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The Kids are Alright

2015/07/06 Jeremy Daum 1

One of the documents recently translated on CLT [thanks largely to user Allen Clayton-Greene] concerned new restrictions for online reporting of incidents of bullying, school violence, and juvenile crime. The document was released by the State Internet […]

CLT Originals

Procuratorate Public Interest Litigation Pilot Sites

2015/06/25 Jeremy Daum 0

In accordance with the mandate of the Fourth Plenum Decision [Section IV.2], China is exploring having the procuratorate initiate public interest litigation in accordance with a new authorization by the National People’s Congress explained by Supreme People’s […]

CLT Originals

4th Plenum and legal reforms in China

2015/06/06 Jeremy Daum 0

Jeremy Daum, Managing Editor of China Law Translate, wrote an article for the Young China Watcher’s site iin early April 2015, discussing the direction of legal reform in China, but neglected to post it here. The full article, excerpted […]

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