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Decision on Completely Prohibiting the Illegal Wildlife Trade, Eliminating the Bad Habit of Indiscriminately Eating Wild Animals, and Truly Ensuring the People's Security in their Lives and Health

Promulgation Date: 2020-2-24
Title: NPCSC Decision on Completely Prohibiting the Illegal Wildlife Trade, Eliminating the Bad Habit of Indiscriminately Eating Wild Animals, and Truly Ensuring the People's Security in their Lives and Health
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Promulgating Entities: Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
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The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has made the following Decision in order to fully prohibit and punish the illegal wildlife trade, to eliminate the bad habit of indiscriminately consuming wild animals, to preserve biological and ecological safety, and to effectively prevent major public safety risks, to truly ensure the public's safety in their lives and health, to strengthen the construction of an ecological civilization, and to promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature:

I. Where the "P.R.C. Wildlife Protection Law" and other relevant laws prohibit the hunting, trading, transport, or consumption of any wild animals, it must be strictly prohibited.

The punishment for acts violating the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be increased on the basis of the current legal provisions.

II. The consumption of nationally protected terrestrial animals that have "important ecological, scientific and social value" and other terrestrial wildlife, including that which is artificially bred or farmed, is completely prohibited.

The hunting, trading, or transport of terrestrial wild animals naturally grown and bred in the wild for the purpose of consumption, is completely prohibited.

Violations of the preceding two paragraphs are to be punished with reference to the provisions of currently implemented laws.

III. Animals listed in the catalogue of livestock and poultry genetic resources are domestic livestock and poultry, and the provisions of the "P.R.C. Animal Husbandry Law" are to apply.

The administrative departments for animal husbandry and veterinary medicine under the State Council are to formulate and publish the catalogue of livestock and poultry genetic resources in accordance with law.

IV. Where due to special circumstances such as research, medicine, or exhibition, it is necessary to use wild animals for reasons other than consumption, strict approvals and quarantine inspections shall be carried out in accordance with relevant state provisions.

The State Council and its relevant regulatory departments shall promptly draft and improve provisions on approvals and quarantine inspections for the non-food use of wild animals, and strictly enforce them.

V. All levels of people's governments and people' groups, social organizations, schools, news media, and other aspects of society shall all actively carry out publicity, education, and guidance on protection of the ecology and environment and public health and sanitation, and all members of society should conscientiously strengthen awareness of ecological and environmental protection and of public health and sanitation, changing customs and eliminating the bad habit of eating wild animals indiscriminately, to foster a scientific, healthy and civilized lifestyle.

VI. All levels of people's governments and their relevant departments shall complete systems for enforcement and management, clarifying the entities responsible for enforcement, implementing responsibility for law enforcement administration, strengthening coordination and cooperation, increasing the extent of oversight and the pursuit of accountability, and strictly investigating and handling behavior in violation of this Decision and relevant provisions of law; illegal business places and illegal businesses are to be shut down, sealed, or closed.

VII. The State Council, its relevant departments, and provinces, autonomous regions, and directly-governed municipalities, shall draft and adjust relevant catalogues and accompanying provisions on the basis of this Decision and relevant laws.

The State Council and local people's governments shall employ necessary measures to provide safeguards for the implementation of this Decision. Relevant local people's governments shall support, guide, and assist impacted farmers in adjusting or transforming their production and business activities, and give set compensation based on the actual circumstances.

VIII. This Decision is to take effect from the date of its publication.


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  1. Freddy Freeloader Freddy Freeloader 2020/02/26

    It seems a little problematic that all hunting is to be banned. A farmer can’t go out and pot a couple of rabbits for dinner? That’s not the same as keeping civet cats in cages in dank market halls.

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