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Notice of the Altay Region on Lawfully Cracking Down on Violations and Crimes by Underworld Forces


Underworld forces are a malignant cancer of healthy economic and social development, they are chronic disease that is loathed by the people, and must be resolutely combated in accordance with law. So as to ensure the lawful rights and interests of the broad masses, to preserve social harmony and stability, in accordance with the spirit of the CPC Central Committee and State Council's "Notice on the Special Crackdown on Clearing Away Organized Crime and Eliminating Vice", and on the basis of the "Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China", "Criminal Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China", and relevant provisions, notice on the following matters on strictly combating violations and crimes by underworld forces is given as follows.

I. Any person who carries out an underworld forces violation or crime, as well as harboring or abetting underworld criminal organization, must immediately stop all illegal or criminal activities.

From the date of this notice's issue through March 1, 2018, those who proactively turn themselves in and truthfully confess their criminal conduct may be given a mitigated or commuted punishment in accordance with law.

Those who refuse to turn themselves in during the period provided, and continue to do evil, will be punished harshly in accordance with law. Employees of state institutions who serve as a 'protective umbrella' for violations and crimes by underworld forces, will be resolutely investigated and dealt with in accordance with law and discipline, regardless of who is involved, they will be fully investigated, with absolutely no tolerance.

II. Family and friends of underworld criminals shall actively urge them to turn themselves in as quickly as possible, and where they heed the urging of their family and friends and go with them to turn themselves in, or where the criminals are brought in to surrender after family and friends actively report the case, it will be viewed as voluntary surrender.

The sheltering or harbouring of criminals of underworld forces, or helping to launder money, destroy or fabricate evidence, as well as concealing or hiding criminal proceeds or the yields thereof, will be pursued for criminal responsibility in accordance with law.

Criminals of underworld forces who report or uncover the crimes of others after being brought in, where it is found to be true through investigation, as well as those who provide important leads for investigating other cases which are found to be true through investigation, or those who assist judicial organs in catching other criminal suspects, may be given a mitigated or commuted punishment in accordance with law; where the have major meritorious contributions, they may have punishment commuted or waived in accordance with law.

Where criminals from underworld forces actively cooperate in investigation, prosecution, or trial efforts, providing major leads that are verified through investigation in areas such as clarifying the organizational structure and the status underworld criminal organizations' organizers and leaders and major crimes committed by the organizations, recovering or confiscating stolen goods, or combating 'protective umbrellas', punishment may lawfully be mitigated, commuted, or waived on the basis of the specific circumstances of the case.

III. The entire region's political and legal front should implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress under the leadership of Party committees at all levels, giving full play to the advantages in comprehensive management of public order, promoting each department's performance of its duties, and concerting efforts to form a joint work force.

With an attitude of 'zero tolerance' and resolutely and strictly punishing in accordance with law, we should strike a powerful blow against violations and crimes by underworld forces, investigate and handle a wave of cases involving organized crime and vice that are thoroughly despised by the public, clean up key areas for organized crime and vice, punish a wave of organized crime and vice violators and criminals, and ensure that positive achievements are obtained before and after Chinese new Year, laying a sturdy foundation for the special crackdown on organized crime and vice, and continuing to enhance the people's feelings of gain, happiness, and security.

IV. Clearing away organized crime and eliminating vice is a people's war, and must rely on the public's active participation.

The masses' are welcome to actively report crimes involving organized crime or vice, "village tyrants", and other prominent problems; those who play a major role in the rooting out underworld forces' breeding grounds, are to be given rewards. Political and legal organs will protect informants' personal information and safety in accordance with law.

Telephone for Reports:0906-12389 This notice takes effect upon its release.

Political Legal Committee of the CPC Committee on the Altay Region

February 2, 2018

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