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Posts published in August 2013

Forensic Psychiatrists Taking Bribes from Patients and Big Pharma 0 (0)

In China the question of whether a person is excused from criminal punishment by reason of mental incapacity is determined by an expert forensic evaluator who is a trained psychiatrist. There are about 2000 forensic psychiatric evaluators for all of China. The defense has no right to request an evaluation or hire his own experts, but may informally as that police, prosecutors or the courts do so. Their evaluation is rarely challenged, and many persons found 'criminally insane' will simply be released to their families. I guess, it's clear why one would want to bribe them

Party Central Political-Legal Committee weighs in on wrongful convictions 0 (0)

This is not your Zhou Yongkang's Political-Legal Commission. Following the ongoing discussion of the role of cops, procs and courts in preventing wrongful convictions, the political legal commission has apparently issued a guiding opinion weighing in on the matter. Will it be more successful in stopping wrongful convictions and police abuse than, well, the laws have been? Time will tell, but this is a promising sign of commitment to reform.

Zhou Qiang: Actively Promote the Establishment of a Socialist Nation with Rule of Law 0 (0)

周强:积极推进社会主义法治国家建设 2013-08-12 08:25:56  来源:人民日报 积极推进社会主义法治国家建设 ——学习习近平同志关于法治建设的重要论述 周强 党的十八大明确提出全面推进依法治国,加快建设社会[……] Read more

Beijing Municipal Regulations on Open Government Information (Draft for Review) 0 (0)

北京市政府信息公开规定 (草案送审稿) 目录 第一章 总则 第二章 主动公开 第三章 依申请公开 第四章 监督和保障 第五章 附则 第一章 总则 第一条【立法依据】 依据《中华人民共和国政府信息公开条例》(以下简称《条例》)和其他有关法律、法规规定,结合本[……] Read more

Shen Deyong talks Evidence 0 (0)

Shen Deyong continues to push the Zhou Qiang court's commitment to the presumption of innocence, and strict requirements of evidence in both sentencing and adjudication. Calling on the courts to work together with police and procuratorates to raise the quality of evidence gathering, presentation, debate and acceptance, and to recognize the equal and legitimate role that defense attorneys play in this process.