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Notice on Resolving Prominent Problems of Formalism to Unburden the Basic Level

Promulgation Date: 2019-3-11
Title: Notice on Resolving Prominent Problems of Formalism to Unburden the Basic Level
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Promulgating Entities: General Office of the CPC Central Committee
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Since the Parties 18th Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has given a series of important instructions on strengthen the Party's work-style construction and strictly avoiding formalism and bureaucratism. Recently, General Secretary Xi Jinping has specially given important instructions emphasizing that in 2019 a few issues of formalism that have haunted the basic level should be resolved, truly relieving the burden on the basic level. The following notice on work requirements is given so as to implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, to better free up and unburden basic level cadres, to encourage cadres to take on more and tirelessly struggle, and with the consent of the comrades of the central leadership, it is decided that 2019 is the year of 'unburdening the basic level'.

I. With the Party's political establishment at the lead, strengthen ideological education, strive to resolve issues of impure party spirit and incorrect views of political achievement

Persist in arming minds with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, using the fruits of theoretical study to bring about increases in Party spirit through , increasing work capacity, improving work styles, and promoting the development of Party affairs. Make resisting formalism and beauracratism an important part of 'stay true to the mission, never forget the revolution' themed education carried out for the whole Party, educating and guiding the Party members and cadres to firmly remember the Party's instructions, to persist in the ideological path of seeking truth from facts, establish correct view of political achievement, and uniting responsibility to those above and below. 从领导机关首先是中央和国家机关做起,开展作风建设专项整治行动,发扬斗争精神,对困扰基层的形式主义问题进行大排查,着重从思想观念、工作作风和领导方法上找根源、抓整改。 严明政治纪律和政治规矩,认真汲取秦岭北麓西安境内违建别墅问题的深刻教训,坚决防止和纠正落实党中央决策部署不用心、不务实、不尽力,口号喊得震天响、行动起来轻飘飘的问题,真正把树牢“四个意识”、做到“两个维护”的要求落到实处。

II. Strictly control the problem of issuing documents and holding meetings level by level, strive to resolve the problem of having unending mountains of paperwork and seas of meetings

Earnestly implement the spirit of the center's 8 point provisions and their detailed implementation rules, beginning at the central level, greatly reducing and refining documents and meetings level by level to ensure that document issue to County Levels and lower, and the meetings convened, are reduced by 30-50%. Promote a document style that is 'short with real news', persist in compressing space to prevent use of cliches' and platitudes or length without substance; in principle, policy documents released by the Party central committee should not exceed 10 pages, and localities and departments should also strictly following this. Each local level and all basic-level units are to implement the central documents and those of higher levels, and may draft practical and effective measures based on actual conditions; but absent express provisions are not to draft implementation opinions or detailed implementation rules. Scientifically designate the classification level and scope of release for central documents, making public those that can be made public. Have fewer meetings, have shorter meetings, have effective meetings. Higher level meetings should in principle only be held through the level below, and upon approval may be carried out directly through the county level, but must not be carried out level by level. Strictly prohibit arbitrarily increasing meeting size or increasing meetings' scale, and without approvals, the comrades with primary responsibility for Party committees of governments, as well as heads of departments, must not be requested to participate, to reduce ceremonial attendance. Advocate combining or pairing meetings, make more use of formats such as videophone and video-conference meetings. Increase the efficiency of meetings, don't read out scripted announcements or make general comments, do not deliberately go into the night, and resolutely resist not resolving matters at meetings and holding repeated meetings on the same topic. Further reform the system of meeting documents, selecting a few places and units as pilots for reducing the mountains of paper work and sea of meetings.

III. Strengthen planed management and oversight implementation, striving to resolve the issues of having too many and too frequent oversight inspections, examinations, and evaluations, leaving too much of a trail.

抓好《中共中央办公厅关于统筹规范督查检查考核工作的通知》贯彻落实,严格控制总量,实行年度计划和审批报备制度,中央和国家机关有关部门原则上每年搞1次综合性督查检查考核,对县乡村和厂矿企业学校的督查检查考核事项减少50%以上的目标要确保执行到位。 强化结果导向,考核评价一个地方和单位的工作,关键看有没有解决实际问题、群众的评价怎么样。 坚决纠正机械式做法,不得随意要求基层填表报数、层层报材料,不得简单将有没有领导批示、开会发文、台账记录、工作笔记等作为工作是否落实的标准,不得以微信工作群、政务APP上传工作场景截图或录制视频来代替对实际工作评价。 严格控制“一票否决”事项,不能动辄签“责任状”,变相向地方和基层推卸责任。 对涉及城市评选评比表彰的各类创建活动进行集中清理,该撤销的撤销,该合并的合并。 对巡视巡察、环保督察、脱贫攻坚督查考核、政府大督查、党建考核等,牵头部门也要倾听基层意见进行完善,提出优化改进措施。 调查研究、执法检查等要轻车简从、务求实效,不干扰基层正常工作。

IV. Improve accountability systems and mechanisms for encouraging care, striving to resolve the problem of cadres being afraid to take action.

坚持严管和厚爱结合,实事求是、依规依纪依法严肃问责、规范问责、精准问责、慎重问责,真正起到问责一个、警醒一片的效果。 Revise the "CCP Accountability Regulations". 有效解决问责不力和问责泛化简单化等问题。 正确对待被问责的干部,对影响期满、表现好的干部,符合有关条件的,该使用的要使用。 制定纪检监察机关处理检举控告工作规则,保障党员权利,及时为干部澄清正名,严肃查处诬告陷害行为。 改进谈话和函询工作方法,有效减轻干部不必要的心理负担。 把“三个区分开来”的要求具体化,正确把握干部在工作中出现失误错误的性质和影响,切实保护干部干事创业的积极性,为担当者担当,为负责者负责。 对基层干部特别是困难艰苦地区和奋战在脱贫攻坚第一线的干部,给予更多理解和支持,在政策、待遇等方面给予倾斜。

V. Strengthen Organizational Leadership, to provide sturdy safeguards against the problem of formalism that entangles the basic level.

在党中央集中统一领导下,建立中央层面整治形式主义为基层减负专项工作机制,由中央办公厅牵头,中央纪委国家监委机关、中央组织部、中央宣传部、中央改革办、中央和国家机关工委、全国人大常委会办公厅、国务院办公厅、全国政协办公厅等参加,负责统筹协调推进落实工作。 各地区各部门党委(党组)要切实履行主体责任,一把手负总责,党委办公厅(室)负责协调推进落实,把力戒形式主义、官僚主义作为重要任务,拿出有效管用的整治措施。 加强政治巡视和政治督查,加大舆论监督力度,对形式主义、官僚主义典型问题点名道姓通报曝光,对干实事、作风好的先进典型及时总结推广,为广大党员干部作示范、树标杆。


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