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MPS Translation of FNGO Law 0 (0)

The Ministry of Public Security has released its own translation of the FNGO Law, available below and on their website at[……] Read more

April 28, FNGO Law Press Conference 0 (0)

April 28, FNGO Law Press Conference

PRC Law on the Management of Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations' Activities Within Mainland China (2017 Edition) 0 (0)

A Bilingual Version of this Law is Available Here, for logged in members: HERE Given the large number of people interested in this law, I would ask t[......]Read more

Changes Anticipated in the new FNGO law 0 (0)

As the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress begins what is likely its final deliberation of China’s Foreign NGO Law (FNGO LAW), Xinhua[……] Read more