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No gaming before breakfast. It’s the law.

2017/01/10 Jeremy Daum 0

‘Childhood’ is marked, or even defined, by a lack of access to certain “adult” information. Most modern societies have done their best, with varying degrees of success, to shield children from what they consider to

CLT Originals

Not Heroes of Free Speech

2016/10/21 Jeremy Daum 0

China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) court regularly releases sets of model cases on hot areas of law that provide guidance to the lower courts and help unify the nation’s judgments. These are often not the

CLT Originals

Communist Court Quotes Bible?

2016/10/07 Jeremy Daum 0

This is a story that made the rounds on China’s intranet in late June, but seems to have been missed by the international audience. That is not surprising, as there is no great significance in the simple divorce case

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