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Announcement on Resolutely Maintaining Market Pricing Order for Epidemic Prevention Supplies


2020 No.3

Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic occurred, market regulatory departments have strengthened pricing oversight inspections and guidance to expand businesses' scrupulous compliance with commercial ethics and operation with integrity in accordance with law, active, actively organizing the production of supplies for preventing the epidemic to ensure their sale, bringing together the strength of the entire society to combat the epidemic, and maintaining overall stability in the order of market pricing for supplies to prevent the epidemic. However, a small number of businesses have taken the opportunity of the sudden increase in demand for disease prevention supplies to drive up the price of masks and other related goods in serious violation of commercial ethics and seriously violating pricing laws and regulations. In order to win the tough war against the epidemic and to protect the legitimate interests of the people's and legal business operators, and on the basis of the "Pricing Law" and the "Provisions on Administrative Punishments for Pricing Violations", public notice is hereby given as follows on matters related to strengthening regulation of market pricing for epidemic-preventing supplies such as masks, disinfectants, antiviral medications, and the relevant medical devices, and on preserving the order of market pricing for epidemic-preventing supplies:

1. Market regulatory departments at all levels should strictly and severely investigate and address all acts in violation of pricing laws and regulations, such as distorting and disseminating information on price increases, hoarding large volumes of urgently needed disease prevention supplies, substantially increaseing sale prices, or colluding to increase prices; and example cases should be publicly exposed in a timely manner.

II. The broad community of operators should truly perform social responsibilities, operate strictly in accordance with the law, l exercise their rights to independent pricing in accordance with laws and regulations, strictly implement the government's lawfully drafted price intervention and emergency measures, and operate with integrity with clearly marked prices.

III. The broader public is to actively supervise, and where collusion to raise prices, price gouging, or other price violations are found, report it promptly by calling 12315.

IV. Each local market regulatory department should increase the force of market pricing management, and preserve market order.

State Administration for Market Regulation

January 25, 2020

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