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Notice on Launching the Special "Qinglang·Chengdu World University Games Online Environment Rectification" Action

To all provincial, autonomous region, or directly governed municipality Party Committee Internet information offices, and the Party Committee internet information office of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps:

In order to do a good job in guaranteeing the Chengdu World University Games, a decision has been made to launch a 20-day special "Qinglang·Chengdu World University Games Online Environment Rectification" action beginning on July 18. The special action will be centered around the University World Games and focus on rectifying the six outstanding problems below:

(1) Disseminating false information on regional public policies and the areas of society and people's livelihood fields related to the University World Games, fabricating rumors about disasters, crimes, food product quality issues, and so forth, that might cause panic, especially where rumors continue to be spread after the release of authoritative rumor refuting them.

(2) Biased and distorted dissemination of information on emergencies, making statements by posing as a party or related person, making connections to stir up old news and events; maliciously hyping negative topics involving college students, etc.

(3) Publishing texts, pictures, or audio-video related to ethnic or regional discrimination and inciting conflict between groups; staging scenes of local "impoverished" life and maliciously peddling pity in the name of documenting life or giving aid.

(4) Carrying out unauthorized internet news information service activities without permits, or impersonating official institutions or news media, etc. in areas such as one's name, avatar, background, bio introduction, livestream room, or short video background.

(5) Information that infringes upon or pirates images and symbols such as the University Games mascot, "Rongbao" or the Games' emblem; transmitting University Game's competitions online without permission or providing pirating links.

(6) Organizing “human flesh searches” [coordinated doxxing campaigns] to intentionally disclose the private personal information of athletes, referees, coaches, and so forth, to bring on cyberviolence; concentrating the publication of illegal or other negative information that insults, defames, berates, or attacks the people involved, endangering their physical and mental well-being.

All local internet information offices should increase their political position and thoroughly carry out special rectification efforts, urging website platforms in that region to fulfil their primary responsibilities, strengthen screening and dispositions, and punishing website platforms that do not fully implement efforts in accordance with laws and regulations. Online channels for making reports should be opened, setting up a special area for reporting on University Games on all online reporting platforms, and organizing key website platforms to set up special reporting portals for this Action in conspicuous locations.

Secretariat of the Cyberspace Administration of China, Executive Committee for the Chengdu World University Games


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