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Beijing Traffic Commission Implementation Opinions on Recording Negative Personal Credit Information of Uncivilized Behavior on Rail Transport

The following implementation opinions are formulated in accordance with the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Construction of a Personal Credit System," "Beijing Municipal Regulations on Rail Transit Operations Safety" "Beijing Municipal Measures for the Management of Public Credit Information" and other laws, regulations and documents, in order to ensure the orderly operation and positive riding environment of rail transit, and in light of the actual situation of the city.

I. Uncivilized Passenger Behavior to be Recorded as Negative Individual Credit Information

The Uncivilized passenger behavior to be recorded as negative personal credit information includes:

(1) Avoiding paying fares by means such as going through the gate in violation of rules or fabricating or altering tickets;

(2) A single person occupying more than one seat in a train compartment;

(3) Those other than infants or the ill eating in a train compartment;

(4) Promoting products or engaging in marketing activities;

(5) Loudly playing videos or music.

II. Enforcement Measures

Full-time rail transit operation safety inspectors, supervisors of civilized riding, staff members of rail operation units, and carriage managers shall immediately dissuade and stop passengers engaging in the above-mentioned uncivilized behavior; and where they do not heed the dissuasion or stop, rail operation units have the right to refuse to provide service and immediately report to public security and traffic law enforcement departments.

The municipal transportation law enforcement department shall record negative personal credit information, and the public security law enforcement department shall handle it in accordance with laws and regulations.

III. Remedial Measures

Actors who have negative personal credit information recorded due to the uncivilized passenger behavior described above may repair their negative credit information through active participation in light rail volunteer service.

IV. Information Review

Where natural persons feel there is an error in negative personal credit information, they are to raise a review of the negative personal credit information in writing with the traffic law enforcement departments and provide relevant proofs.

The municipal traffic law enforcement departmens shall conduct an examination and make a disposition within 15 working days of receiving an application for review. Where it is found valid through examination, a correction is to be promptly made, and the applicant is to be informed in writing of the correction outcome; where negative personal credit information was recorded due to error, it should be promptly revoked.

Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission



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