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Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Cultural Programs and their Staff

Promulgation Date: 2021-9-2
Title: 国家广播电视总局办公厅关于进一步加强文艺节目及其人员管理的通知
Document Number:广电办发〔2021〕267号
Expiration date: 
Promulgating Entities: General Office of the State Administration of Radio and Television
Source of text:

To each provincial, autonomous region, or directly governed municipality bureau for radio, television, and film; the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television, and Tourism; The general office of China Media Group, the Movie Channel Program Center, and China Education Station:

In recent years, radio and television and online audiovisual cultural programs persisted in upholding taste, style, and responsibility, and resisted catering to the vulgar and low-brow, to continuously put forward exception works and satisfy the public's spiritual and cultural needs. Notice on the following matters is hereby given in order to further strengthen management, to strictly correct artists; violations of law and morality, the madness of fandom, and other such issues; to take a clear stand in establishing an atmosphere of patriotism and morality in art:

I. Resolutely reject persons who violate laws and morality. Radio and television bodies, and online audiovisual platforms, are to take strict control of the selection of programs' performers and guests, and persist in having political literacy, moral conduct, artistic standards, and social appraisal as the criteria for selection. Adamantly reject persons with incorrect political positions and whose thoughts and values have diverged from the Party and state; adamantly reject persons who violate laws and regulations, and shake the baseline of social fairness and justice; and adamantly avoid persons who go against good public customs and whose speech and conduct is amoral and irregular.

II. Resolutely oppose 'traffic worship'. Radio and television bodies and online audiovisual platforms must not broadcast programs that cultivate idols, and must not broadcast variety and entertainment shows in which the children of celebrities participate. Talent show programs should strictly control the setup of the voting phase, and must not set up steps like off-site voting, hit lists, and assistance; and it is strictly prohibited to lead or encourage fans to indirectly spend money in voting through materialistic methods such as making purchases or membership charges; to resolutely resist negative fandom culture.

III. Resolutely resist turning everything into entertainment. Persist in cultural self-confidence, forcefully carrying forward the exceptional culture of the Chinese people, revolutionary culture, and the advanced socialist culture; Set up the correct aesthetic direction for programs, taking strict control of the selection of performers and guests, performance styles, wardrobe and makeup, and so forth; to resolutely reject abnormal aesthetics such as 'girly men'. Resolutely resist the tendencies of over-entertainment such as hyping wealth and indulgence, private scandals, negative hot topics, vulgar 'online celebrity', and embracing ugliness without standards.

IV. Resolutely resist high-salaries. Strictly enforce provisions on compensation for performers and guests, and strictly implement the system of information pledges for salary management. Advocate and encourage performers and guests to take on social responsibility and participate in public interest programming. Strictly penalize illegal compensation, having yin-yang contracts (one on the books, one off], and tax evasion.

V. Truly Strengthen Management of Employees. Strictly implement hosts being credentialed to take their positions, regulate hosts' participation in social activities, and the publication of information online. Strengthen the cultivation of employees' political caliber, thoroughly carrying out education on the Marxist perspective of journalism and the arts, and continuously strengthen the people's position and adhere to the people's feelings. Improve regulation of professional ethics. strengthening the establishment of professional ethics and conscientiously rejecting the seduction of fame and wealth; professional identities and personal name recognition must not be used to seek improper benefits; conscientiously accept public oversight, become a model of social morality and a builder of positive energy.

VI. Carry out professional and authoritative artistic appraisals. Persist in the correct political orientation, public opinion guidance, value tendencies, promoting truth, goodness, and beauty; rebutting falsehood and ugliness, giving full play to the role of value guidance, spiritual guidance, and aesthetic enlightenment. Put social benefit and social values up front, unify profound thought, exquisite artistry, and excellent production, to appraise programming seriously and objectively. Rationally consider quantitive indexes like audience numbers and click rates and increase the extent and wide use of "Chinese Audiovisual Big Data".

VII. Give Full Play to the Role of Industry Organizations. Radio, television, and online audiovisual industry organizations and other social organizations should further improve industry regulations and self-discipline covenants, actively carrying out moral evaluations. Strengthen education and training on ideology, politics, and professional ethics; establish a normalized training system, optimize the educational content, strengthen teaching through cases, using cases to explain and demonstrate the law. Take a clear stance and criticize bad phenomena and negative models in the industry, resolutely oppose insider culture and bad industry habits, to preserve a positive atmosphere in the industry.

VIII. Truly perform management duties. Departments for the administration of radio and television should increase their political positions, earnestly implement responsibility systems for ideological work, further constrict management responsibility by territory, by host, and entity responsibility; and take control of cultural programs' orientation, content, personnel, compensation, and publicity. Pay attention to attentively listening to the people's voice, actively responding the people's concerns, and resolutely saying 'no' to illegality and immorality, star-making, making everything into entertainment, and 'traffic supremacy', so that the main themes and positive energy fill the space of radio, television, and online audioviduals.

Notice is hereby given.

General Office of the State Administration of Radio and Television


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