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Who did China ban from flying?

2018/03/21 Jeremy Daum 1

Who did China ban from flying? Several Chinese government departments have jointly released a new document expanding the nation’s no-fly list. The document is part of China’s emerging ‘Social Credit’ System, but the no-fly list […]

CLT Originals

Giving Credit 3: Inputs and Outputs

2018/01/15 China Law Translate 0

China Law Translate’s ‘Giving Credit’ series considers social credit in China through review of the provincial-level Social Credit Regulations that have been released so far and other primary sources. Previous articles have looked closely at […]

CLT Originals

Giving Credit 2: Carrots and Sticks

2017/12/15 China Law Translate 0

Since the release of China’s blueprint for creating a social credit system, four provincial-level Governments have released comprehensive Regulations for implementing their own Social Credit schemes: Hubei Provincial Social Credit Information Management Regulations 3/30/2017 Shanghai […]

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