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4th Plenum and legal reforms in China

Jeremy Daum, Managing Editor of China Law Translate, wrote an article for the Young China Watcher’s site iin early April 2015, discussing the direction of legal reform in China, but neglected to post it here. The full article, excerpted below, can be found on the YCW site.

“Far from constraining the Party’s power, these legal reforms are designed to reinforce the legitimacy of Party rule by creating more complete and effective mechanisms for the implementation of Party policy through all levels of government. This is not to say that they cannot also bring real benefit in important areas of concern to the public. Continued economic growth and resolution of key sources of social discontent such as addressing food safety, environmental problems, stopping wrongful convictions, easing the household registration system and increasing government transparency are all key targets of ongoing reform. What it does mean is that Party leadership retains final say over the application of law and that positive changes should come through the Party, if at all.”

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