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Notice on Implementing the Requirements of Central Deployments to Solidly Complete Efforts on Safeguarding the Basic Needs of Populations Impacted by the Epidemic



Civil Affairs Offices (Bureaus) of all provinces, autonomous regions and directly governed municipalities, civil affairs bureaus of cities with independent planning status, and the Civil Affairs Bureau and Archives Bureau of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

Recently, the Central Leading Group for Efforts to Respond to the Covid-19 Epidemic issued the "Notice on Further Completing Efforts on Safeguarding the Basic Needs of Populations Impacted by the Epidemic" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), to daily needs and basic care services and safeguard for various populations in difficult situations during the period of epidemic prevention and control. The following notice is hereby given on implementing the requirements of the "Notice":

I. Emphasize Refining Policy Measures.各地民政部门要认真学习《通知》精神,结合本地实际,分区分级细化政策安排,不折不扣地把党中央对困难群众的关怀落到实处。 疫情严重影响当地困难群众基本生活的,要在当地党委和政府领导下,根据影响的程度,确定增发生活补助的范围和标准。 简化优化审核审批程序,及时受理低保申请,确保所有受疫情影响收入下降、符合条件的困难群众都能纳入低保范围。 进一步细化临时救助的类别和情形,重点救助新冠肺炎患者及受影响家庭。 非本地户籍的新冠肺炎患者,基本生活出现严重困难的,急难发生地应当及时给予临时救助。 结合当地实际明确临时遇困外来人员申请临时救助的具体情形、标准和救助时限,统筹运用好实物帮扶和现金救助政策。 充分发挥民政部门在保障好特殊困难人员基本照料服务需求方面的作用,指导社区(村)或安排相关人员、机构加强走访探视,及时提供帮助。

II. Improve Joint Price Control Mechanisms.All levels of civil affairs departments should proactively coordinate with departments such as for development and reform, keeping close track of fluctuations in the price of food during the period of epidemic prevention and control, and promptly putting forwards corresponding suggestions. Further improve mechanisms connecting social assistance and security standards with price increases, to scientifically determine the standards for temporary pricing subsidies, and promptly and fully release them. Areas with the capacity may raise the subsidy standards as appropriate. Handle the relationship between temporary pricing subsidies and the increases in the minimum living allowance, to ensure that the basic needs of populations in difficult circumstances are not impacted.

III. Overall Planning to Advance Poverty Alleviation. 各地民政部门要统筹做好疫情防控和兜底脱贫工作,认真落实全国民政系统脱贫攻坚兜底保障动员大会精神和《社会救助兜底脱贫行动方案》(民发〔2020〕18号)要求,做好疫情防控期间贫困人口救助帮扶,落实临时救助等社会救助政策,及时救助因疫致贫返贫群众。 要会同扶贫等部门健全完善监测预警机制,开展数据比对和摸底排查,加强特殊群体关爱帮扶,确保符合条件的贫困人口兜底保障不漏一户、不落一人,坚决完成脱贫攻坚兜底保障各项任务。

IV. Facilitate Access to Aid and Service Hotlines.Guide county-level civil affairs departments to integrate dedicated phone numbers such as for complaints and reports on the rural subsistence allowance with areas that have the capacity opening local '12349' hotlines for civil affairs public interest services (social aid and services), and gradually connecting the entire province. In this phase, existing social aid and services hotlines should be fully announced, increasing operators on duty to guarantee the hotlines are accessible and ensure that To ensure that people in difficulty have access to help during the period of epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen interdepartmental joint action, establishing and completing referral mechanisms for populations in difficult situations and making it possible to handle all types of social assistance in a timely fashion.

V. Accelerate Bringing About Online Handling of Social Assistance.Fully carry out the use and expansion of the Jinmin Project, promote interconnectivity, vertical and horizontal linkage and operational collaboration, and comprehensive improvement of the level of digitalization for social aid. Vigorously advance the integration of technology such as the internet, big data, artificial intelligence and social aid, continuously optimizing government services processes and promoting the handling of social aid processes completely online, to facilitate applications for aid and reduce handling times. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, verification of the economic status of families on social aid may be taken as the primary means of investigation and review, and home investigations may adopt use flexible non-contact and remote methods such as telephone or video. Explore the establishment of social aid resource pools, strengthen data sharing between departments form a joint force for assistance.

VI. Strengthen Departmental Coordination.Give play to the role of county-level coordination mechanisms for efforts to ensure the basic needs of populations in difficult situations, doing overall planning and integration of aid resources, resolving urgent issues of these populations one at a time. 各地要通过“一门受理、协同办理”机制,将掌握的受疫情影响困难群众医疗、教育、就业等方面存在的困难信息及时转介给相关部门,协助做好专项救助申请工作。 Policy measures for responding to the Covid-19 epidemic are to be sent to departments for discipline and supervision, auditing, and so forth.

VII. Strengthen Funding Safeguards.各地民政部门要根据疫情影响、兜底脱贫、物价联动等因素,精心测算社会救助资金需求,及时报党委和政府以及同级财政部门,力争增加困难群众兜底保障资金投入。 要统筹使用中央财政困难群众救助等补助资金和地方各级财政安排资金,倾斜支持疫情严重地区及时足额发放各类救助金和补贴,保障好困难群众基本生活。

VIII. Thoroughly Publicize and Lead.各地民政部门要采取生动活泼、贴近实际、切实有效的措施广泛宣传《通知》要求和具体落实举措,利用“两微一端”等新媒体方式加强政策宣传、公布社会救助服务热线。 要制定具体举措,激励党员干部、一线工作人员担当作为,对非主观故意将不符合条件人员纳入救助帮扶范围的,可免予追究相关责任。

The civil affairs departments (bureaus) for each province (autonomous region, directly-governed municipality) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corp's civil affairs bureau should promptly report to the Ministry of Civil Affairs regarding the implementation of the "Notice" and important matters.

Ministry of Civil Affairs

March 13, 2020


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