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Who did China ban from flying?

2018/03/21 Jeremy Daum 1

Several Chinese government departments have jointly released a new document expanding the nation’s no-fly list. The document is part of China’s emerging ‘Social Credit’ System, but the no-fly list is not aimed at people with ‘low credit scores’ [not so much a social credit thing], but at people who have broken specific laws or failed to perform certain legal obligations. […]

CLT Originals

Cheatsheet for new counter-espionage rules

2017/12/07 Jeremy Daum 0

In the chart below, I have annotated our translation of the new Implementation Rules in the right-hand column. Cells in Gray are less important, YELLOW are somewhat important, and those in RED are the most important. Much […]

CLT Originals

Fake news with Chinese characteristics

2017/11/28 Jeremy Daum 0

[In response to recent media requests, I have drafted the following brief blog post] Last week, Chinese and international media were filled with coverage of horrific allegations of abuse at a Beijing area kindergarten. There […]

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