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Special Administrative Measures for Foreign Investment Access (Negative List) (2018 version)


#FieldSpecial Management Measures
I. Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery





Seed industry

1. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in new varieties of wheat and corn, and of seed production.

2. 禁止投资中国稀有和特有的珍贵优良品种的研发、养殖、种植以及相关繁殖材料的生产(包括种植业、畜牧业、水产业的优良基因)。

3. Investment in genetically modified crops, livestock and poultry, and aquaculture, and the production of genetically modified seeds (sprouts) is prohibited.

(2)Fishing4. Investment is prohibited in fishing of aquatic products in China's maritime jurisdictional waters and inland waters.
II. Mining Industry


Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction5. Exploration and extraction of oil, natural gas (including coal bed methane, but excluding oil shale, oil sands, and shale gas), is limited to joint ventures or cooperation.



Mining of non-ferrous metal ores or non-metallic ores, and mining support activities 

6. Investment is prohibited in exploration and extraction of tungsten, molybdenum, tin, antimony and fluorite.

7. Investment is prohibited in rare earth exploration, mining and mineral processing.

8. Investment in radioactive mineral exploration, mining and mineral processing.

III. Manufacturing Industry
(5)Printing Industry9. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in publishing and printing.


Nuclear fuel and nuclear radiation processing 

10. Investment is prohibited in radioactive mineral smelting, or processing and nuclear fuel production.



Processing of Chinese medicine preparations and production of patented Chinese Patent Medicines11.禁止投资中药饮片的蒸、炒、炙、煅等炮制技术的应用及中成药保密处方产品的生产。



Automotive Manufacturing

(9)Communications equipment manufacturing13. Satellite television and radio ground receiving facilities and key component production.
(10)Other manufacturing industries14. Investment in rice paper or ink ingot production is prohibited.
#FieldSpecial Management Measures
IV. Electricity, Heating, Gas and Water Production and Supply Industries
(11)Nuclear power generation15. The Chinese side must have controlling interest in construction and operation of nuclear power plants.
(12)Pipeline facilities16. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in the construction and operation of municipal gas, heating, and sewage for cities with a population over 500,000.
V. Wholesale and Retail Industries
(13)Tobacco Products17. Investment in tobacco leaves, rolling tobacco, tobacco re-drying, and other wholesale or resale sales of tobacco products is prohibited.
VI.Transport, storage and postal services
(14)Water Transportation18. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in domestic water transport companies.

19. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in domestic shipping companies.

(15)Air passage and cargo transport20. The public air transport companies must be controlled by Chinese party, the investment of a single foreign business and its affiliated enterprises' investment must not exceed 25%, and a Chinese national citizen must serve as the legally-designated representative.
(16)General Aviation Services21.通用航空公司的法定代表人须由中国籍公民担任,其中农、林、渔业通用航空公司限于合资,其他通用航空公司限于中方控股。


Airport and air traffic management22. The Chinese side must have a comparative controlling interest in the establishment and operation of civil airports.

23. Investment in air traffic control is prohibited.

(18)Postal services24. Investment in mail companies, or domestic letter courier operations.
VII. Information transmission, software and information technology services industry


The Internet and related services26.禁止投资互联网新闻信息服务、网络出版服务、网络视听节目服务、互联网文化经营(音乐除外)、互联网公众发布信息服务(上述服务中,中国入世承诺中已开放的内容除外)。
VII. Finance Industry


Capital market services27. Foreign investment in securities companies is not to exceed 51%, and foreign investment in securities capital management companies is not to exceed 51%. (The restriction on foreign investment is to be abolished in 2021)

28. Foreign investment in futures companies is not to exceed 51%. (The restriction on foreign investment is to be abolished in 2021)

(22)Insurance industry29. Foreign investment in life insurance companies must not exceed 51%. (the ration limit on foreign investment is to be abolished in 2021)
IX. leasing and business services
(23)Legal services30. Investment in Chinese legal services (Except for provision of information related to the impact on Chinese legal environment) is prohibited, and one must not become a partner in a domestic law firm.
(24)Consulting and investigation31. Market research is limited to joint ventures and cooperation, and the Chinese side must have a controlling interest in research on radio and television audiences.

32. Investment in public surveys is prohibited.

X. scientific research and technological services industries
#FieldSpecial Management Measures
(25)Research and experimental development33. Investment in the development and use of human stem cells, gene diagnosis and treatment technologies is prohibitted.

34. Investment in Humanities and Social Science research institutions is prohibited.






Professional Technical Services

XI. Water conservancy, environment and public facilities management industries
(27)Wildlife conservation36. Investment in the development of wild flora and fauna resources that are under state protection and originating in China is prohibited.
XII. Education







38. Prohibition on investment in compulsory education establishments or religious educational institutions.

XIII. Health and Social Work
(39)Health39. Medical establishments are limited to joint ventures and cooperation.
14. Culture, sports, and entertainment



News publishing

40. Investment in news institutions (including but not limited to news agencies) is prohibited.,

41. Investment in the editing, publishing, or production of books, newspapers, periodicals, audio-visual products, and electronic publications in prohibited.




Radio and television broadcasting, transmission, production, management42.禁止投资各级广播电台(站)、电视台(站)、广播电视频道(率)、广播电视传输覆盖网(发射台、转播台、广播电视卫星、卫星上行站、卫星收转站、微波站、监测台及有线广播电视传输覆盖网等),禁止从事广播电视视频点播业务和卫星电视广播地面接收设施安装服务。

43. Investment in radio and television program production (including the introduction operations) companies.



Film production, distribution, and exhibition44. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in the establishment and operation of movie theaters.

45. Investment in film production companies, distribution companies, and cinemas, as well as film introduction businesses, is prohibited.

(33)Cultural artifact preservation46. Investment in auction companies that auction cultural artifacts, cultural artifact stores, and state-owned cultural museums is prohibited,
(34)Culture and entertainment47. The Chinese side must have a controlling interest in performance talent management bodies.

48. Investment in cultural performance troupes is prohibited.

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