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Posts published in May 2019

坚持我国伊斯兰教中国化方向五年工作规划纲要(2018 - 2022) 4.5 (2)

Five-Year Planning Outline for Persisting in the Sinification of Islam(2018-2022)

最高人民法院关于办理减刑、假释案件具体应用法律的补充规定 0 (0)

Supreme People's Court Supplemental Provisions on the Specific Application of Law in Handling Cases of Commutations and Parole

数据安全管理办法(征求意见稿) 0 (0)

Data Security Management Measures (Comment Draft)

厦门经济特区社会信用条例 0 (0)

Xiamen SEZ Social Credit Regulations

北京市交通委员会关于对轨道交通不文明乘车行为记录个人信用不良信息的实施意见 0 (0)

Beijing Traffic Commission Implementation Opinions on Recording Negative Personal Credit Information of Uncivilized Behavior on Rail Transport