments Law.

工业和信息化部关于清理规范互联网网络接入服务市场的通知 0 (0)

MIIT notice on Cleaning Up and Regulating the Internet Access Service Market

治安管理处罚法 (修订公开征求意见稿) 0 (0)

Public Security Administrative Punishments Law (Draft Revisions for Solicitation of Public Comments)