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Notice on the Work Plan for Resuming International Passenger Flights

Promulgation Date: 2022-12-28
Title: Notice on the Work Plan for Resuming International Passenger Flights
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Promulgating Entities: Civil Aviation Administration of China
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To each regional civil aviation administration, transport airline, and transport airportsf

According to the "Notice on Printing and Distribution of the Overall Plan for the Implementation of 'Class B and Management B' for New Coronavirus Infection" (Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism [2022] No. 144) and the "The Notice on Interim Measures for the Exchange of Chinese and Foreign Personnel" issued by the State Council COVID-19 Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism's Foreign Affairs Group, a work plan for the resumption of international passenger flights has been formulated, which will be implemented from January 8, 2023. Notice on related matters is given as follows:

I. General principles

Efficiently coordinate and plan operational safety, epidemic prevention and control, and the recovery and development of the industry; and follow the principles of putting safety first, market leadership, and having safeguards in place in advance to steadily move the restoration of international passenger flight operations forward, and to satisfy the needs of international personnel for travel and foreign trade exchanges.

II. Specific Measures

  1. Regulatory measures such as the "five ones" and "one country-one policy" will no longer be carried out for international passenger flights, and Chinese and foreign airlines are to operate scheduled passenger flights in accordance with bilateral transportation agreements.
  2. Gradually resume accepting applications for international passenger charter flights from Chinese and foreign airlines, fully restore the pre-epidemic procedures and requirements for the 2023 summer and autumn flight seasons; and resume accepting applications for inbound business jets in accordance with the pre-epidemic procedures.
  3. Optimize the inbound flight guarantee processes at each port-of-entry airport, improve operational efficiency, cancel prevention and control measures such as the "four designations, four locks, and two centralizations", fully release safeguard resources, and improve the capacity to receive international flights. Where port-of-entry airports have trouble meeting airline companies' demand for increased shifts within a short period for reasons such as insufficient personnel, equipment, and other resources, they should promptly make an announcement, indicate the time for resumption, and do a good job of explaining the situation externally. The Civil Aviation Administration is to guide Chinese and foreign airlines in strengthening advance communications with relevant port-of-entry airports to reasonably arrange resources.
  4. Inbound flights are no longer to be defined as high-risk, and the 75% seat occupancy limit for inbound flights is canceled.
  5. 取消入境航班涉及机场相关入境保障人员、国内和国际机组闭环管理、入境核酸检测和入境隔离等措施,要求从业人员做好个人防护和健康监测,要求空勤人员佩戴口罩和手部消毒,做好客舱盥洗室消毒工作,加强宣传引导,监督旅客佩戴口罩。
  6. Strengthen the safety oversight of Chinese and foreign airlines' flight operations on international passenger routes, and solidify the bottom line of safety.
  7. 加强国际航空运输价格管理,根据双边航空运输协定和国家有关价格法律法规,会同市场监管部门加强对国际航空运输价格不正当竞争行为的监督检查,维护航空运输市场正常价格秩序,保护消费者和经营者的合法权益。

III. Implement Arrangements


Civil Aviation Administration of China


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