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The Rongcheng Experience [BETA]

The quiz below is a reiteration of Rongcheng’s most recent rules on “creditworthiness” scores into a Q+A format, to help you understand what information is considered, and what your score might be under that system. No such questionnaire is ever actually used in Rongcheng and minimal content changes have been made to facilitate the format. This will be discussed on the results page, but you are encouraged to review the original rules for more information.

The quiz will first address questions on ‘creditworthy’ behavior in accordance with the current rules, followed by questions about “untrustworthy” conduct.

Notice that punishments in this system, are an input rather than an output – meaning that punishments received from courts, regulatory authorities, etc. are the grounds for point reductions, but a low score alone is never the basis for credit penalties and other restrictions of basic services.

Note also, that Rongcheng is a small “county-level” city that rose to prominence because it was one of the few areas with a mandatory ‘point system’ for individual creditworthiness as part of its broader local social credit system. The system is no longer mandatory as indicated in the initial questions. I wrote about how Rongcheng’s earlier system functioned in relation to China’s fuller social credit system here.



Do you consent to allow point-based management of social credit information?

* Rongcheng's regulations require informed consent for creditworthiness scoring. If you do not consent, records will still be kept on violations of law and contract in accordance with regulations, but no scoring will be implemented, and you will not be eligible for incentives. (Articles 6,7)

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  1. Valerie Nichols Valerie Nichols 2019/05/07

    Very good idea. There is a problem with a few boxes. Even if I answer no, I need to write how many times and 0 is not accepted.

    Did you promptly delete petitions from Internet and other media after relevant departments or units issued responses? *
    How many times? *
    Did you use petitioning channels, to spread fake information or defame people? *
    How many times? *

    • China Law Translate China Law Translate Post author | 2019/05/07

      Thank you SO much, I’ve fixed those 2, let me know if you find more!

  2. jacob jacob 2020/09/17

    i cant find it

  3. Jessica Jessica 2021/01/03

    yeah there are still places I have to check things that I didn’t do. I still got over 1500 though.

  4. Manuel Manuel 2021/09/30

    The first two pages of “Villager Life” were empty for me.
    Also, I’m not sure if I did something wrong that caused me to almost only get negative score, but I went down to – 95,oops. And I’m really not that bad of a person, at least according to German ethics/morals.

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