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SPC Implementation Measures on Pursuing Responsibility in Cases of internal judicial personnel prying into cases

【法规标题】最高人民法院关于印发《人民法院落实〈司法机关内部人员过问案件的记录和责任追究规定〉的实施办法》的通知 【颁布单位】最高人民法院 【发文字号】法发〔2015〕11号 【颁布时间】2015-8-19 【失效时间】 【法规来源】人民法院报2015年8月20日第04[……] Read more

Prevention of Case Interference

The core content of recently released companion Provisions aiming to prevent improper interference in the courts and justice system are summarized in the CHART BELOW. The first document is aimed at preventing interference from leading cadres, while the second focuses on interference internal to the judicial organs, including the courts, procuratorates and public security organs. full translations can be found HERE and HERE.