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Posts published in May 2014

SPP conference on juvenile crime prosecution work. 0 (0)

A national conference of Chinese prosecutors today regarding crimes by juveniles revealed that the number of juvenile arrests and prosecutions ha[……] Read more

Xinjiang notice of strike-hard campaign on terrorism 0 (0)

On May 25th, the XinJiang Uighur Autonomous Region's top criminal justice agencies released this notification of a crackdown on terror, listing 4 categories of offenses to be cracked down on, and rewards for voluntary surrender or reporting others. The notice follows a recent terrorist attack on an open market on May 23, 2014.

Anti-corruption by the numbers; pt 2 0 (0)

In a previous post, ChinaLawTranslate provided data from a break down of disciplinary commission investigations relating to corruption investigations. Such investigations are internal to the Party and not part of the formal criminal justice system. This post looks at data made available today regarding actual criminal investigations by the people's procuratorates.

Updated: Quick note on ‘Picking Quarrels’ 0 (0)

Journalists, activists and lawyers have recently been picked up on the strangely named offense of 'picking quarrels and causing disturbances'. What does this offense really entail? This brief note unpacks the relevant legal authority to show that it should never be used as a blanket offense.