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Posts published in June 2014

ACLA explanation of reforms to the Lawyers Code of Conduct 0 (0)

关于《律师执业行为规范》 (修订草案征求意见稿》的说明 一、 修订《律师执业行为规范》的必要性   党的十八届三中全会对加强律师职业道德建设、规范律师执业行为提出了新的更高的要求。 《律师执业行为规范》自2009年12月27 日七届二次理事会修订通过实施以来,在规范律师[……] Read more

“If you don’t have anything nice to say….” 0 (0)

A review of new rules restricting the freedom of speech of journalists and Lawyers.

Lawyers Association Disciplinary Rules (Provisional) Comment Draft 0 (0)

The All China Lawyers Association has put forward these draft rules to solicit comments, and they have caused quite a stir. Take a look and you might see why-- talking to the press about pending cases... nope, sharing court documents..... nope.

Judicial Reform Pilots 0 (0)

The pilots are to be part of the new round of judicial reform first announced in the White Paper on Judicial Reform (2012) and the more directly implement of the ‘decision’ of the Third Plenum (2013). The proposed areas of reform seem to focus on ensuring judicial independence by freeing both procurators and judges (both judicial actors) from normal bureaucratic review systems, shielding them form local protectionism and raising their professional caliber by inviting in non-career judges and extending the age of retirement to make room for more experienced judges.

SPC Party Committee provisions on implementing party discipline and clean governance 0 (0)

最高人民法院党组关于落实党风廉政建设主体责任的实施意见(试行) 为了认真落实党的十八大,十八届二中、三中全会精神和习近平总书记关于党风廉政建设的一系列重要讲话精神,深入推进人民法院党风廉政建设和反腐败工作,根据十八届中央纪委三次全会关于“各级党委(党组)要切实担负党风廉政建设主体责任,各级纪委[……] Read more