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Posts published in “Party”

2013-2017 Anti-corruption Plan

《建立健全惩治和预防腐败体系2013—2017年工作规划》   为深入贯彻落实党的十八大和十八届三中全会精神,加强惩治和预防腐败体系建设,推进党风廉政建设和反腐败斗争,制定本工作规划。   一、总体要求 党的十八大对推进中国特色社会主义事业作出全面部署,提出了全面提高党的建设科学化[……] Read more

Party Central Political-Legal Committee weighs in on wrongful convictions

This is not your Zhou Yongkang's Political-Legal Commission. Following the ongoing discussion of the role of cops, procs and courts in preventing wrongful convictions, the political legal commission has apparently issued a guiding opinion weighing in on the matter. Will it be more successful in stopping wrongful convictions and police abuse than, well, the laws have been? Time will tell, but this is a promising sign of commitment to reform.