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Health Management Plan for Discharged Covid-19 Patients (Provisional)

Index Number: 000013610/2020-00771
Document Number: 国卫办医函〔2020〕225号
Issuing Body:  General Office of the National Health Commission
Release Date 2020-03-13

Health Management Plan for Discharged Covid-19 Patients (Provisional)


This Plan is drafted so as to further complete isolation and management, follow-up consultations, health monitoring, and rehabilitative therapy for Covid-19 patients who have been treated and released, so that the entire process is managed, and to promote the overall health of discharged patients.

I. Duties and Division of Labor

The departments for health administration of each area should strengthen management and overall coordination for discharged Covid-19 patients; and key hospitals, isolation venues, rehabilitation therapy establishments, basic level medical establishments are to closely coordinate strengthen information and communication, to collaborate on isolation and management, follow up consultations, health monitoring, rehabilitation therapy, and other such work. After Covid-19 patients are treated and discharged, they shall continue isolation and conduct 14 days of medical observation and health management.

II. Preparation for Discharge

Key hospitals should strictly implement the "Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Diagnostic and Treatment Plan (7th Version) " standards for discharge and matters for attention. Before patients are discharged, a comprehensive assessment should be made of clinical symptoms, signs, laboratory and radiological results, to clarify ongoing matters for follow up and tracking. 2-4 weeks of follow-up consultation plan should be arranged for discharged patients.

III. Transfer at Discharge

After discharge, home-based isolation is to be the norm. Key hospitals should promptly send discharged patients' information to the residents committee and basic level medical establishments in the patients' jurisdiction or place of residence; basic level medical establishments should guide discharged patients and their families to do a good job of isolation and management and conscientious health monitoring. In Wuhan, Hubei Province and areas that have set up centralized isolation points, the departments for health administration should guide hospitals and centralized isolation points, basic-level medical establishments in establishing good connections.

IV. Isolation Management

Discharge Covid-19 patients should conduct strict home-based isolation, staying in individual rooms with good circulation when possible, and reducing close contact with family members. Eat separately, do a good job of hand sanitation and routine cleaning, and avoid outside activities. Areas such as Wuhan, in Hubei province that have centralized isolation points should do a good job on services such as medical observation, rehabilitation, and care.

V. Post Discharge Follow-up Referrals and Health Monitoring

Discharged patients should follow the consultation plan to carry out consultations at hospitals, ordinarily carried out in the second and fourth week after release. All relevant medical establishments and centralized isolation points should pay close attention to the health state of discharged patients, especially strengthening monitoring of the health of discharged patients who are elderly or who have pre-existing conditions, and as soon as a patient has clinical manifestations such as fever or cough, they should be transferred to a hospital as soon as possible for furhter treatmnet.

VI. Rehabilitation Management

In light of actual conditions, each region should provide rehabilitation therapy in accordance with the "Covid-19 Rehabilitation Plan“ Areas where patients are more concentrated should arrange for basic level medical establishments to take on the task of community rehabilitation.

VII. Utilization of Information Technology Techniques and Platforms

Each region should rely on the regional health information platform in striving to achieve information sharing and operational coordination on resident health archives, electronic medical histories and discharge health monitoring, so there there is a seamless connection between clinical treatment and health management of Covid-19 patients. General practitioners and rural doctors should use the Family Doctor APP, cable television networks, and other diverse means to carry out interactive information exchange with discharged patients in the jurisdiction, and provide health management services to discharged patients through means such as 'Internet+'



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