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Posts tagged as “mental health”

Forensic Psychiatrists Taking Bribes from Patients and Big Pharma

In China the question of whether a person is excused from criminal punishment by reason of mental incapacity is determined by an expert forensic evaluator who is a trained psychiatrist. There are about 2000 forensic psychiatric evaluators for all of China. The defense has no right to request an evaluation or hire his own experts, but may informally as that police, prosecutors or the courts do so. Their evaluation is rarely challenged, and many persons found 'criminally insane' will simply be released to their families. I guess, it's clear why one would want to bribe them

Cage People

Could 1 in 725 of all people in China's Hebei province be living in a cage? No metaphor. An actual cage. A survey by the provinces leading authorities indicate that this might be the case, but how does this happen and can the new Mental Health Law help?

Still Crazy After All These Years?

Still Crazy After All These Years:: Over a Quarter-Century after China Began Drafting its Mental Health Law, a system for regulating compulsory treatment and involuntary commitment is promulgated. This original essay with downloadable charts explains and compares China's new rules for commitment of the mentally ill.

Mental Health Law of The People’s Republic of China

中华人民共和国精神卫生法 目 录 第一章 总 则 第二章 心理健康促进和精神障碍预防 第三章 精神障碍的诊断和治疗 第四章 精神障碍的康复 第五章 保障措施 第六章 法律责任 第七章 附 则 第一章 总 则 第一条 为了发展精神卫生事业,规范精神卫生服务,维护精神障碍[……] Read more