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Posts published in March 2017

新疆维吾尔自治区去极端化条例 4.3 (12)

Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Regulation on De-extremification

Sometimes a rule of evidence is just a rule of evidence. 0 (0)

This post was written in response to a provocative article by Susan Hennessey and Christopher Mirasola on the Lawfare Blog, entitled “Did China Quietl[……] Read more

Cops and Printers 0 (0)

Recent modifications of Chinese administrative regulations adjust the functions of the police and publications authorities regarding the printing indu[……] Read more

Bilingual General Provisions of the Civil Code 5 (3)

【法规标题】中华人民共和国民法总则 【法规标题】中华人民共和国民法总则 【颁布单位】全国人民代表大会 【颁布单位】全国人民代表大会 【发文字号】主席令12届第66号 【发文字号】主席令12届第66号 【颁布时间】2017-3-15 【颁布时间】2017-3-15[……] Read more

警情通报:犯罪嫌疑人可能是因刑讯逼供而死 0 (0)

Police Blotter: Suspect's death may be due to torture