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The Kids are Alright

2015/07/06 Jeremy Daum 1

One of the documents recently translated on CLT [thanks largely to user Allen Clayton-Greene] concerned new restrictions for online reporting of incidents of bullying, school violence, and juvenile crime.
The document was released by the State Internet

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SPP conference on juvenile crime prosecution work.

2014/05/29 Jeremy Daum 0

A national conference of Chinese prosecutors today regarding crimes by juveniles revealed that the number of juvenile arrests and prosecutions has dropped significantly in recent years. (Conference Transcript in Chinese)
In January 2013, China’s



This is a quick not-quite translation of an article that is full of interesting information about how Beijing is implementing the CPL. I just this very faithful summary in English rather than translate the original, but the increasing amount of skepticism as the article progresses is in the original. There’s lots of good things happening, but plenty to work on as well. […]