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Posts published in “MPS”

Special Action Against Online Porn

This is the official announcement by the Ministry of Public Security and other that a crackdown on pornographic and illegal publications was officially underway! This short document lays out the content and context of the new Clean-Net 2014 special action, which will end in November 2014.

Public Security Regulation on Procedures for Handling of Administrative Cases

公安机关办理行政案件程序规定 目录 第一章 总则 第二章 管辖 第三章 回避 第四章 证据 第五章 期间与送达 第六章 简易程序 第七章 调查取证 第一节 一般规定 第二节 受案 第三节 询问 第四节 勘验、检查 第五节 鉴定[……] Read more