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Border authorities to begin retaining foreigner's fingerprints at entry inspections


Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China


Based on the provisions of the "People's Republic of China Law on Entry and Exit Management" and upon approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Public Security has decided to store foreigners fingerprints and other biometric information when conducting entry inspections. Notice on this matters is given as follows:

In 2017, China's border inspection organs will, in stages and waves, begin storing the fingerprints of foreigners aged 14-70 years-old (inclusive) who enter the country at all open ports of entry. Foreigners entering the country that meet the following conditions may be excused from leaving fingerprints: (1) Personnel bearing diplomatic passports or Chinese diplomatic or courtesy visas, except for personnel from countries with equivalent arrangements; (2) personnel excused from leaving fingerprints by bilateral agreement or reciprocal arrangements; (3) Foreign officials at the minister-level or above, and members of delegations that they lead, who are provided with centralized facilitation for handling entry formalities in accordance with relevant Ministry of Public Security provisions; (4) persons who are lacking complete fingerprints on all ten fingers, or who are unable to leave fingerprints; (5) personnel that the Ministry of Public Security has agreed may be excused from leaving fingerprints in special situations.

Notice is hereby given.

Ministry of Public Security

January 29, 2017

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