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Cultural Development Plan for the "14th Five-Year Plan"

Promulgation Date: 2022-8-16
Title: 中共中央办公厅、国务院办公厅印发《“十四五”文化发展规划》
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Promulgating Entities:General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council
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The main contents of the "14th Five-Year Plan" Cultural Development Plan are as follows.

Culture is the soul of the country and the nation, as well as the soul of national governance. Without the prosperity and development of socialist culture, there will be no socialist modernization. In order to further promote the prosperity of socialist culture and build a socialist cultural power at a new historical starting point, this plan is prepared in accordance with the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Outline of Long-term Goals for 2035.

I. Plan Background

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the tasks set out in the "Outline of the National Cultural Development and Reform Plan for the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period" were successfully completed, and the newly identified key projects and innovative measures were solidly promoted according to the needs of the situation, and China's cultural construction made historic achievements and historic changes in the process of clearing the source and keeping the right innovation, providing strong positive energy for upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and creating a new situation in the cause of the party and the country. The party's leadership over propaganda, ideological and cultural work has been comprehensively strengthened, condensing the magnificent force of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The party's theoretical innovation has advanced in an all-round way, and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has profoundly changed China and influenced the world. The core socialist values and China's excellent traditional culture have been widely promoted, the mainstream public opinion has been continuously consolidated and strengthened, the cyberspace has become increasingly clear, and the spiritual outlook of the people of all ethnic groups in the country has become more vigorous. Literary and artistic creation continues to flourish, the level of public cultural services continues to improve, cultural undertakings and cultural industries prosper and develop, and the people's sense of participation, sense of gain, and happiness has been significantly improved. The image of a responsible big country with peaceful development has been further highlighted, the soft power of national culture and the influence of Chinese culture have been greatly enhanced, and the new development of Chinese civilization has contributed new increments to the progress of human civilization. We are more confident in our cultural self-confidence than at any time in history, and we are more confident and capable of forging new glory in Chinese culture.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the first five years of China's new journey of comprehensively building a modern socialist country on the basis of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and it is also a key period for promoting the construction of a socialist cultural power and creating a Glorious Chinese culture in the glorious era. Entering a new stage of development, comprehensively promoting the overall layout of the "five-in-one" and coordinating the promotion of the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, culture is an important content, we must put cultural construction in a prominent position in the overall work, and more consciously use culture to lead the fashion, educate the people, serve the society, and promote development. To implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and promote high-quality development, culture is an important fulcrum, we must further develop and expand the cultural industry, strengthen cultural empowerment, and give full play to the role of culture in activating development momentum, improving development quality, and promoting the optimization and upgrading of economic structure. To conform to the historical changes in the main contradictions of our society, to meet the people's growing needs for a better life, and to promote the all-round development of people, culture is an important factor, and it is necessary to deepen the reform of the cultural system, expand the supply of high-quality culture, and let the people enjoy a more fulfilling, richer, and higher-quality spiritual and cultural life. To meet the new wave of scientific and technological revolution, to promote the quality of development, efficiency and power, culture is an important field, we must accelerate the in-depth integration of culture and science and technology, better use advanced and applicable technology to build advanced socialist culture, reshape the mode of cultural production and dissemination, and seize the commanding heights of cultural innovation and development. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and overcome various risks and challenges on the way forward, culture is an important source of strength, we must hold high the banner of ideology, strengthen value guidance, stimulate the spirit of struggle, build a common spiritual home of the Chinese nation, promote culture to cast the soul, and enhance the cohesion, centripetal force and creativity of the whole nation. In response to the unprecedented changes in the world and the intertwined impact of the global pandemic of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in the complex international environment to resolve new contradictions, meet new challenges, and form new advantages, culture is an important soft power, we must strengthen strategic determination, tell the Chinese story well, and provide lasting and profound spiritual motivation for promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. To take the new road of catching up with the examinations, carry out great struggles, build great projects, advance great causes, and realize great dreams, we must strengthen cultural self-confidence, consciously shoulder new cultural missions, create culture in practice and creation, achieve cultural progress in the course of historical progress, and provide ideological guarantees, public opinion support, spiritual motivation, and cultural conditions for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.

II. Overal Requirements

(1) Guiding Thought. Hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important thinking of "three represents", the scientific concept of development, and Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thinking on propaganda and ideological work, persist in integrating the basic tenets of Marxism with China's specific reality and with China's excellent traditional culture, and center on the overall layout and strategic layout of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era. Focusing on the mission and task of basing ourselves on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, and building a new development pattern, focusing on the mission and task of raising the banner, gathering people's hearts, cultivating new talents, revitalizing culture, and displaying the image, taking the socialist core values as the guide, promoting the high-quality development of culture as the theme, deepening the structural reform of the supply side in the cultural field as the main line, taking cultural reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, and meeting the growing needs of the people's spiritual and cultural life as the fundamental purpose, adhering to the principle of seeking progress in a stable manner, keeping right and innovating, Efforts should be made to uphold and improve the system of prosperous and developing advanced socialist culture, to consolidate the guiding position of Marxism in the ideological field, to consolidate the common ideological foundation for the unity and struggle of the whole party and the people of the whole country, to strive to build a socialist ideology with strong cohesion and leading force, a socialist spiritual civilization with strong vitality and creativity, and the soft power of Chinese culture with strong appeal and influence, to constantly create new glory in Chinese culture and lay a solid foundation for building a socialist cultural power.

(2) Working principles

- Uphold the overall leadership of the party. Adhere to and improve the system and mechanism for the development of party leadership culture, implement the principles of party management of propaganda, party management of ideology, and party management of media, and implement party leadership in all aspects of publicity, ideological and cultural work, and provide a fundamental guarantee for the realization of high-quality cultural development.

- Adhere to the supremacy of the people. Taking the people as the center, respecting the dominant position of the people, safeguarding the cultural rights and interests of the people, combining propaganda, education, guidance and serving the people, encouraging the people to participate in cultural innovation and creation, and participating in the national cultural governance in accordance with the law, so that cultural development is for the people, relying on the people, The results are shared by the people, promoting the unity of meeting the cultural needs of the people and enhancing the spiritual strength of the people.

- Adhere to the new development concept. Apply new development concepts throughout the entire process of cultural development and in all fields, optimize the ecology of cultural development, change the mode of cultural development, reconstruct the pattern of cultural development, and achieve higher-quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable, and safer development .

——Insist on consolidating the foundation and cultivating the yuan, keeping the integrity and innovation. Adhere to the development path of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, adhere to the socialist core value system, unswervingly deepen the reform of the cultural system, promote the opening up of culture to the outside world in an orderly manner, enhance the impetus for cultural development, stimulate the vitality of cultural development, develop advanced socialist culture, and inherit revolutionary culture , inherit and carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

——Insist on putting social benefits first and unifying social benefits with economic benefits. Grasp the characteristics and laws of cultural construction under the conditions of the socialist market economy, correctly handle the relationship between the ideological and industrial attributes of culture, social and economic benefits, promote the better combination of effective markets and promising governments, and highlight and strengthen the mainstream Values, mainstream public opinion, mainstream culture.

- Adhere to overall planning and comprehensive promotion. Firmly establish a system concept, coordinate development and security, coordinate theory and public opinion, culture and civilization, internal and external publicity, online and offline, coordinate domestic and international, career and industry, state-owned and private, position and market, and promote system integration , collaborative and efficient, to achieve the unity of cultural development quality, structure, scale, speed, efficiency and safety.

(3) Objectives and tasks

——The ideological consciousness and theoretical self-confidence of the whole party and the whole society have been further enhanced, Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has radiated more brilliant light of truth, the people have become more active in spirit, and the spiritual power of China's development and progress in the new era has become more abundant.

——The level of social civilization has been newly improved, the core socialist values ​​have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the Chinese nation has a deeper sense of family and country, and its cohesion has been further strengthened.

——Cultural undertakings and cultural industries will become more prosperous, the public cultural service system, cultural industry system, all-media communication system and cultural heritage protection, inheritance and utilization system will become more complete, the vitality of cultural innovation and creativity will be significantly improved, culture and tourism will be deeply integrated, and urban and rural regional cultural development More balanced and coordinated, people's spiritual and cultural life is increasingly enriched.

——The influence of Chinese culture will be further enhanced, the cultural exchanges and dialogues between Chinese and foreign cultures will be deepened, the image of China will be more credible, lovely and respectable, and the humanistic foundation for promoting the building of a community with a shared future for mankind will be more solid.

——The socialist cultural system with Chinese characteristics will be more perfect, the system of cultural laws, regulations and policies will be more perfect, and the efficiency of cultural governance will be further improved.

III. Strengthening ideological and theoretical arms

Adhere to the use of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era to arm the whole Party, educate the people, guide practice, and promote work, deepen the research and construction of Marxist theory, promote the modernization of Marxism in China, and enhance the confidence of the majority of Party members, cadres and the masses on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. , theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence, cultural self-confidence.

(1) Promote embracing of contemporary Chinese Marxism and 21st-century Marxism

Take the study, publicity and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a long-term major political task, improve the normalized and long-term mechanism for continuous and in-depth study, and improve the work system that uses the Party's innovative theories to arm the whole party and educate the people. Edited and published a series of important works by General Secretary Xi Jinping. Strengthen the overall and systematic research, rational interpretation and disciplinary construction of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and strengthen the research, interpretation and publicity of the major original contributions to the realization of a new leap in the sinicization of Marxism. Continue to carry out publicity and education on socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese dream. Improve the learning system at all levels such as the theoretical learning center group of the party committee (party group), and organize and conduct non-voting audits and supervision and inspections. Continue to carry out large-scale rotation training of party members. Comprehensive use of all-media methods, popular language, and artistic forms, combined with the vivid practice and historical achievements of the party's governance of the country, carry out all-round, multi-level publicity and popularization of object-oriented, differentiated, and interactive theories. Innovate the content and methods of ideological and political courses in colleges and universities, encourage famous cultural experts to teach ideological and political courses, create excellent ideological and political courses, and promote the party's innovative theory into teaching materials, classrooms, and students' minds.

(2) Establish philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese feel

Incorporate Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into all fields of philosophy and social sciences, accelerate the construction of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics, and promote the construction and innovation of disciplinary systems, academic systems, and discourse systems. Strengthen top-level design and overall coordination, and formulate medium and long-term development plans. Strengthen the construction of the basic theory of disciplines, and create a theoretical school with Chinese characteristics. Deepen the study of contemporary Chinese Marxist political economy. Adhere to the problem orientation, focus on strategic issues related to the overall development of the party and the country, and launch a batch of original and iconic scientific research results that are rooted in China, focus on great practices, and reflect the characteristics of the times, and promote the international dissemination of major academic achievements. Cultivate an academic platform that efficiently integrates domestic and foreign academic resources and leads the innovation and development of disciplines. Give full play to the demonstration and guiding role of the National Social Science Fund. Deeply promote the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics.

4. Strengthen the construction of ideology and morality for the new era and the creation of mass spiritual civilization

Adhere to the combination of ruling the country by law and ruling the country by virtue, thoroughly implement the "Outline for the Implementation of Civic Morality Construction in the New Era" and "The Outline for the Implementation of Patriotism Education in the New Era", and promote the formation of ideological concepts, spiritual outlook, civilized customs, and behaviors that meet the requirements of the new era. norms, and cultivate newcomers to the era who are responsible for national rejuvenation.

(1) Thoroughly advance the establishment of the Core Socialist Values

Continue to deepen the publicity and education of the Core Socialist Values, enhance recognition and affinity, establish a clear orientation, and strengthen demonstrations and drive. Adhere to the integration of integration and implementation, and integrate the requirements of socialist core values ​​into daily life and the construction of the rule of law. Promote the normalization and institutionalization of ideal and belief education, and build a solid foundation for the ideals and beliefs of key groups such as party members, cadres, and young people. Focusing on major time nodes such as "July 1", "August 1", and "November", relying on such carriers as revolutionary historical memorial facilities, relics, and patriotic education bases, strengthen education on patriotism, collectivism, and socialism, and promote the Party and The great spirit formed by the people in the struggles of various historical periods. Strengthen public service advertisements. Coordinate and carry out publicity and education on the theme of integrity education, diligence and thrift education, and labor to create happiness. Strengthen publicity and education on the reunification of the motherland and national unity and progress, deepen the practical education of "one country, two systems", strengthen national defense education, and promote the construction of a safe China.

(2) Strengthen the establishment of civic morality

Inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese virtues, strengthen the construction of social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality, and strengthen the construction of family, family education, and family style. Strengthen the study and publicity of various advanced models during the revolution, construction, and reform periods, respect and praise heroes and models, and care and care for advanced model figures. Improve the ideological and moral education system that combines family, school, government, and society, and run the whole process of school education through Lide and Shuren. Give full play to the role of excellent cultural products in cultivating moral sentiments, improve social norms such as civic conventions, township regulations, student codes, and group charters, extensively carry out actions to promote the new trend of the times, and deepen the governance of prominent problems in the field of ethics. Strengthen the ideological and moral construction in rural areas, and innovate the long-term mechanism of "three going to the countryside" for culture, technology and health.

(3) Strengthen and improve ideological and political work

Implement the "Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Work in the New Era". Strengthen situation policy education and basic national conditions education. Strengthen the ideological and political construction of universities, middle and primary schools, create a number of ideological and political public accounts in colleges and universities, and improve the ideological and political education system for leading cadres, backbones of state-owned enterprises, and advanced figures in the new era to enter campuses. Improve the social psychological service system, guidance mechanism, and crisis intervention mechanism, and create a social mentality of self-esteem, self-confidence, rationality, peace, and positiveness.

(4) Innovate and expand activities on the creation of a mass spiritual civilization

Taking the implementation of the civilization building project as the starting point, we will promote the continuous deepening of civilization cultivation, civilization practice, and civilization creation. Creatively carry out spiritual civilization creation activities such as civilized cities, civilized villages and towns, civilized units, civilized families, civilized campuses, and advanced ideological and moral construction work for minors, and expand the construction of civilized practice centers in the new era. Carry forward the scientific spirit, carry out in-depth patriotic health campaigns, deepen the civilized table action and the "CD action", and advocate a civilized, healthy and green lifestyle. Improve the volunteer service system and carry out extensive volunteer service care actions. Strengthen the construction of network civilization.

V. Consolidate and strengthen mainstream public opinion

Persist in the correct political orientation, public opinion orientation, and values direction; adhere to the Marxist view of the news; persist in unity, stability, and encouragement, with positive publicity as the main means; advocate mainstream ideas, stimulate positive energy, develop and expand mainstream media, and continuously enhance the media's transmission, guidance, influence, and credibility in public opinion.

(1) Build a new pattern for mainstream public opinion

Strengthen the top-level design, emphasize the overall layout, strengthen the integrated promotion, and build a mainstream public opinion structure that integrates the online and offline, and brings internal and external publicity together. Highlight doing a good job in news and publicity on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for the New Era, and carefully organize topical publicity, situational publicity, publicity on achievements, and publicity of examples, to better strengthen confidence, consolidate public sentiment, warm people's hearts, and build unity. Improve and innovate forms of content expression, creating high-quality news reports that are popular with the public. Continue to advance the establishment of online content, building a national-level news information content aggregation and publication platform that has broad influence. Strengthen assessments of broadcast efficacy, and complete systems for the review and evaluation system that combines media self-evaluations, media mutual evaluations, and key critiques. Establish operational mechanisms that combine project leadership, team operations, three-dimensional battle, and routine work, to promote efficient coordination of internal and external publicity.

(2) Build an all-media transmission system

Strengthen the advancement of the deeply integrated development of media, effectively combining all types of media resources and production elements; promote the interconnection of areas such as information content, technical applications, platform clients, and management measures, to create a wave of new types of mainstream media that are influential and competitive. Coordinate the handling of the relationships between traditional media and emerging media, between central media and local media, between mainstream media and commercial platforms, and between popular media and professional media, and establish an all-media transmission system that has content construction as its foundation, advanced technology as a support, and innovative management as a safeguard. Promote the supply-side structural reform of content production, improve mechanisms for high-quality content production, and promote interactive, service-based, and setting-based transmission. Strengthen the supporting and leading role of the new generation of information technology; support mainstream media in reshaping the editing process, building platform terminals, optimizing management methods, strengthening copyright protections, building media resource databases, increasing content production, and occupying the summit of transmission. Innovate media formats, transmission methods, and operating models, strengthen user connections, give play to institutional advantages and market roles, and enhance the competitiveness of mainstream media.

(3) Build, use, and manage the online public opinion front

Implement the principle of the Party's managing media in the new media field, persist in having positive energy as the overall requirement, firm management as the universal truth, and good usage as the real story. Consolidate online platforms' primary responsibility, regional management, and responsibility for regulation and handling, to strengthen and improve content regulation. Strengthen the hierarchical and categorical management of network platforms, accelerate the improvement of legal specifications for platform enterprise collection, use, and management of data, etc.; and focus on managing new network technologies and applications that have a large influence and numbers of users. Standardize the construction and operation of new media for governments and other public service departments, to improve the quality of government information publication. Improve laws and regulations on managing the internet, strengthen the management of the collection, editing, and reprinting of news information; and regulate websites' conduct in reprinting information and the copyright order for online reprinting. Strengthen the governance of the online information content ecology, combatting online rumors, harmful information, fake news, online extortion, online irrigators [paid clicks], paid deletion of posts, and other conduct in violation of laws and regulations.

VI. Flourishing creation and production in culture and literature

Adhere to the people-centered creative orientation, take the creation of excellent works as the central link, and launch more masterpieces that are worthy of the times, the people, and the nation.

(1) Improve guidance and incentive mechanisms

Improve the working mechanism of cultural creation, production and dissemination, advocate taste, style and responsibility, and resist vulgarity and kitsch. Guarantee and encourage the majority of cultural workers to go deep into the grassroots and the front line, and carry out creative practice activities on the theme of "going deep into life and rooting in the people". Give full play to the incentive and guiding role of national funds and special funds in the cultural field, improve the cultural product evaluation system, and deepen the reform of the national award system. Optimize the planning and demonstration mechanism for key topic selection, and strengthen the review and control of major themes. Strengthen the construction of professional ethics committees in the cultural field, and establish an industry social responsibility reporting system. Deepen the comprehensive reform of the film and television industry. Deepen the comprehensive management of the entertainment field, and strengthen the standardized management of celebrity endorsements and illegal and immoral artists. Strengthen ideological and political guidance, insist on equal emphasis on unity, use and training and management, do a good job in the work of new literary and art groups, and promote the construction of new literary and art organizations.

(2) Launching more high-quality masterpieces

Improve the degree of organization, implement the quality improvement project of literary and artistic works, support contemporary literary and artistic creation, give play to the leading and leading role of key topics and major projects, and promote literary and artistic creation from the "plateau" to the "peak". Strengthen the planning and guidance for the creation of literature, drama, film, television, music, dance, art, photography, calligraphy, folk art, acrobatics, folk literature and art, and mass literature and art. Focus on the creation and production of major realistic themes, major revolution and historical themes, new era development themes, major national strategic themes, patriotism themes, youth themes, and military themes, and launch more Acura Party, Acura Motherland, Acura People, and Acura New Era , Acura hero's masterpiece. Establish a tracking and promotion mechanism for key creative projects and strengthen whole-process quality management. Do a good job of originality at the source, promote the focus of creation and support resources to the front end and the source, promote the transformation of good literary works into scripts, and create excellent original scripts. Formulate and implement key topic selection plans for the creation of films, TV dramas, and documentaries, establish a rolling and sustainable creation and production mechanism, and improve originality and industrialization. Formulate and implement key topic selection plans for publications and medium and long-term plans for ancient book work, and do a good job in publishing major themes and key publications. Promote the prosperity and development of academic journals.

(3) Encourage and guide the creation and production of online culture

Encourage cultural units and netizens to rely on online platforms to carry out cultural creation and expression in accordance with the law, launch more excellent online literature, variety shows, film and television, animation, music, sports, game products and digital publishing products and services, and launch more high-quality short videos. , network dramas, network documentaries and other network audio-visual programs, and develop a positive and healthy network culture. Implement the online high-quality publishing and online music industry support programs. Strengthen the construction of various online cultural creation and production platforms, encourage multi-level development of original online works, and guide and standardize the healthy development of online live broadcasts. Strengthen and innovate online literature and art criticism, and promote the extension of literature and art awards to online literature and art creation.

(4) Strengthening copyright protection and development and utilization

Improve the copyright protection system. Improve the copyright registration and collective management system, improve the copyright protection and transaction system, strengthen the protection of the entire copyright chain and business development, and promote the centralized transaction of copyright in the exhibition. Strengthen digital copyright protection, promote the development of digital copyright and the integration of copyright formats, and encourage qualified institutions and units to build copyright protection platforms based on blockchain technology. Strengthen copyright protection in the fields of traditional culture and traditional knowledge. Strengthen the management of copyright assets, improve the copyright asset evaluation system, and study relevant systems to prevent copyright abuse. Improve the copyright public service system that is convenient for the people and benefit the people, and strengthen the publicity and education of copyright protection. Improve the legalization of copyright protection work, intensify the law enforcement supervision and crackdown on infringement and piracy, and continue to carry out the "Jianwang" special campaign.

VII. Inheriting and carrying forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture and revolutionary culture.

Adhere to the position of Chinese culture, insist on creative transformation and innovative development, continue the Chinese culture, inherit the red gene, build a shared spiritual home for the Chinese nation, and gather the spiritual strength of the Chinese people to forge ahead in unity.

(1) Strengthening the research and interpretation of Chinese excellent traditional culture and revolutionary culture

In-depth study of the origin and characteristics of Chinese civilization and Chinese culture, and the construction of the concept system of Chinese cultural genes. Strengthen research on major fundamental issues of the Chinese nation community, in-depth research and interpretation of the history of the Chinese nation community and the pattern of the Chinese nation's pluralistic unity. Deeply implement the project of inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, strengthen the all-media dissemination of Chinese civilization, archaeological research results, Chinese cultural classics, etc., and improve the exhibition and education level of museums, memorial halls and cultural relics protection units. Carry out in-depth research on the general and special topics of revolutionary history, and intensify the investigation and collection of revolutionary historical materials and cultural relics. Carry forward the great spirit of founding the party, and systematically sort out and explain the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists. Support research on the arrangement of ethnic and folk culture. Mining, inheritance and promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture.

(2) Strengthen the protection and utilization of cultural relics

Cultivate the notion that the protection of historical and cultural heritage is of great responsibility, and enhance the sense of awe for historical cultural relics. We will comprehensively strengthen archaeological work and improve the system of "archaeology first, transfer later". Strengthen scientific and technological innovation of cultural relics. Coordinate and guide the census and catalogue publication of various cultural relics resources, formulate special plans such as protection plans for cultural relics protection units, and incorporate them into the implementation of national land and space planning. Promote the declaration, protection and management, display and publicity of world cultural heritage. Strengthen the protection and restoration of immovable cultural relics and collections of cultural relics. Intensify efforts to recover and return lost cultural relics. Promote the rational use of cultural relics, build national archaeological site parks, demonstration areas for protection and utilization of cultural relics, and cultural heritage corridors, and promote national cultural landmarks and Chinese civilization identification systems based on cultural relics resources. Implement the Chinese cultural relics all-media dissemination plan. Improve the long-term mechanism for the safety of cultural relics, and severely crack down on the crime of cultural relics.

(3) Strengthen the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage

Improve the intangible cultural heritage survey and record system, representative project system, and representative inheritor identification and management system, implement dynamic management of national-level intangible cultural heritage representative projects, explore and identify representative inheritance groups (groups), and strengthen the cultivation of intangible cultural heritage inheritors. Improve non-genetic inheritance practice ability. Strengthen overall and systematic protection, and build national cultural and ecological protection zones, villages, towns and blocks with intangible cultural heritage characteristics. Strengthen the integration into production and life, carry out innovative themed communication activities, and promote the introduction of intangible cultural heritage into campuses, communities, and networks.

(4) Promoting the construction of national cultural parks

Integrate important cultural resources such as the Great Wall, the Grand Canal, the Long March, the Yellow River, and the Yangtze River, strengthen the true and complete protection and inheritance of cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage, focus on the construction of main functional areas such as management and control protection, theme display, cultural tourism integration, and traditional utilization, and systematically promote protection and inheritance , research and excavation, environmental support, cultural and tourism integration, digital reproduction and other key basic projects, implement park-like management and operation, form a public cultural carrier with a specific open space, and focus on creating an important symbol of Chinese culture.

8. Improve the coverage and effectiveness of public cultural services

Promote the integrated construction of urban and rural public cultural service systems, promote the digitalization of public culture, innovatively implement cultural projects that benefit the people, improve the standardization and equalization of basic public cultural services, and better protect the basic cultural rights and interests of the people.

(1) Improve the network of public cultural facilities

Optimize the allocation of public cultural resources, strengthen the construction of various types of public cultural facilities at all levels, and create new urban and rural public cultural spaces. Coordinate and promote the integration of grass-roots public cultural resources, improve the utilization efficiency of grass-roots comprehensive cultural service centers, and promote the connection between the operation of grass-roots public cultural institutions and the construction of county-level integrated media centers and the construction of new era civilization practice centers. Carry out pilot projects for functional integration of public cultural institutions and tourism service centers. Coordinate the development of museums in different regions, levels, attributes and types. Strengthen the construction of the general and branch system of cultural centers and libraries. Continue to make public libraries, cultural centers (stations), art galleries, museums and other public cultural venues open free of charge. Explore the establishment of a national city and county public service platform for radio and television programs. Strengthen the construction of radio and television transmission coverage network, and improve the emergency radio and television network system. Build cinemas in densely populated towns and villages, and innovate the management mechanism and model for the distribution and projection of rural public welfare films. Encourage local and qualified schools to build theaters, concert halls, art galleries and other venues. Develop archives business. Innovate public cultural management mechanisms and service methods, and promote the interconnection and integrated development of cultural projects that benefit the people. We will further promote government procurement of services, and promote the socialized development and professional operation of public cultural services.

(2) Improve the digital level of public culture

Strengthen planning guidance and policy guidance, open up public cultural digital platforms at all levels, build a public cultural digital resource library group, and build a national cultural big data system. Coordinate and promote the construction of key projects for the digitalization of public culture, focus on serving the urban and rural grassroots, especially rural areas, and continuously narrow the digital divide between urban and rural areas. Build a smart library system and a national public cultural cloud, build a smart museum, and create a digital service platform for information such as smart radio, television, and digital film program management. Actively develop cloud exhibition, cloud reading, cloud audio-visual, and cloud experience, and promote the connection between supply and demand in the "cloud" and "fingertips". Promote the digital construction of rural bookstores and establish an intelligent management system.

(3) Make up for the shortcomings of public cultural services

Implement national basic public service standards, strengthen grass-roots cultural construction, increase total supply, optimize supply structure, promote high-quality public cultural resources to rural areas, old revolutionary base areas, ethnic areas, and frontier areas, and narrow the number of public cultural services between urban and rural areas. gap, and promote the effective connection between the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements and rural revitalization. Strengthen the construction of public culture in ethnic areas, support the development of press and publications in ethnic areas, strengthen the translation of ethnic minority language films and televisions, and strengthen the coverage of radio and television transmission in ethnic areas, as well as the production, translation and dissemination of programs related to agriculture. Promote the high-definition process of live satellite TV channels. Strengthen the integrated development capacity building of "three districts and three prefectures" municipal-level radio and television broadcasting institutions. Cultivate and develop rural theater chains, and promote the entry of new blockbusters into the rural market. Enrich the public cultural supply for the elderly, migrant workers in cities, rural women and children left behind, and the disabled, and protect the basic cultural rights and interests of special groups.

(4) Extensive mass cultural activities

Improve the mechanism for supporting the development of mass cultural activities, increase support and guidance for the grassroots, and cultivate a group of mass literary and art teams rooted at the grassroots. Carry out the popularization of art among the whole people, deepen the "pairing and planting of culture", and expand the participation of the masses in culture. Give full play to the guiding role of mass literary and art awards such as the "Stars Award", and promote the creation of mass literary and artistic works. Give full play to the active role of grassroots literary associations, writers' associations, group art centers, and cultural centers (stations), support and guide amateur literary and art associations, private theater troupes, performance teams, senior colleges and youth literary and art groups, communities and corporate literary and art backbones to carry out extensive creative activities to showcase the masses Outstanding achievements in literary and artistic creation. Strengthen the brand building of mass cultural activities, carry out the "Our Chinese Dream" - Culture Entering Ten Thousand Homes activities, and successfully organize farmers' harvest festivals, farmers' cultural and art festivals, farmers' singing parties, farmers' troupe performances, square dances, "village evenings", "fast" "Flash", "Heart to Heart" performances, public singing, calligraphy, painting and photography creation and other activities.

IX. Promote the high-quality development of the cultural industry

Combining the expansion of domestic demand with the deepening of supply-side structural reforms, we will improve industrial planning and policies, strengthen the drive for innovation, implement digital strategies, advance the advanced industrial base, modernize the industrial chain, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the cultural industry.

(1) Accelerate the digital layout of the cultural industry

Taking the construction of the national cultural big data system as the starting point, insisting on unified design, long-term planning, and step-by-step implementation, coordinating the digitization of cultural resources stock and increment, and using physical distribution, logical association, quick links, efficient search, comprehensive sharing, and focus collection. Become the target to gather cultural digital resources, promote cultural enterprises and institutions to continuously launch new products and services based on cultural big data, and improve the quality of cultural products and services.

(2) Improve the modern cultural industry system

Promote the transformation and upgrading of state-owned cultural enterprises, optimize resource allocation and layout structure, and build well-known cultural brands and enterprise groups. Encourage, support and guide non-public capital to enter the cultural industry in accordance with the law, and protect the property rights of private cultural enterprises and the rights and interests of entrepreneurs. Actively support the development of small, medium and micro cultural enterprises, and encourage the development of specialization, specialization, and new development. Accelerate the development of new cultural formats such as digital publishing, digital film and television, digital studio, digital art, digital printing, digital creativity, digital animation, digital entertainment, and high-tech video, transform and upgrade traditional cultural formats, and promote structural adjustment, optimization and upgrading. Promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, sports, education, information, construction, manufacturing, etc., and extend the industrial chain. Build a national cultural industry development project library and a public service platform for the national radio and television and online audio-visual industries.

(3) Building a high-standard cultural market system

Accelerate the construction of a unified, open, efficient and standardized cultural market with orderly competition. Improve the basic system of the cultural market system, and improve the system for cultural enterprises to adhere to the correct orientation and fulfill their social responsibilities. Implement a unified negative list system for market access, and remove hidden barriers to cultural market access. Improve the operating mechanism of the cultural factor market, and promote the rational flow of labor, capital, technology, and data. Accelerate the promotion of financial product and service innovation that meets the development needs of the cultural industry and the characteristics of cultural enterprises. Further expand the scale of equity financing and bond financing of cultural enterprises, and support the listing and financing and refinancing of cultural enterprises. Explore the model of cultural financial service center and provide comprehensive financial services for cultural enterprises. Comprehensively promote cultural consumption, accelerate the development of new cultural consumption patterns, and develop the night economy. Strengthen the construction of the cultural market credit system, improve the quality of cultural market services, and strengthen cultural market management and comprehensive law enforcement.

(4) Promoting technology to empower the cultural industry

Take advanced technology as the strategic support for the development of the cultural industry, and establish a sound cultural and technological integration innovation system. Deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, establish and improve technical standards and service standards for the cultural industry, and participate in the formulation of international standards. Promote the combination of production, education and research, focus on original innovation and integrated innovation, and strengthen the research and development of common key technologies that restrict the development of the cultural industry. Overcome the bottleneck technology. Implement projects such as publishing integration development, film production improvement, printing intelligent manufacturing, and large-scale audio-visual industry chain construction, and guide and encourage cultural enterprises to use new technologies such as big data, 5G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and ultra-high-definition to transform Improve the industrial chain, promote the modernization of content production and dissemination methods, and reshape the cultural development model.

X. Promote the integrated development of culture and tourism

Adhere to the use of cultural plastic tourism and tourism to promote culture, promote the integration and development of culture and tourism in a wider range, deeper level and higher level, and create a unique and attractive Chinese cultural tourism experience.

(1) Enhance the cultural connotation of tourism development

Relying on cultural resources to cultivate tourism products and improve tourism quality, let people appreciate the beauty of culture and cultivate the beauty of soul in the appreciation of the beauty of nature. In-depth exploration of regional cultural characteristics, integrating cultural content, cultural symbols, and cultural stories into scenic spots, incorporating advanced socialist culture, revolutionary culture, and excellent traditional Chinese culture into tourism route design, exhibition display, and explanation experience, so that tourism can become people's perception Chinese culture and the process of enhancing cultural self-confidence. Create a demonstration area for the integrated development of the national cultural industry and tourism industry, build a number of world-class tourist attractions and resorts with rich cultural heritage, and create a number of national-level tourism and leisure cities and blocks with distinctive cultural characteristics. Promote museums, art galleries, libraries, theaters, intangible cultural heritage display places, and cultural relics protection units open to the society as tourist destinations, and cultivate a new space for a better life shared by hosts and guests. Adhere to both improving hardware and optimizing software, paying equal attention to improving service quality and improving cultural experience, adding cultural elements and connotations to tourism facilities and tourism services, and reflecting humanistic care.

(2) Enriching the supply of high-quality tourism

Adapt to the new requirements of the era of mass tourism, promote tourism for the people, promote the construction of a tourism supply system with diverse types, balanced distribution, distinctive features and high quality, and promote the integration of culture and tourism, product integration, and market integration. Improve the quality of tourism performances, cultural heritage tourism, cultural themed hotels, and special festivals and exhibitions, and support the construction of cultural and tourism complexes that integrate cultural creativity, tourism and leisure. Relying on the Revolutionary Museum, the Party History Museum, the Memorial Hall, the remains of the Revolutionary Site, etc., we will create classic red tourism scenic spots and classic routes. Utilize rural cultural traditions and resources to develop rural tourism. Strengthen the tourism development of the achievements of contemporary socialist construction, deeply excavate the spiritual connotation of major engineering projects, and develop characteristic tourism. Strengthen the activation and utilization of industrial heritage resources, develop tourism supplies and characteristic tourism commodities, cultivate tourism equipment manufacturing industry, and develop industrial tourism. Promote the organic combination of tourism and modern production and life, accelerate the development of vacation and leisure tourism, health tourism, research and practice activities, etc., and create a number of national all-for-one tourism demonstration areas, A-level tourist attractions, national-level tourist resorts, national boutique tourism belts, national Tourist scenic roads, characteristic tourist destinations, characteristic tourist functional areas, urban greenways, cycling parks and slow-moving systems. Vigorously develop smart tourism, and promote the construction of smart scenic spots and resorts.

(3) Optimizing the tourism development environment

Taking service quality as the core competitiveness, carry out in-depth quality improvement actions, promote the improvement of tourist destination service quality, promote the creation of civilized scenic spots, continue to deepen the toilet revolution, improve the tourist service system, and ensure public services for the disabled and the elderly. Strengthen the construction of tourism transportation facilities to improve accessibility and convenience. Standardize and optimize the order of the tourism market, carry out special governance actions, strengthen online tourism supervision, and establish and improve a tourism integrity system and a tourism service quality evaluation system. Promote civilized tourism, implement the domestic tourism civilized behavior convention and the outbound tourism civilized behavior guide, strictly implement the tourism uncivilized behavior record system, establish an information reporting mechanism, and increase punishment.

(4) Innovative and integrated development system and mechanism

Improve the central and local tourism development work system and mechanism, improve the cultural and tourism integration development system and mechanism, and strengthen the industry management responsibilities of the cultural and tourism departments. Innovate the management system of scenic spots and explore the establishment of a cultural evaluation system for scenic spots. Straighten out the management system of hotels, homestays and other tourism accommodation industries.

XI. Promote the coordinated development of urban and rural regional culture

Optimize the allocation of urban and rural and regional cultural resources, promote integrated planning, linkage cooperation, and coordinated development, and accelerate the formation of a spatial pattern of cultural development that integrates points, lines, and surfaces, echoes the East, the Middle, and the West, and balances urban and rural areas.

(1) Promote the coordinated development of regional culture

Strengthen regional cultural collaborative innovation, improve cooperation and mutual assistance, support and compensation mechanisms, promote innovation in the eastern region to lead cultural development, increase efforts to support the cultural development of old industrial bases such as the central and western regions and the Northeast, and support the cultural development of old revolutionary areas, ethnic areas, and border areas. , forming a regional cultural development pattern of mutual promotion, complementary advantages, integration and interaction. Focusing on major regional strategies such as the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, etc., to improve the coordinated development mechanism of culture in the region and enhance the public culture Facility interconnection level, strengthen the construction of regional cultural industry belt, and realize the overall improvement of regional cultural construction level. Promote the formation of a new pattern of cultural industry development, innovate the system and mechanism for the integrated cultural development of urban agglomerations, jointly build a high-level cooperation platform, and strengthen the convenient sharing of public cultural services. Improve the cultural development system and mechanism of urban-rural integration and urban-rural integration, give full play to the role of cities in driving and radiating, accelerate the two-way flow of cultural elements between urban and rural areas, and form a new pattern of urban and rural cultural development with distinctive features, complementary advantages, and balanced allocation.

(2) Strengthen the construction of urban culture

Integrate urban function positioning and economic and social development, and build a modern urban culture in which traditional culture and modern culture complement each other, and urban temperament and humanistic spirit complement each other. Strengthen the rigid constraints of cultural construction in various planning, protect historical and cultural heritage, integrate the civilization of the times, build urban cultural spirit, develop urban theme culture, and create characteristic cultural landscapes. Promote urban construction with cultural construction, and enhance the cultural taste, overall image and development quality of the city. Accelerate the construction of a group of cultural center cities with national influence and strong cities with characteristic culture. Support relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) to build a number of representative regional cultural center cities and characteristic cultural cities. Combined with the construction of new urbanization, encourage the development of a group of beautiful towns that carry historical memories, reflect regional characteristics, and are rich in ethnic characteristics according to local conditions.

(3) Promoting the revitalization of rural culture

Give full play to the function of cultural inheritance, comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural culture, and promote the countryside to become a civilized, harmonious, rich, beautiful and livable space. Strengthen the protection and inheritance of farming culture, support the construction of village history museums, revise village history and village records, and carry out village education. Integrate local characteristic culture into rural construction and retain nostalgia and nostalgia. Innovate support and incentive methods, transform excellent cultural resources into high-quality assets for sustainable rural development, and promote the positive mutual promotion of rural cultural construction and economic and social development. Explore the development of outstanding folk cultural institutions and literary and art groups by means of volunteer services. Encourage villages to organize their own culture, and support farmers to organize their own cultural and art festivals, poetry and story meetings, theater troupe performances, and exhibitions of calligraphy, painting and photography. Increase the supply of excellent rural cultural products and services, promote cultural pairing assistance, encourage the production of literary and artistic creations on the theme of "three rural areas", and support literary and artistic creations with local characteristics. Carry out the "Internet + Chinese Civilization" action plan to promote digital cultural resources into rural areas. Explore the establishment of a rural cultural exchange and trading platform to activate the rural cultural market.

XII. Expand the international influence of Chinese culture

Comprehensively promote foreign publicity, foreign cultural exchanges and cultural trade, enhance international communication influence, Chinese cultural appeal, Chinese image affinity, Chinese discourse persuasiveness, and international public opinion guidance, promote people-to-people bonds, and build a humanistic community.

(1) Deepening exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations

Strengthen the position of Chinese culture and cultural self-confidence, carry out various forms of people-to-people exchange activities in depth, and convey the word with the text, the voice with the text, and the people with culture. For different countries and regions, we will build an open and inclusive platform for dialogue among civilizations, and promote mutual learning and common development among civilizations. Deepen government and non-governmental foreign exchanges. Strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road". Deepen tourism exchanges, implement the "Beautiful China" tourism global promotion plan, build a number of international tourism hub cities and key tourism cities, and cultivate a number of inbound tourism brands and international tourism boutique products.

(2) Enhance the international competitiveness of cultural trade

Highlight the ideological core and cultural connotation, and increase the share of core cultural products and services exported in cultural trade. Encourage internationally competitive cultural enterprises to steadily improve the scale and quality of investment and cooperation in the field of culture abroad, promote cultural and technical standards and equipment manufacturing to go global, innovate foreign cooperation methods, and optimize resources, brands and marketing channels. Encourage the establishment of overseas platforms for promoting cultural trade. Forcefully develop digital cultural trade. Promote the innovative development of imports and exports in the fields of art display and trading, content processing and creation, and accelerate the formation of regional international markets.

XIII. Deepen the reform of the cultural system

Combine further giving play to the positive role of the market in the allocation of cultural resources with giving better play to the role of the government, accelerate the improvement of the cultural management system and production and operation mechanism that are conducive to stimulating the vitality of cultural innovation and creation, adhere to and improve the system for the prosperity and development of advanced socialist culture, and enhance the efficiency of cultural governance.

(1) Improve the cultural macro management system

Innovate the macro-management system of culture, adhere to and strengthen the party's overall leadership over propaganda, ideology and culture work, and implement the party's leadership in all aspects and links of the country's cultural governance. Deepen the reform of the administrative system in the cultural field, promote the reform of "decentralization and management of services", and transform government functions. Improve the state-owned cultural asset management system and mechanism that organically combines party committees and government supervision and is effectively led by propaganda departments, and promote the unification of the orientation of managing people and managing affairs and asset management. Establish and improve the working mechanism for the integrated management of traditional and emerging media, and further strengthen the construction of a comprehensive network governance system. Establish and improve the coordination mechanism for the work of social science academic societies, and strengthen the construction of industry organizations in the cultural field. Study and formulate opinions on strengthening the construction of the rule of law in the field of publicity and culture, accelerate the process of cultural legislation, and comprehensively advance administration according to law. Improve the comprehensive law enforcement system for the cultural market. Improve the statistical system of cultural industries.

(2) Deepen the reform of cultural institutions

Further deepen the reform of the personnel and income distribution systems of cultural institutions. Steadily promote the reform of the corporate governance structure and the innovation of internal operating mechanisms of public cultural institutions, and explore the pilot reform of the separation of state-owned museum asset ownership, collection ownership, and open operation rights. Deepen the reform of the mainstream media system and mechanism, establish an integrated organizational structure that adapts to the production and dissemination of all media, build a new type of collection and editing process, and form an intensive and efficient content production system and communication chain. With performances as the central link, we will deepen the reform of state-owned literary and art academies and troupes, strengthen classification guidance, and stimulate the vitality of academies and troupes.

(3) Deepen the reform of state-owned cultural enterprises

Implement the actions of deepening the reform and speeding up the development of state-owned cultural enterprises, strengthen the party building of state-owned cultural enterprises, give full play to the leading role of the party committee (party group) in setting direction, managing the overall situation, and ensuring implementation, actively serving major national strategies, promoting layout optimization and structural adjustment, and improving control We will accelerate the cultivation of a group of comprehensive cultural enterprise groups with prominent main business, strong core competitiveness and high market share. Improve the corporate governance mechanism, incorporate party building work requirements into the company's articles of association, clarify that the party organization's study and discussion of major business management matters are the pre-procedures for the board of directors and managers to make decisions on major issues, and implement the party organization's legal status in the corporate governance structure. Steadily advance the mixed ownership reform, implement the professional manager system, carry out medium and long-term incentives in various ways, and stimulate the power of grassroots reform and innovation. Improve the evaluation and assessment methods for the social benefits of state-owned cultural enterprises, and improve the evaluation and assessment system that puts social benefits first and integrates social benefits with economic benefits.

XIV: Building a Strong Corps of Talent

Persist in the party managing cadres and talents, put the party's political construction in the first place, reform the way of cultivating talents, optimize the structure of talents, innovate the form of talent training, increase the intensity of training, continuously improve the quality and ability of the contingent of cadres and talents, and build a new army of the times who bravely shoulder their mission and responsibilities and are good at innovation and creation.

(1) Strengthen political capacity-building

Persist in arming the propaganda and ideological work team with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, enhance the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidences", achieve "two safeguards", and continue to improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution. Consolidate and expand the educational achievements of the theme of "not forgetting the original intention and keeping the mission in mind" on the propaganda and ideological front, establish a long-term mechanism, and unremittingly temper the political character of party members and cadres who are loyal and clean. Strengthen political responsibility, run the requirement of stressing politics through all aspects of work, and ensure that we know our responsibilities, shoulder our responsibilities, and perform our responsibilities.

(2) Strengthen operational capacity building

Deeply promote the education and practice of enhancing foot, eye, brain, and pen strength, and enhance the ability to excel. Improve the medium- and long-term planning for the construction of the cadre contingent in the propaganda system. Select the best and strongest leading bodies at all levels on the propaganda and ideological front, increase the intensity of discovery, training, and selection of outstanding young cadres, and promote cadre rotation exchanges and multi-post training. Improve the working mechanism for squatting research and off-the-job exercise. It is necessary to strengthen the building of the work style of the propaganda and ideological front, and cultivate a good work style of seeking truth from facts and really doing solid work.

(3) Strengthen the cultivation of leading figures and professional talents

Research and compile the development plan for talents in the field of propaganda, ideology and culture. Further improve the talent recommendation and review, training and funding, and contact service work mechanisms, and comprehensively cultivate, introduce, and use talents. Support the successful running of special training courses for high-level talents and national conditions seminars. Strengthen the cultivation of innovative, applied and skilled talents, cultivate all-media talents with "one specialty and multiple abilities", and expand the team of high-skilled talents. Strengthen the cultivation of basic research talents in the field of philosophy and social sciences, and strengthen the construction of work style and study style. Strengthen the construction of professional ethics for literary and art workers. Strengthen the work of contact service experts and unite outstanding cultural talents in various fields around the party.

(4) Consolidate the construction of grass-roots talent teams

Strengthen the construction of publicity and cultural teams at the county and urban and rural grass-roots level, and allocate and strengthen the publicity members of township party committees. Encourage and support mass literary and artistic associations, performance groups and grassroots preachers, various cultural talents, and cultural activity activists, and build more "red literary and art cavalry" with regional cultural characteristics. Cultivate local cultural talents, inheritors of ethnic folk culture, rural culture and tourism talents, grassroots cultural facilities and cultural relics management personnel who have taken root at the grassroots level. Organize two-way exchanges between county-level financial media centers and provincial and municipal media personnel, enrich the volunteer service team for civilized practice in the new era, and extend the scope of training for administrators of the "Learning to Strengthen the Country" learning platform to grass-roots front-line publicity cadres. Support the construction of grassroots cultural talent teams in western regions, border regions and ethnic regions.

(5) Improve talent evaluation and incentive mechanisms

Improve the evaluation system for publicity and cultural talents, improve the reward system and fault tolerance and correction mechanism. Optimize the policies for the introduction of talents and personnel rewards in cultural institutions. Stimulate and protect the entrepreneurial spirit, strengthen the classification and grading management of leading bodies and leading personnel of state-owned cultural enterprises. Deepen the reform of the personnel system of news units, improve the system of post management and the entry and exit of employees. Establish and improve a revenue distribution mechanism that fully reflects the value of innovation elements, carry out pilot projects for the distribution of income from scientific research and creative achievements transformation of cultural units, and promote qualified employees of cultural units to enjoy scientific and technological innovation support policies. In accordance with the requirements of the party and state meritorious honor commendation system, carry out relevant commendation and reward work.

XV. Strengthen assurances for implementing the plan

Improve the guarantee mechanism for planning implementation, stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all kinds of entities to participate in the implementation of the plan, and form a strong synergy.

(1) Strengthen organizational leadership

Give full play to the role of the party in taking charge of the overall situation and coordinating all parties, adhere to and improve the work system, mechanisms, and work patterns of unified leadership of party committees, joint management of party and government, organization and coordination of propaganda departments, division of labor and responsibility of relevant departments, and active participation of social forces. The Central Propaganda Department is responsible for coordinating the preparation of relevant special plans in the field of propaganda, ideology and culture. The competent departments of relevant central industries shall, in accordance with this plan, study and formulate special plans in this field, and report them to the Central Leading Group for Cultural System Reform and Development Work for implementation. The leading departments of major projects and key projects should earnestly implement the main responsibility, clarify and refine the mission statement, timetable, and road map, and ensure orderly progress. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration of Taxation should, in accordance with their duties and division of labor, earnestly implement relevant policies, and do a good job in the implementation and guarantee of various key projects. All localities should draw up and implement their own regional plans in light of actual conditions. Party committees and governments at all levels should incorporate the goals and tasks proposed in this plan into the overall situation of economic and social development, regard them as an important part of evaluating the level of regional development, measuring the quality of development, and assessing the work performance of leading cadres, and grasp their implementation.

(2) Strengthen financial support

In accordance with the goals and tasks set out in this plan, the expenditure structure will be adjusted and optimized, and financial support at all levels will be strengthened. Implement the reform requirements for the division of fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities between the central and local public cultural fields, and improve the transfer payment system. Optimize the support mechanism for cultural and scientific and technological innovation. Make good use of all kinds of funds and funds such as films, publishing, tourism, and art. Strengthen the management of the operating budget of state-owned capital of cultural enterprises, and focus on supporting the major national strategy of state-owned cultural enterprises to serve the state. Support the reform of state-owned literary and art academies. Promote the opening up of the tourism industry to the outside world in the pilot free trade zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics. Make good use of local government special bonds to promote the implementation of major cultural and tourism projects. Promote the model of public-private cooperation in the field of culture and tourism, and encourage social capital to set up relevant funds. Provincial key cultural enterprises, with the approval of the provincial government, may be exempted from paying state-owned capital gains by the end of 2023. Make good use of the construction costs of cultural undertakings.

(3) Improve policy support

Implement the relevant policies for the transformation of commercial cultural institutions into enterprises, as well as support for the development of cultural enterprises engaged in film, radio and television, cultural creativity and design services, publishing, animation, protection and utilization of cultural relics, and intangible cultural heritage. Implement preferential VAT policies for publications in the process of publication, wholesale and retail. Improve the relevant policies for cultural relics units to engage in the development and operation of cultural and creative products. Follow up and study the preferential policies of the state for supporting relevant industries under the normalization of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and promote the inclusion of cultural industries and tourism in the scope of policy application. Optimize and adjust the tax exemption policy for imported collections of state-owned public welfare collection units. Strengthen the guarantee of land for construction for culture and tourism, incorporate cultural and tourism construction land into land spatial planning, and effectively ensure the demand for land for relevant facilities and projects. Encourage the use of idle facilities and the revitalization of existing construction land to develop cultural industries and tourism. Enterprises using cultural relics buildings, historical buildings, old factories, warehouses and other stock real estate, land or production equipment, facilities to develop cultural industries and tourism, without changing the main body of land use, planning conditions, can keep the original use of land, the type of rights unchanged for 5 years.

(4) Complete implementation mechanisms

Give full play to the role of the existing major national planning strategies, major reform initiatives, and major engineering project coordination mechanisms, strengthen coordination and cooperation, and form a more efficient work promotion mechanism. All localities and relevant departments should strengthen the follow-up, analysis, supervision, and inspection of the implementation of this plan, and promote the implementation of various tasks and measures. Establish and improve the annual monitoring and evaluation mechanism, closely track the changes in economic and social development, and strengthen the dynamic supervision of key tasks, policy initiatives and safeguard measures for the implementation of the plan. Improve the mechanism for mid-term evaluation and summary evaluation, and improve the reporting mechanism to the leading group for the reform and development of the cultural system at the same level. The Office of the Central Leading Group for the Reform and Development of the Cultural System shall carry out special assessments in due course.


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