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Announcement on Banning Trade of Wild Animals

Title:The State Administration of Market Regulation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and National Forestry and Grasslands Bureau, Announcement on Banning Trade of Wild Animals
Index number:2020-1580016469619
Subject category:Public Announcement; Joint Issuance
Document Number: 2020 No. 4
Associated Organization: Division for the Administration of Online Transactions
Document date:January 26, 2020
Release date:January 26, 2020

2020 No. 4

In order to prevent the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus infection and to cut off potential sources of infection and paths of transmission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas and the National Forestry and Grass Bureau have decided to prohibit wildlife trading activities from the date of this announcement until the national epidemic situation is resolved.

I. Places where wild animals are raised and bred are to be isolated, and outside spreading, transport, or sale of wild animals is prohibited.

II. All agriculture (consolidated) markets, supermarkets, food and beverage units, e-commerce platforms, and other such business places are to strictly prohibit the trading in wild animals in any form.

III. Any member of society discovering trading in wild animals in violation of laws or regulations may make a report through the 12315 hotline or platform.

IV. All relevant departments of all areas should strengthen inspections, and where violations of the provisions of this announcement are discovered, should give severe punishments in accordance with laws and regulations, suspending operations and closing up businesses and business places, and where crime is suspected, transfer it to the public security organs.

V. Consumers should fully recognize the health risks of eating wild animals, stay clear of 'game', and have a healthy diet.

State Administration of Market Regulation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Forestry and Grasslands Bureau

January 26, 2020

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