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Civil Society: An Interactive Infographic Menu

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Jeremy Daum is a Senior Fellow of the Yale Law School Paul Tsai China Center, based in Beijing, with over a decade of experience working in China on collaborative legal reform projects. His principal research focus is criminal procedure law, with a particular emphasis on protections of vulnerable populations such as juveniles and the mentally ill in the criminal justice system, and is also an authority on China’s ‘Social Credit System’. Jeremy has spoken about these issues at universities throughout China and in the U.S.; and has co-authored a book on U.S. Capital Punishment Jurisprudence for Chinese readers. He is also the founder and contributing editor of the collaborative translation and commentary site, dedicated to improving mutual understanding between legal professionals in China and abroad.
He translates, writes, edits, does web-design, graphic design, billing, tech support, and social media outreach for China Law Translate.


  1. Mads Mads 2016/10/18

    You guys are doing some great work!

    I believe thought a minor link slip-up have been made on the infographic above. The links for “Social Service organisation” and “Foundations” start with “http//china…..” and goes no where. It should be “http://china….”or simply just “china….”.
    Thanks again!

    • China Law Translate China Law Translate 2016/10/18

      I’m sorry, but I’m not finding the problem easily. It looks like all the links are complete to me.

      • Mads Mads 2016/10/27

        Hmm.. Still a problem for me.

        They redirect to http// and http//

        • China Law Translate China Law Translate 2016/10/27

          Ah, I think I found the problem.

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