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Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Mobile Internet

Title: Opinions on Promoting the Healthy and Orderly Development of the Mobile Internet
Promulgating Entities: General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council
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Promulgation Date: 2017-1-15
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Following the swift development of information network technology and the broad popularization of smart mobile terminals, mobile Internet has, with its prominent advantages of broad availability, connectivity, smartness and universality, powerfully promoted a profound convergence between the Internet and the real economy, it has become a new area for innovative development, a new platform for public services, and a new channel for information sharing. In order to deeply implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s thinking about the strong cyber power strategy, and stimulate the orderly and healthy development of our country’s mobile Internet, the following opinions are hereby put forward.

I. Important significance and overall requirements

1. Importance and urgency. Since the 18th Party Congress, the Party Centre with Xi Jinping at the core has given high regard to cybersecurity and informatization work, having established the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization, having made a series of major policy decisions and arrangements, and having powerfully promoted the healthy development of the Internet undertaking and especially the mobile Internet, this has played an important role in making the work and life of the popular masses more convenient, stimulating economic and social development, and safeguarding national security. At present, following the close integration of Internet technologies, platforms, applications and commercial models with mobile telecommunications technology, new mobile Internet technologies are evolving rapidly, new applications emerge in quick succession, new business models are flourishing, its instrumental properties, media properties and social media properties are becoming more prominent every day, ecologies and systems have begun to form and are expanding rapidly, and it is becoming ever more of a new space for people to study, work and live. At the same time, security threats and risks on the mobile Internet are becoming more prominent every day, and are permeating into the economic, political, cultural, social and ecological spheres. In the face of new circumstances and new challenges, a number of shortcomings still exist in mobile Internet development and management work: systems and mechanisms remain to be perfected, rule of law construction remains lagging behind, policy support is insufficiently powerful, indigenous innovation capacity is insufficient, breakthroughs in core technologies are urgently needed, the management basis is weak, the responsibilities of corporate subjects are not carried out satisfactorily, and security policies are incomplete. These problems have restricted the healthy and orderly development of the mobile Internet, they must be given high regard, and firmly resolved.

2.Guiding ideology. Comprehensively implement the spirit of the 18th Party Congress and its 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Plenums, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, the important “Three Represents” thought and the scientific development view as guidance, deeply implement the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping and new ideas, new thinking and new strategies for governing the country and running the administration, firmly focus on the overall “Five Into One” arrangement and the strategic deployment of the Four Comprehensives”, vigorously practice new development ideas, persist in a development concept that puts the people central, firmly combine encouragement, support and standardization of development, simultaneously advance policy guidance and management according to law, equally stress economic effect and social effect, build consensus, prevent risks, strive for people’s hearts, guarantee security and stimulate development, encourage and support technological innovation, arouse and protect enterprises’ vitality, incessantly strengthen endogenous development drivers, advance the healthy and orderly development of the mobile Internet in all directions, serve the bigger picture of developing the undertaking of the Party and People even better, and let the fruits of mobile Internet development enrich the people ever better.

3.Basic principles. Persist in development for the sake of the people, fully give rein to the advantages of the mobile Internet to reduce the digital divide and arouse economic vitality, and provide mobile Internet information services that the popular masses are able to use, can afford to use, and can use well; persist in reform and leadership, perfect market access, standardize the competition order, optimize the development environment, and comprehensively liberate innovative vitality and market energy; persist in the importance of innovation, strengthen a goal orientation, problem orientation and outcome orientation. Give rein to the role of management subjects, operational subjects and user subjects, advance innovation of ideas, mechanisms and means in all directions; persist in putting content central, innovating content production, expanding channels for sharing, and clearing up the shared ecology; persist in categorized guidance, implement categorized management over mobile Internet information services; persist in security and controllability, comprehensively investigate, scientifically evaluate, effectively prevent and dissolve risks and dangers brought by the torrential development of the mobile Internet, realistically guarantee the security of online data, network technology and applications.

II, Promoting the innovative development of the mobile Internet

4. Perfecting market access structures.。 Deeply advance governmental streamlining and decentralization of powers, integrating decentralization and management, and optimize services, further eliminate or decentralize relevant administrative examination and approval procedures, accelerate the shift from permits before business licences to licences before permits, simplify examination and approval workflows, and raise examination and approval efficiency. Establish and perfect market access systems suited to the evolution and development of the mobile Internet, complete hierarchical and categorized management systems for telecommunications businesses, complete regulatory structures for new Internet business filing management, comprehensive evaluation, etc., Under the precondition of protecting security, guide diversified investment market development, vigorously and steadily open up the telecommunications market, and promote the creation of new market structures with mutually supporting advantages, mutual competition and joint development involving many kinds of asset components and all kinds of market subjects.

5.Accelerating the upgrading of information infrastructure. Comprehensively ensure that 4th-generation mobile telecommunications (4G) networks cover urban regions profoundly, rural regions progressively, and poor regions with priority. Accelerate the research and development of 5th-generation mobile telecommunications (5G) technologies, comprehensively formulate standards, test systems and deploy it commercially. Strengthen online service capacities, simplify telecommunications fee structures, realize a reasonable reduction in network fees, and enhance price=performance rations and users’ experiences. Innovate investment and operations models, expand the broad scope of users’ broadband access, accelerate the construction and application of wireless local area networks in civil airliners, high-speed rail, urban transportation and other such public venues, and drive and guide commercial service venues to realize wireless local area network coverage and free-of-charge access. Accelerate the construction and optimize the distribution of content distribution networks, cloud computing and big data platforms, and other such novel applications and infrastructure. Enable popular capital to enter into competitive parts of the basic telecommunications area, deeply develop the mobile telecommunications reselling business, and create market structures with jointly built and shared infrastructure, and mutual competition between business services. Improve the quality of critical interlinkage networks, optimize interlinkage structures, explore the establishment of long-term mechanisms for inter-network account settlement based on long-term incremental cost, satisfy users’ demand to keep their number when they change networks, and create a desirable market competition environment.

6.Realizing systemic breakthroughs in core technologies. Unwaveringly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, concentrate forces to do great things in scientific research investment, accelerate breakthroughs and transformation of achievements in core technology areas such as mobile chips, mobile operating systems, smart sensors, location services, etc. promote the formulation of a series of standards for core hardware and software, the exploitation environment, linkage with external equipment, etc., intensify the deployment of novel critical mobile Internet technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, microelectromechanical systems, etc., realize breakthroughs in global leadership in a number of forerunner technologies and disruptive technologies. Implement fiscal deduction policies for enterprises’ research and development costs, innovate core technology research and development access mechanisms, explore marketized tendering forms of assault in critical and core technologies, strive to enhance the contribution and discourse power of our country’s backbone enterprises and scientific research bodies in global core technology open source communities, and vigorously promote the construction of Chinese core technology open source communities.

7.Promoting coordinated innovation of industrial ecosystems. Comprehensively arrange basic research, technological innovation, industrial development and application of mobile Internet, and strengthen coordination and mutual stimulation between all links of the industry chain. Encourage and support enterprises to become research and development centres, innovation centres and industry centres, accelerate the organization of alliances between industry, learning, research and use, and promote innovation integrating upstream and downstream including information service enterprises, telecommunications enterprises, terminal factories, equipment manufactures, basic software and hardware enterprises, etc. Promote the converged development of information technology, digital innovation and other such strategic emerging industries. Increase the added value of products and services, and accelerate the migration of the mobile industry towards the high end of the value chain Perfect public service systems covering all links including the formulation of standards, the transformation of results, testing and verification, industrialization, investment and valuation. Accelerate arrangements for next-generation Internet technology standards, industrial ecologies and security protection systems, and comprehensively evolve towards the IPv6 upgrade. Comprehensively advance strategic planning for the Internet of Things, science and technology campaigns and industrial development, and build a batch of applied model Internet of Things demonstration projects with prominent results, a strong propulsive force and a high degree of interlinkage.

8. Strengthen the use and protection of intellectual property rights. Launch mobile Internet patent navigation work, formulate lists of suggestions for the direction of patent orientations, encourage enterprises to develop strategic intellectual property rights arrangements aimed at the strategic forefront and areas of intersection, and build core technology patent reserves. Build intellectual property rights operations, trading and service platforms, accelerate the openness and sharing of patent information resources, encourage large-scale mobile Internet enterprises to jointly build patent pools, establish resource sharing and interest allocation mechanisms. Establish intellectual property rights risk management systems, strengthen intellectual property rights warning and legal assistance for cross-border disputes. Expand intellectual property protection for the fruits of innovation in mobile Internet technologies, commercial models, etc. , research and perfect laws and regulations, standardize the online service order, raise the costs of infringement and law-breaking, and effectively deter acts of infringement.

III. Strengthening the driving and leading role of the mobile Internet

9.Arousing the vitality of the information economy. Accelerate the formulation and perfection policy measures to develop the information economy, bring development of the mobile Internet into comprehensive plans for national information economy demonstration zones, encourage that advanced mobile Internet technologies and innovative applications are used and tried soon, support mobile Internet technology-based innovation and start-ups, stimulate economic transformations and improvements, quality increases and efficiency. Accelerate the implementation of the “Internet Plus” action plan and the national big data strategy, forcefully promote the deeply converged development of the mobile Internet with agriculture, industry and services, use information flows to drive technology flows, financial flows, talent flows and material flows, stimulate the optimal allocation of resources, and stimulate the increase of productivity of all factors. Innovate information economy development models, strengthen capabilities to efficiently provide secure and high-quality mobile Internet products, services and content, vigorously foster, standardize and guide mobile Internet-based sharing economy business models for taxi-booking, housing rentals, payment, etc., stimulate the scale of information consumption to rise rapidly and information consumption markets to thrive healthily.

10. Supporting the expansion of small and mid-size Internet enterprises. Fully use relevant national policy measures to promote the development of small, mid-size and micro Internet enterprises on the mobile Internet, support and stimulate mass start-ups and mass innovation. Further give rein to the guiding and supporting role of policy funding such as the National SME Development Fund, the National Innovation Fund, etc., implement tax reduction policies well, provide powerful support in areas such as credit guarantees, finance and market listings, government procurement of services, etc. , eliminate obstacles and institutional restrictions influencing the use of mobile Internet to launch mass start-ups and mass innovations. Vigorously support all kinds of small, mid-size and micro enterprises to develop new mobile Internet technologies, new applications and new businesses, forge coordinated innovation platforms and new kinds of incubators for mobile Internet, develop new models for mass innovation, crowdsourcing, crowd funding, crowd lending, etc., and expand funding channels for domestic private capital and risk capital. Vigorously give rein to the leading role of basic telecommunications enterprises and large-scale Internet enterprises, vigorously support the development of upstream and downstream small, mid-size and micro enterprises through production coordination, open platforms, resource sharing, etc. Restrict enterprises from abusing a dominant market position to upset the competition order, and create a fair and orderly market competition environment.

11. Ensuring that information services benefit the entire population Rely on the mobile Internet to strengthen e-commerce construction, perfect top-level design for national e-government, and accelerate the roll-out of “Internet + Government Services”. Under the precondition of guaranteeing data security and personal privacy, promote the openness and use of public information resources, and open governmental data-sets in the area of public welfare protection services up to the public with priority. Accelerate the implementation of the information public welfare project, build integrated online service platforms, build novel smart cities in a hierarchical and categorized manner, stimulate the profound convergence of the Internet with public services, focus on promoting mobile Internet-based public conveniences such as traffic, tourism, education, healthcare, employment, social security, eldercare, public security, the judiciary, etc., rely on the advantages of the mobile Internet, broad coverage and accurate targeting, to accelerate their extension to streets, communities and villages, and stimulate the equalization of basic public services. Promote the vigorous use by all levels’ Party and government bodies of mobile new media to publish governmental information, and raise information openness, public service and social governance levels.

12. Implementing the online poverty relief action plan According to the requirements of accurate poverty aid and accurate poverty relief, strengthen investment into the construction of mobile Internet infrastructure in Central and Western regions and rural poor regions, fully give rein to the guiding role of the central financial administration to drive investment by local finance departments and social capital, and accelerate the complete network coverage of poor regions. Encourage basic telecommunications enterprises to roll out preferential fee menus for poor regions, explore the roll-out of combined businesses with “people, phones, cards and numbers”, and reduce network telecommunications costs for poor users in a targeted manner. Focus on long-distance healthcare services, online education and training to forcefully promote that new mobile Internet technologies and applications provide ever more high-quality and convenient services such as agricultural produce sales, village tourism, production guidance, employment services, skills training, etc., to poor regions. Rely on forces from all sides, such as the online public interest poverty relief alliance, to promote cybersecurity and informatization enterprises to help poor regions, organize famous e-commerce platforms to set up poverty relief channels for poor regions, vigorously exploit mobile Internet applications suited to ethnic minority and remote regions’ characteristics and needs. Persist in equally stressing economic effect and social effect, fully give rein to the role of the China Internet Investment Fund on the basis of deeply launching programme elucidation, forcefully promote the sustainable implementation of public welfare protection programmes in education, healthcare, public cultural services, etc.

13. Letting online culture flourish. Grasp the communication laws of the mobile Internet, implement the Socialist core value view, the excellent Chinese culture online communication project and other such content construction projects, foster a vigorous and healthy, upwards and benevolent online culture. Strengthen the multi-terminal construction and popularization of major Central and local news work units, focus news websites and other such mainstream media, vigorously support all kinds of positive energy accounts and applications. Strengthen the construction of multi-terminal news media, and build all-media communication systems with correct orientations and efficient coordination. Launch special management trials in areas such as Internet news information services, online publishing services, information network broadcast of audiovisual programmes, etc. Forcefully promote the profound convergence and development of traditional media and new mobile media, accelerate and arrange the construction of the mobile Internet battlefield, and build a batch of new media groups with great power, communication strength, credibility and influence.

IV. Preventing security risks on the mobile Internet

14. Increasing cybersecurity protection levels. Firmly establish correct cybersecurity views, dynamic and comprehensive defence concepts, persist in protecting development through security and stimulating security through development, sense the security situation on the mobile Internet in all directions and in all weather, incessantly strengthen cybersecurity protection capabilities for mobile Internet infrastructure, forcefully broaden the use of cyberspace security technology and standards with indigenous intellectual property rights. Strengthen cybersecurity protection capabilities, implement cybersecurity responsibility systems, formulate and perfect cybersecurity standards for the security of critical information infrastructure, the security of big data, etc., clarifying protection counterparts, protection levels and protection measures. Comprehensively strengthen cybersecurity investigations, ferret out the family property, clearly perceive risks, find out loopholes, and stimulate correction, establish uniform and highly efficient cybersecurity risk reporting mechanisms, intelligence sharing mechanisms and deliberation and handling mechanisms.

15. Safeguarding users’ lawful rights and interest. Perfect mobile Internet user information protection structures, strictly standardize the collection and use of personal information such as user identities, geographic locations, contact method, telecommunications content, consumption records, etc., guarantee users’ right to know, right to choose and right to privacy. Stimulate mobile Internet enterprises to carry out their user service agreements and related commitments, perfect service quality management systems, complete complaint handling mechanisms, provide ever more secure, high-quality, convenient and practical products and services. Strengthen the attack against “fake base stations”, illegal websites, malicious software and other such matters harming users’ rights and interests, realistically uphold consumers’ rights and interests and industry order.

16. Fighting online violations and crimes. Firmly attack the use of the mobile Internet to abet subversion of the national regime, incitement to religious extremism, propagating ethnic separatist ideas, instigating violent terrorism and other such unlawful and criminal activities. Strictly investigate and prosecute unlawful and criminal acts such as slander and blackmail, telecommunications and network fraud, attacks, information theft, piracy and infringement, illegal trading of personal information, etc. Comprehensively clear up information violating laws and regulations such as gambling, pyramid schemes, illegal fundraising, obscenity and sex, arms and narcotics trading, etc.

17. Strengthening network management capabilities. Strengthen the management of network infrastructure, standardize basic telecommunications services, implement the principal responsibilities of telecommunications operators, access service providers, Internet information service providers and domain name service providers. Innovate management methods, and strengthen research on responding to and evaluating the security of new technologies, new applications and new business models. Perfect information service management, standardize communication activities, and safeguard a benign communication order on the mobile Internet.

V. Deepening international exchange and cooperation on mobile Internet

18. Expanding the space for international cooperation. Rotating around the national “One Belt and One Road” strategy, move forward with international cooperation around the Online Silk Road, stimulate the interlinkage and interconnection of mobile Internet infrastructure, and forcefully develop cross-border mobile e-commerce. Vigorously participate in the formulation of international standards, exchange and cooperation concerning critical technologies and important matters such as 5th generation mobile telecommunications (5), next-generation Internet, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, etc. Support mobile Internet enterprises’ marching out, encourage the expansion of international markets through many means, strengthen foreign marketing of mobile Internet applications, products and services, build and perfect cross-border industry chain systems, incessantly expand the space for overseas development.

19. Participating in global mobile Internet governance. Comprehensively participate in organizations, mechanisms and activities related to global mobile Internet governance, strengthen all kinds of bilateral and multilateral dialogues. Deepen participation, vigorously promote the formulation of mobile Internet norms and standards. Fully give rein to the role of the World Internet Conference and other such platforms to forcefully proclaim China’s Internet governance standpoints. Establish and complete information sharing mechanisms, vigorously participate in international joint attack of unlawful and criminal activities on the mobile Internet.

20. Strengthening international communication capacities. Deepen Sino-foreign cultural exchange, vigorously use all kinds of social media platforms and effectively use all kinds of communication channels, use ideas, categories and descriptions common to China and the outside world, tell China’s story well, and display China’s image. Forge strongly influential international communication media, innovate and launch interactive communication in many languages, across platforms, and incessantly increase our international communication influence concerning mobile Internet.

VI. Strengthen organisational leadership and work safeguards

21. Perfecting management structures. Under the uniform leadership of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization, the Cyberspaces Administration of China must further strengthen comprehensive coordination, supervision and inspection of mobile Internet management, establish and complete joint conferences, regular work meetings and other such structures, research and deal with major maters and circumstances concerning mobile Internet in all localities and all departments, stimulate and guide all localities and all departments to effectively implement the matters, work arrangements and relevant requirements decided by the Leading Group; MIIT, MPS, the Ministry of Culture, SAPPRFT and other relevant departments as well as the military must, on the basis of their duties, realistically bear responsibility, strengthen management over matters related to mobile Internet according to the law, and formulate and promulgate policy measures supporting and stimulating the development of mobile Internet technology and industry. Clarify the supervision, management and law enforcement duties that local cybersecurity and informatization departments must bear with regard to mobile Internet content, complete three-level management systems including the central, provincial and city level, expand strength in personnel, funding and technology.

22.扩大社会参与。 Encourage all walks of society to broadly participate in mobile Internet governance, accelerate the construction of social organizations for the mobile Internet, support the Chinese Internet Development Fund, the Internet Society of China and other such forces to vigorously launch Internet public interest activities. Lead the broad mobile Internet users to use the web in a civilized manner, vigorously participate in clearing up the online environment and safeguarding online order. Complete industry credit appraisal systems and service assessment systems, perfect joint mechanisms for industry management, enterprises self-discipline, and social supervision.

23. Building talent teams. Strengthen the construction of talent fostering systems at the cybersecurity and information front, incessantly increase work capacity and comprehensive quality, focus on fostering, selecting and appointing leading cadres who understand mobile Internet development and management work. Persist in practicing and testing in advance, innovate talent introduction, evaluation, circulation and incentive mechanisms, and concentrate excellent talents from all sides in the cybersecurity and informatization undertaking. Focus on forging high-end think tank groups, provide intellectual support for mobile Internet development and management work. Adopt special policies to establish human resource structures and salary structures suited to the characteristics of cybersecurity and informatization.

24. Strengthening rule of law guarantees. Accelerate network legislation, perfect lawful supervision and management measures, and dissolve online risks. Comprehensively implement the cybersecurity law, accelerate the e-commerce law and other such basic legislation, formulate and revise the Internet information service management regulations, security protection regulations for critical information infrastructure, regulations for the protection of minors online and other such administrative regulations. Perfect judicial interpretations and policy explanations, promote the extension of existing laws and regulations to include mobile Internet management. Establish and complete online data management, personal information protection, and other such important management regulations. Perfect multi-department law enforcement coordination mechanisms for mobile Internet management, accelerate the construction of law enforcement information technology systems, and raise capabilities to recognize, gather evidence, and jointly investigate and attack online law-breaking and crime. Strengthen the dissemination of network law, strengthen rule of law concepts among netizens, and raise the network literacy of the entire population.


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