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Chinese Internet Domain Name System

Title: Chinese Internet Domain Name System
Promulgating Entities: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Reference number: 
Promulgation Date: 2018-1-29
Expiration date: 
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People's Republic of China Ministry of Industry and Information Announcement No. 7 of 2018

On the Basis of the article 5 of the "Measures on the Administration of Internet Domain Names" (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Order No.43) , the adjusted Chinese Internet Domain Name System is hereby announced, effective from the date of release.

Attachment: Chinese Internet Domain Name System

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology



Chinese Internet Domain Name System

I. All levels of Internet domain name in our nation may be comprised of letters (A-Z, a-z, with capital and lowercase letters being equivalent), numbers (0-9), dashed (-), or Chinese characters; and all domains are to use dot (.) as connectors, and all levels of Chinese language domain names are to use either dots or Chinese period (。) as connectors.

II. In addition to the ".CN" and ".中国” top-level domains, our nation's Internet domain name system establishes multiple English and Chinese language top-level domains, of these, the top-level domains ".政务” [.gov] and ".公益" [.org - literally public interest] are to be specialized Chinese language top-level domains for the nation's Party and Government groups and organs and all level levels of other government affairs department, and for non-profit institutions. Our nations' Internet domain system diagram can be found at http://中国互联网域名体系.中国”“http://中国互联网域名体系.政务”or“http://中国互联网域名体系.信息”.

III. Under the national top-level domain ".CN", two types of second-level domain are established, 'category domains' and 'administrative region domains'.

Nine 'category domains' are established, namely: "政务" used for Party and government groups and organs at all levels of party and other government affairs departments; "公益" used for non-profit organizations; "GOV" used for government bodies; "ORG" used for non for-profit organizations; "AC" used for scientific research institutions; "COM" used for industrial, commercial, financial, and other enterprises; "EDU" used for educational bodies; "MIL" used for national defense institutions; and "NET" used for institutions providing Internet services.

Thirty-four "administrative region domains are established, to be used for each of the nation's provinces, autonomous regions, directly-governed municipalities, and special administrative region organizations, namely: "BJ" Beijing; "SH" Shanghai; "TJ" Tianjin; "CQ" Chongqing; "HE" Hebei Province; "SX" Shanxi Province; "NM" Inner Mongolia; "LN" Liaoning Province; "JL" Jilin Province; "HL" Heilongjiang Province; "JS" Jiangsu Province; "ZJ" Zhejiang Province; "AH "Anhui Province;" FJ "Fujian Province;" JX "Jiangxi Province;" SD "Shandong Province;" HA "Henan Province;" HB " Hubei Province;" HN "Hunan Province;" GD "Guangdong Province;" GX "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; "HI" Hainan; "SC" Sichuan Province; "GZ" Guizhou Province; "YN" Yunnan Province; "XZ" Tibet Autonomous Region; "SN" Shaanxi Province; "GS" Gansu Province; "QH" Qinghai Province ; "NX" Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; "XJ" Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; "TW" Taiwan Province; "HK" Hong Kong SAR; and "MO" Macao Special Administrative Region.

IV. Applications may be made be made to directly register second-level domain names under the ".CN" and ".中国“ national top-level domains.


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