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Civil Society: An Interactive Infographic Menu

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  1. Mads Mads 2016/10/18

    You guys are doing some great work!

    I believe thought a minor link slip-up have been made on the infographic above. The links for “Social Service organisation” and “Foundations” start with “http//china…..” and goes no where. It should be “http://china….”or simply just “china….”.
    Thanks again!

    • China Law Translate China Law Translate 2016/10/18

      I’m sorry, but I’m not finding the problem easily. It looks like all the links are complete to me.

      • Mads Mads 2016/10/27

        Hmm.. Still a problem for me.

        They redirect to http// and http//

        • China Law Translate China Law Translate 2016/10/27

          Ah, I think I found the problem.

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