The work of China Law Translate (CLT) has been generously supported by volunteer translators and donors over the last 3 years, but has always operated at a loss. As our database and audience have grown, the expenses and time commitment of running the site have also grown. In order to provide a new way to support the site’s work, we are now offering advertising space on CLT, giving you a chance to promote your organization or interests, while also showing support for CLT.

We are starting by offering two advertising areas in our sidebar, which are visible on all CLT translations and are marked with a placeholder when unleased. The sidebar is immediately visible to computer users (80% of total traffic) opening any page, and visible at the end of mobile versions as well.

The first spot at the very top of the sidebar, visible to all who even open a post, is available for $100/wk. A second location is also in the sidebar, below the recommended posts, which is ‘sticky’ and will follow users down the page costing $75/wk.

Of course, we continue to welcome donations as well.

Our Traffic:

Our site traffic is relatively small, but uniquely focused on an audience interested in Chinese law and translation. Our traffic includes a wide range of governments, NGOs, law firms, and academics; making the site an ideal place to advertise legal or translation services. We are also routinely linked to by major media organizations.

Last Year July 22, 2015 — July 22, 2016Jun 22-Jul 21 2016
Average Sessions/month:7,2506,520
Average Uniques/month5,2004719
Average Page Views/ Month13,94020,723
Average Session Duration:1:401:53
Average Pages/Session 1.923.18

While CLT’s Audience is primarily from the U.S., mainland China, and Hong Kong, the site attracts a global audience as seen in this traffic map from the preceding year:

country map
Traffic map of hits from the previous year, July 22, 2015 – July 22, 2016 detailed breakdown for top traffic nations below:

traffic map jul-jul

The data for the past 30 days is presented below in the same format for contrast:




Some data might not be reflected in this data, which is why other traffic ranking sites sometimes place us higher. For example, many users, particularly those based in China, block google analytics. The use of VPNs can also skew our geographic tracking.

We will refuse advertisements with inappropriate or illegal content.

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