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List of Domestic Internet Information Service Algorithm Filings (August 2022)


A sample registry entry detail follows th list.

Registered Chinese Algorithms

The name and filing number of domestic internet service algorithms are hereby disclosed on the basis of the Provisions on the Management of Algorithmic Recommendations in Internet Information Services, and related information may be queried through the Internet information service algorithm filing system ( If any unit or individual has concerns, please send an email to The concerns should be based on facts and provide relevant evidence materials. The algorithm filing list will be continuously updated on this page in the future.
Number 序号Name 算法名称Type 算法类别Entity 主体名称Applicable Products 应用产品Primary Use 主要用途Filing # 备案编号Notes 备注
1NetEase Media Information Push AlgorithmPersonalized PushBeijing NetEase Media Co., Ltd.NetEase News (APP)Used in pushing notification bar information, to recommend news information that may be of interest to the user through the user's historical click behavior and user matching tags.110101135224302220011
2NetEase Media Information Search AlgorithmSearch FilterBeijing NetEase Media Co., Ltd.NetEase News (APP), NetEase (Website)Used in search functions to search for news information that meets the demands through the query words entered by the user.110101135224304220013
3Yidianzixun Personalized Content Recommendation AlgorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Yidianwangju Technology Co., Ltd.Yidianxun (APP) Used in information recommendation to recommend information content that may be of interest to users through user data such as clicks and viewing time110105167703302220011
4360 Search Information Retrieval AlgorithmSearch FilterBeijing Qihoo Technology Co., Ltd.360 Search (website)Used in the search engine, it searches the web pages that meet the demands through the user-input query word information110105199127804220017
5Phoenix Personalized Recommendation AlgorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Tianying Jiuzhou Network Technology Co., Ltd.Phoenix Video Client (APP), Phoenix News (APP)Used in information recommendations to recommend content that may be of interest to users through the user's historical behavior data.110105766070002220015
6Zhilian Homepage Job Recommendation AlgorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Wangpin Consultation Co., Ltd.Zhaopin Recruitment (APP)Used in homepage job recommendations, to recommend job information that may be of interest to the user through user-published job information, resume information, and the relevant requirements selected and filled in by users. 110105799745702220015
7Weibo hot search algorithmOrdering SelectionBeijing Weimeng Technology Network Technology Co., Ltd.Weibo (APP, website, applet)Used in the hot searches list, to select hot content, and rank hot content through user searches, discussion, and transmission of data.110108077222703220015
8Weibo personalized push algorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Weimeng Technology Network Technology Co., Ltd.Weibo (APP, website, applet)Used in Weibo recommendations to recommend Weibo content that users may be interested in through the user's historical browsing behavior.110108077222702220019
9Meituan Distribution Scheduling Decision AlgorithmScheduling DecisionBeijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd.Meituan (APP), Meituan Crowdsourcing (APP), Meituan Rider (APP)Used for delivery scenarios to calculate the estimated delivery time for user orders and match riders to orders.110108224236605220011
10Youku personalized recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushYouku Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.Youku (APP)Used in audio-visual content recommendations, to recommend audio-visual content that may be of interest to users through the user's basic information and historical records.110108381509702220011
11Kuaishou short video generation and synthesis algorithmSynthesis and GenerationBeijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd.Kuaishou (APP)Used in short video production scenarios; using the generative model to edit and regenerate of user-uploaded pictures and videos, to realize attribute editing, style conversion, etc.110108413760701220011
12Kuaishou personalized push algorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd.Kuaishou (APP)Used in video recommendations to recommend video content that may be of interest to users through the user's historical browsing habits, recent interests, long-term interests, and current popularity.110108413760702220017
13Baidu Hot Search Ranking and Selection AlgorithmOrdering SelectionBeijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd.Baidu (APP), Baidu Search (website)Used in Baidu's hot search list to select hot event keywords using event-related statistical information and user behavior data to sort hot events.110108645502803220017
14Baidu Information Retrieval AlgorithmSearch FilterBeijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd.Baidu search (website), hao123 (APP), Baidu (APP)Used in the search engine to search for the web page results that meet user demands based on their input110108645502804220013
15Baidu Content Security AlgorithmSearch FilterBeijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd.Baidu News (APP, website) Baidu Baike (APP, website), Baidu Tieba (APP, website), etc.Used in the identification of content security risks in user-published information content to discover and address information content that violates laws and regulations. 110108645502804220021
16Sina News Personalized Recommendation AlgorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Sina Internet Information Service Co., Ltd.Sina News (APP)Used in news recommendations to recommend news information that may be of interest to users using historical user behavior data.110108703893902220019
17Douyin Personalized Recommendation AlgorithmPersonalized PushBeijing Bytedance Technology Co., Ltd.Xigua Video (APP、Douyin Short Video(APP)、Toutiao(APP)Used in the recommendation of images, videos, goods, and services to recommend content that may be of interest to users through users' historical clicks, duration, likes, comments, shares, dislikes and other behavioral data.110108823483902220017
18Xiaomi browser content recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushXiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.Xiaomi Browser (APP)Used in information and video content recommendations to recommend information and video content that may be of interest to users through the user's behavior log data.110108916280902220019
19Liepin (Wise Talent) information recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushTongdao Elite (Tianjin) Information Technology Co., Ltd.Liepin (APP, website, applet)Used in job information recommendation by recommending jobs to job seekers and job seekers to recruiters on the platform through analyzing the extent of the match between job seekers and positions120116724916902220019
20Beebird Logistics Distribution AlgorithmScheduling DecisionShanghai Lazas Information Technology Co., Ltd.Beebird Crowdsourcing (APP)Used in delivery scenarios to coordinate orders and riders in the area, and match orders to riders who have enough time and are on the right route.310107429160605220017
21Qinbaobao parenting recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushHangzhou Dianwang Technology Co., Ltd.Qinbaobao (APP)Used in recommending parenting information to recommend parenting information and topics that may be of interest to users through user behavior data and user profiles.330106316738502220027
22Tmall Product Ranking AlgorithmOrdering SelectionZhejiang Tmall Network Co., Ltd.Mobile Tmall (APP)Used in product rankings, to can objectively rank products by different categories and attributes using data such as user clicks, additional purchases, and sales.330110046572903220011
23DingTalk Speech Recognition AlgorithmSynthesis and GenerationDingTalk Technology Co., Ltd.DingTalk (APP)Used in instant-messaging scenarios voice-to-text functions to bring about text recognition of voice information.330110391028001220019
24Taobao recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushZhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd.Mobile Taobao (APP)Used in content recommendations on the home page, browsing, payment completion pages, etc., to recommend product or service information that may be of interest to users through the user's visit footprint and historical search data.330110872770702220011
25Cainiao package timing prediction algorithmScheduling DecisionHangzhou Cainiao Logistics Information Technology Co., Ltd.Cainiao (APP, applet)It is used in delivery scenarios to predict package delivery arrival times. 330110977354705220017
26Juhaokan A/V content recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushJuhaokan Technology Co., Ltd.Hisense Smart TV Juhaohao Application (APP)Used in a/v recommendations to recommend audio and video content that may be of interest to users through data such as user interest characteristics and activity traits.370212438665702220011
27Suning E-commerce personalized product recommendation algorithmPersonalized PushShenzhen Yunwang Wandian E-Commerce Co., Ltd.Suning E-commerce (APP, website)Used in product information recommendation to recommend products that may be of interest to users through user preference information and behavior data.440303176429902220013
28FutuBull Content Recommendation AlgorithmPersonalized PushShenzhen Futu Network Technology Co., Ltd.FutuBull (APP)Used in financial information recommendations to recommend articles and information content that may be of interest to users by using behavior data such as user browsing, clicks, follows, and shares.440305292947002220013
29WeChat "take a look" personalized push algorithmPersonalized PushShenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.WeChat (APP)Used in information recommendations to recommend graphic and video content that may be of interest to users through data such as user browsing records, official accounts followed, and users' watched content440305295988702220015
30Tencent News Top Story Ranking AlgorithmOrdering SelectionShenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.Tencent News (APP)Used in the top stories section to select high-quality news information and sort it by intervention strategy.440305295988703220011


Displayed Algorithm Mechanism Content

Algorithm nameBaidu Content Security Algorithm
Algorithm Fundamentals A multi-modal and multi-scenario security risk identification model for online information content constructed based on natural language processing and deep learning technology, combined with rich media deep learning technology.
Algorithm Operating MechanismConducts security risk identifications of users' online information content through algorithmic modeling review steps, and if the review recognizes that the user-published online information content contains illegal or negative content, it immediately stops transmission and takes address it. The algorithm model review and identification results will be used to assist in human reviews. Users' online information content that has not passed review cannot be successfully published.
Algorithm Application SettingsBaidu Knows (application), Baidu News APP (application), Haokan Video APP (application), Baidu Search (website), Baidu News (website), Baidu Post Bar (website), hao123 (application), Haokan Video (website), Baidu (application), Baidu Post Bar APP (application), Baidu Encyclopedia APP (application)
Algorithm PurposeUsed in preventing and rejecting the publication and transmission of illegal and negative information
Algorithm Display Situation (optional)
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