China Law Translate is 3 Years-old!


It’s time for our entire community to take a pause to congratulate each other on a job well done! Since the CLT website was launched on January 26, 2013 we have had over:

149,300 pageviews by
51,150 Users from169 nations,
Translating into over 1,060,000 English words;
and 41 original posts!

Most importantly, CLT translations have made Chinese law more accessible to a larger number of readers, and are regularly cited by industry blogs and major media alike.

But don’t rest too long, there’s still plenty more to do!

Over the last three years, the CLT site’s entire budget has been just over the cost of a round-trip ticket from NYC to China, but our output has been invaluable. As you likely know, CLT is entirely community-driven, with volunteers translating, editing, proofing and funding the entire site.

You can contribute by:

DONATING to site upgrades
Sharing Completed Translations
Submitting Original Commentary

In the year to come, we urge all our community members to consider whether translations they’ve completed (either Eng-Chi or Chi-Eng) would be of interest to the broader community. We would be eager to post bilingual practice materials, laws, regulations and commentary.