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Posts tagged as “最高法”

SPP Provisions on Commutations and Parole

【发布单位】最高人民检察院【发布文号】【发布日期】2014-07-21【生效日期】2014-07-21【失效日期】【所属类别】司法解释【文件来源】  人民检察院办理减刑、假释案件规定 (2014年7[……] Read more

Walkthrough for SPC Opinion on Wrongful Cases

Not so very long after the products of China's Third Plenum left many of those hoping for more overt court reform wanting, the Supreme People's Court has released its own opinion on preventing wrongful cases, which encapsulates and reinforces much of what the Court has been saying since new president ZHOU Qiang took office in March this year. Judicial Independence, procedural justice, and the exclusion of illegally acquired evidence are all prominently featured.
This walkthrough will guide you through it.