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Posts tagged as “最高法院”

SPC Guiding Opinion on Sentencing of Common Crimes 2014 0 (0)

In 2010 major efforts to standardize sentencing were made, these are the sentencing ranges for various commonly seen offenses- other offenses follow the criminal law and relevant interpretations only.

Summary of SPC Rules on Case Supervision by Parties 0 (0)

As it seems that some people don't enjoy reading translated legislation, here is a brief synopsis of the new SPC rules for accepting party supervision of cases in the Chinese courts.

SPC, SPP, MPS opinion on drunk driving 0 (0)

Drunk driving is a crime, not just an administrative violation, and penalties can be harsh. Thinking of quickly drinking a lot of Baijiu after you got pulled over, so that the cops can't determine if you were drunk when you were actually driving? Think again- this interpretation actually addresses that situation.

SPC Opinion on 3 Platforms for Judicial Transparency 0 (0)

The Chinese courts are getting serious about transparency and public access- but are they really equipped to pull it off?

SPC,SPP, MPS Opinion on Pyramid Schemes (11/22/2013) 0 (0)

How do China’s new rules against pyramid schemes violate human rights? The probably don't — at least not any more than other less than crystal clear criminal legislation… Sometimes a rule is just a rule.

SPC, SPP, MPS, MOJ opinion on punishing sexual abuse of minors (10-23-2013) 0 (0)

Wish it were a happier topic, but law to help solve the problem is a first step. At the same time, while likely well-intentioned, not everything in this opinion is positive. What parts trouble, interest, concern you?